The Elephant and The Boat-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction


Jenni and Tom have been friends since childhood. They spent every waking moment together from the ages of seven to thirteen. When Tom moves to Oxford to attend Eton College everything changes. Ten years later they meet again, will they remain friends or will their relationship turn into something more?


7. Chapter 7

The Elephant and The Boat-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction 


Jenni and Tom have been friends since childhood. They spent every waking moment together from the ages of seven to thirteen. When Tom moves to Oxford to attend Eton College everything changes. Ten years later they meet again, will they remain friends or will their relationship turn into something more?

* * * *

Chapter 7:


Today was the day. Today was the day Jenni graduated, the day where hopefully all of her hard work would pay off, and all, if not most of her family were coming over to see her. Her Tommy was coming to see her. She owed him everything.


Jenni went and handed in her final piece of work before meeting her mum and brother for lunch. She was originally only allowed two tickets for graduation but she had managed to secure six. Her mum, brother, Nan, Aunt Molly and Uncle Max and her Tommy would attend the ceremony whilst a party would be held in celebration for those friends and family who couldn’t make it.


She hadn’t seen her mum or brother, Ben in so long. She didn’t come home very often as most of her time was spent working or studying. Her mum sometimes met her in London to go shopping or out to lunch which was nice. They were still as close as she was growing up.


Tom spent the morning going for a run and trying to figure out what to wear to his best friend’s graduation. He finally decided on a navy suit jacket with a crisp white shirt and light blue spotted tie. His hair had grown out again and was now his natural blonde brown colour. He went and bought a bouquet of red roses and placed the gold elephant necklace that he bought her ages ago on a trip to Italy in a box and put it inside the breast pocket of his jacket. Elephants always reminded him of her, just like most things did.


He made his way out of his flat and hailed a cab to the Institution of Music. The ceremony was to be held inside the grounds. He arrived a good half an hour early just to make sure he was there on time, he was never one to be late but he wanted to make sure he definitely wasn’t late for this. It meant the world to her that he was there.


Jenni arrived at the school around 2. The graduation didn’t start till 3:30 but she had to be there in plenty of time to get everything ready. She made her way into the toilets to change into her blue silky dress with the black collar to wear underneath her robe. She wanted to atleast be a bit presentable. She was so nervous yet she hadn’t a clue why. All she had to do was go up and collect the piece of paper containing her degree when the time came. Maybe it was because her family were there, family she hadn’t seen in so long and they were all there for her. Tommy was there for her. It meant so much to her to have him there even though she hadn’t seen him in years.


She made her way back into the room that held all the caps and gowns to find hers. Each was separated between class and surnames. She was searching for hers when her class mate Rose came up behind her.


“Hey Jen” said a girl with long black hair to her shoulders dressed in a dark pink dress just above her knee.


“Oh, hey Rose didn’t see you there. You ok?”


“Yeah, how are you?”


“I’m ok. A little nervous, don’t know why though”


“Ah, don’t worry about it, girl. I’m nervous too.”


“Glad I’m not the only one” Jenni replied with a chuckle. She got on well with Rose; she was one of the friends she felt most closest to, Rose and Lindsay. As if on cue the loud voice of the bubbly blonde Lindsay filled the room.


“Hey girls, how we doing? I’m sooooo excited!” she cooed. The girls laughed.


“So, who have you got here to watch you graduate?” Rose asked Lindsay.


“Oh just my dad and my brother. Mums off with her new fiancée in Paris. Something about a romantic break that she didn’t realise got scheduled the same day. She apparently couldn’t reschedule.” She replied with a little sarcasm in her voice.


“What about you Jen?” she then asked Jenni.


“Oh i`ve got my mum, my brother Ben, my best friend Tom and my aunt and uncle.”


Lindsay went to ask Rose who she had coming but her eyes flicked back to Jenni.


“Wait, not your famous actor best friend Tom? Tom Hiddleston?” she cooed.


Rose looked between the two of them.


“Maybe” Jenni muttered as she continued searching for her cap and gown.  “I don’t see him as an actor though, he’s just my best friend, he’s just my Tommy”


“Ohhhhh myyyyy godddddd you even have your own nicknames for each that is sooooo cuteeeee” said Lindsay in a high pitched voice. Jenni chucked. She would be so glad when she could get out of here.


“That’s adorable.” Rose replied. Jenni took her cap and gown off the rack and began putting it on.


“Oh god, not you too, it’s bad enough with this one over here” she replied pointing to Lindsay who was jumping up and down like she was a mad person.


“So, who have you got coming to see you graduate?” Jenni asked Rose as she finished putting her cap on.


“My nan and granddad” replied Rose. “I’ve no other family to speak of.”


Before Jenni could answer there was a knock on the door and a man came in holding a big bouquet of red roses.


“Jenni Otto” asked the man.


“Over here” she replied. The man handed her the roses and was gone before she could thank him.


“Oh my god, they’re from him aren’t they?” Lindsay asked running over to Jenni`s side.


She smiled nodding at Lindsay and giving the roses a sniff. Her favourite flowers. The card that accompanied the roses had a picture of an elephant on the front and a picture of him and Jenni when they were younger inside with the following written in his neat hand:


Dearest Jen,

I am truly honoured that you invited me to celebrate your graduation with you. I couldn’t be more proud of you darling.


I love you

Your Tommy



 “He so loves you”


“Yeah, as a friend and I only love him as a friend” she lied.


As if on que and so Lindsay couldn’t ask any more information a man came in letting everyone know that the ceremony was about to start.


