The Elephant and The Boat-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction


Jenni and Tom have been friends since childhood. They spent every waking moment together from the ages of seven to thirteen. When Tom moves to Oxford to attend Eton College everything changes. Ten years later they meet again, will they remain friends or will their relationship turn into something more?


9. Chapter 9

Jenni and Tom have been friends since childhood. They spent every waking moment together from the ages of seven to thirteen. When Tom moves to Oxford to attend Eton College everything changes. Ten years later they meet again, will they remain friends or will their relationship turn into something more?


Chapter 9:

A/N: Decided to do the 30 day OTP challenge with the characters of Tom and Jenni from The Elephant and The Boat. However, instead of each being separate one shots I’ve decided to incorporate each prompt into the story through flashbacks and present. Doing this also helps me move the story along as ive come to a bit of a standstill. Flashbacks are in italics. Without further ado I give you chapter 9 of The Elephant and The Boat and Day 1 of the OTP challenge: Holding Hands. Enjoy. x


“What?” she looked at him surprised.


“Move in with me, Jen”



“Tommy. I”


“Oh god no, not like that” he exclaimed quickly. Yes, like that! Just tell her.


Jenni`s face dropped at that comment. Was she really just a friend to him? Ofcourse you are, you haven’t seen him in ten years.


A part of her wanted to move in with him. Who better to live with than your best friend who also just happens to be Tom Hiddleston? It would be just like old times, just like all those years ago. The other part of her thought it would be a bad idea. How could she live in the same house as him when she loved him as more than just a friend? How would she be able to cope with knowing that he was in the shower, naked and in the same house as her when she was asleep? She was torn. It’s not like you’ll see him much anyway, he’s always away filming. In theory he just needs someone to housesit when he’s away and you need somewhere to live so you can still stay in London. It works both ways. Say yes.


Luckily enough for Jenni more of her guests came to say goodbye and congratulate her before she had a chance to answer.


The night continued on with Jenni enjoying a bit more dancing and socialising with friends until most, if not all of her friends were gone. The only few people that remained were Lindsay, Rose and her mum and brother who stayed to help clean up and ofcourse Tom, who was patiently waiting an answer.


He hoped he hadn’t rushed or forced her into moving in with him. Yes, they had known and been friends with each other for years but he had to get to know her again. So much had or could have changed within the ten years that they were apart. He casually sat on the leather sofa sipping a glass of Guinness watching her smiling and chatting away to her friends as she helped clean up.


Tom had had a great day watching his best friend graduate; the only thing that would make it better would be if Jenni said yes to moving in with him.


Jenni was stood to the side of her living room, a broom in hand, cleaning up the mess that was on the floor and laughing as she watched Lindsey and Rose still dancing the night away as they too cleaned up.


He came up behind her, taking the hand that wasn’t holding the broom in his and giving it a squeeze. The broom fell to the wooden floor with a clatter. “Please, Jen, move in with me” he whispered in her ear.


She knew that if she turned around and looked into his deep blue eyes she would give in. He squeezed her hand again. They used to hold hands all the time, but he never used to squeeze them unless he really needed her, needed the comfort. The only time he had done that was when he was thirteen, when he went to go and see Jenni after his nans funeral. That day was one of the only times he really cried infront of her, the other being the night before he left.

Tom always attended school. He loved school which was why it was weird for him not to be there that day. Even when he was ill he still went in. He still went in to see and play with his Jen. But today he didn’t.


Jenni felt lost that day. It was never like Tommy not to be in school with her. Yes, she had other friends but no one could make her smile or as happy as her Tommy. Something must be seriously wrong. She decided that after school she would go and see if he was ok.


Tom spent the morning cooped up in his room. For this afternoon he got dressed up in his black suit and tie and went to church. Churches are meant to be happy places, places where you sing hymns and feel lucky for the family you have. To get married, which he hoped to one day to his Jenni. Today however, he wasn’t going to church for any of those things. Instead, he was going to say goodbye to his Nan.


Tom and his Nan were really close. He spent most of his time there growing up, making cakes, helping her plant her flowers, watching Jurassic Park. He would have loved to have introduced her to his Jenni.  He talked about her and all the things they done together all the time.


Tom was surprised at how many friends and family members attend the funeral. It was a lovely service with pretty sunflowers, readings and hymns. He wanted, no needed his Jenni with him, with him there, for reassurance, for comfort.


The day at school dragged for Jenni, even more than normal. She needed to go and see her Tommy. The bell signalling the end of the school day couldn’t come quick enough. Jenni ran home as fast as her legs would carry her running into a hard body dressed in a black dress suit in the process.


Two strong arms held her shoulders as she looked up into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. The eyes she knew so well. The beautiful blue eyes of her best friend. Tom looked down at her with a hint of a smile on his face but sadness in his eyes.


“Oh Jen.” He whispered pulling her into an embrace. “You’ve no idea how happy I am to see you. Today has been awful”


“Tommy. What’s happened? Why weren’t you at school I was so worried. ” she asked hugging him back.


Before Tom could explain Dianna got out of the car dressed in a long black dress and walked over to the two friends who were still embracing on the pavement.


She touched Tom on the shoulder as she walked past through the gate into their house. Tom broke apart from Jenni to look at his mother.


“Go and spend some time with Jenni, Tom. You deserve it; you’ve been so strong today. Thankyou for being there when I needed you, when we all needed you. You’ve grown up into such a clever young man, you nan would have been so proud of you. She would have loved Jenni too. I’ll meet you inside.”

Tom walked over to his mum and embraced her. “I love you mum. I wont be long” he kissed her on the cheek before taking hold of Jenni`s hand and leading her to the park where they sat under a tree and Tom explained.


“She’s gone Jen. My Nan. She died last week in her sleep.” So that was why he hadn’t been his usual self and why she hadn’t seen much of him. It broke her heart to know that she wasn’t there for him when he needed her most.


“Why didn’t you tell me, Tommy?” she asked him tears brimming in her eyes.


“I guess I didn’t want to say it out loud for fear of it being real. I thought that if I didn’t say it out loud then it wouldn’t have been true, she wouldn’t have been taken away from us. Plus I didn’t want to bother you with my problems. My problems should be mine and I shouldn’t worry you with them”


“How could you even say that Tom? You should always bother me with your problems. Your problems are my problems it’s what friends are for. I was so worried about you today. You never not turn up at school. When Miss Roberts called out your name on the register and you didn’t answer I was so worried. All I wanted was for today to be over so I could be with you. Yet you had to deal with the loss of your Nan on your own. I wasn’t there. You should have told me. I should have been there, holding your hand, comforting you”


“I’m so sorry Jen, truly. You have no idea how much I wished you could have been there and how much I needed you to tell me that it was going to be ok” The tears that had begun to form in Tom’s eyes flowed freely down his cheeks now. He daren’t cry at the church. Boys were meant to be brave, but for some reason he let his guard down infront of Jenni.


“Oh Jen, it was awful, the way the doors closed after the final hymn was sung. I can’t... I can’t believe she… she’s really gone it… it doesn’t seem right.” He cried into the shoulder of her red school jumper.


“Shh Tommy, its ok, I’m here now. Its ok let it all out. She would have been so proud of you Tom. Just because she isn’t here anymore it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still love you or isn’t proud of you. We all love you, especially me, Tom.” he lifted his head and smiled at her lacing his fingers with hers.


“She would have loved you Jen. I would loved to have introduced you to her.” Jenni smiled giving her best friends hand a tight squeeze. He squeezed back, a hand hold of comfort knowing that his Jenni will always be there for him.


In that moment, that moment sat under that tree in the park, dressed in his best black suit sitting next to and holding the hand of his best friend dressed in her red summer school dress and jumper Tom knew that everything was going to be ok.


Just like that, just by that one hand squeeze Jenni knew that she should take the leap and say yes to what her heart was feeling. Say yes to moving in with him, because in that moment, with the feeling of his hand in hers, she knew that everything was going to be ok.


“Yes” she said in barely a whisper. She turned to face her best friend; looking into his beautiful blue eyes just like she had all those years ago. “Yes Thomas William Hiddleston I`ll move in with you” she told him a smile breaking out on both of their faces.


“Thankyou Jen. You’ve no idea how happy you’ve made me” he told her embracing her before going into the kitchen to get them both a drink of champagne to celebrate.


Helen’s mum came over to Jenni whilst Tom was in the kitchen.


“Have you had fun honey?” she asked her. Jenni nodded.


“Thankyou for everything mum. I love you”


“I love you too sweetie. Are you excited to move back home?”


“Erm mum, about that. Tom kind of asked me to move in with him”


“That’s...that’s great. I guess I couldn’t ask you to move back home with me not since you’ve made your life here in London. Just be careful honey, I know how much you care for Tom and I wouldn’t want him to break your heart again.”


“He wont. I was young then. We’ve both grown up since. It was a long time ago.” She couldn’t face the thought of crying to her mum again like she did all those years ago when he left. It wouldn’t happen again because he was going to do a job and then he would return. She put the thoughts to the back of her mind as Tom came back out carrying two glasses of champagne. He handed one to her before raising his in a toast.


“To us” he toasted.


“To us” she agreed. She only wished it would be to them in another respect rather than just being friends. This was going to take some getting used to. 

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