* * * *


Since Tom arrived early he had a chance to explore the campus. It was a beautiful old fashioned building, reminding him a lot of his Eton days. He made his way along the hallways looking at all the old photographs of students and all the trophies and awards the school had won.


He was browsing the photographs when he came across one of the school choir who had won first place in a competition. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face when he saw his Jen, his best friend in the middle row showing her beautiful smile.


He let his thoughts wonder to all the years he’d missed out on of her life, how many things she’d missed out on his. There were so many times Tom wanted to call her and let her know what was going on, where he was, what it was like to work with the many amazing people he had gotten to work with.


“I can’t believe were all here to see her graduate when it seemed like only yesterday that you two were playing in the garden” came a voice. Tom turned round to see Helen behind him looking at the same photo he was.


“Hello Helen, it’s so lovely to see you” he told her kissing both her cheeks. Helen was dressed in a grey suit jacket and skirt, her brown hair down to her shoulders.


“Hello Thomas. Long time no see. I’m so glad you’re here it means the world to our Jenni. She owes you so much. You saved her, Tom” he smiled.


“Thankyou. I’m glad to be here. I would never have had the success I’ve had without her.”


“Oh, nonsense. Now, I think the ceremony is going to start soon. Shall we go and take our seats?”




The two walked out to the courtyard side by side.


Tom could see four smiley faces in a huddle near the back of the foyer lost in conversation. As Helen led him over he could see the back of Ben’s head. He was about the same height as him with blonde hair and green eyes dressed in a grey suit. Next to him was a smaller older lady with grey curly hair and glasses wearing a long light blue dress decorated with orange flowers who Tom assumed to be Jenni`s nan and Helen’s mum. Then there was a taller lady with curly blonde hair dressed in a black dress and a man about the same height as Tom wearing a blue suit with a light yellow tie.


Helen led him over to the four smiley faces at the back of the room and introduced him to each of Jenni`s family members.


Tom, this is Jenni`s aunt Molly and uncle Max and her nan, Janet.”


“It’s such a pleasure to meet you all. I’m Tom, Jenni`s friend”


“Yeah right, Tom, you so wish you were more than that, I see the way you look at my sister” retorted Ben.


“Jenni never mentioned she was dating anyone” said Janet.”


“No, Janet, I’m not, were just really great friends”


He wished he was more than Jenni`s best friend. There had never been anyone else but her. He just didn’t want to admit his feelings to her just incase he mucked everything up; he didn’t want to ruin his friendship with her, especially as he’d only just got her back.


Before anyone could say anything else they were asked to take their seats as the ceremony was about to begin.


Everyone began to take their seats as the class of 2013 came out of the school in their classes taking their seats in the front rows to collect their degrees.


Despite how long it was, the ceremony was beautiful as the sun shone throughout the grounds of the school. 


Tom looked on with amazement and excitement as he had a perfect view of his Jen from where he was sitting. She had grown even more beautiful since the last time he saw her. Her gorgeous locks shone in the sunlight making her look like an angel.


* * *


Jenni felt the eyes of someone on the back of her head. She had a feeling she knew who it was. She daren’t turn round for the fact she wouldn’t be able to hold it together to collect her degree if she looked across at her best friend.


The ceremony was taking ages. She just wanted to collect her degree so should go and celebrate with her friends and family. With her Tommy.


It wasn’t long before they were nearing the end of the ceremony. She mentally cursed herself for choosing to study vocals when the degrees were handed out in alphabetical order of course and surname.


“Beth May” a girl with short blonde hair went up and collected her degree. Her parents were right near the front snapping away. God, is that really necessary? She never got on with Beth but she felt sorry for her in that moment.


“Rose Miller” Jenni cheered for her friend as she went up and collected her degree. Her grandparents looked so happy for her. Bless her.


“Lily Neil”


“Ray Nelson”


“Lindsay Orchard” Lindsay hopped up off her seat and bounded up the steps to the headmaster shaking his hand and smiling a wide smile. All the boys cheered for her. Jenni couldn’t help but laugh. Herself and Lindsay had shared many a conversation over the boys that had asked her out during the three years at the school.


“Jennifer Otto” Finally her name was called. She got up from her seat as gracefully as she could and walked slowly up the steps to collect her degree. She shook the hand of the headmaster as he congratulated her.


When Jenni`s name got called Tom couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face and the cheer that came out of his mouth. He was so proud to be here to celebrate with her.


Everyone applauded. Her family were all stood up cheering for her. She was so proud of herself in that moment. Her eyes observed the crowd, landing on each of her relatives, her mum with a tissue in her hand dabbing her tears, her brother who was hollering and her nan, aunt and uncle clapping like mad. Then her eyes fell on the person who was the reason she was here in the first place. Her best friend, her Tommy who was smiling from ear to ear. If it wasn’t for him she would never be here. She owed him her life.


Once she had collected her degree she went back to her seat and watched everyone else receiving their degrees clapping and cheering in all the right places.


* * *


The ceremony ended about half an hour later with the headmaster making his final congratulations speech and thanking everyone for coming.


Everyone made their way out to the entrance of the school where the class of 2013 gathered for a group photo and individual shots.


Jenni found her family a few minutes later by the front of the school talking with each other. They all turned when they saw her. She walked up to them and they each in turn congratulated her on how proud they were of her.


Her mum pulled her into a hug, letting the last of her tears fall. “I’m so proud of you honey”


“Thanks mum”


“Nice one sis” Ben high fived and hugged her.


“Cheers bro”


“I’m so glad we were here to see you get your degree. We’re so proud of you sweetie”


“Thanks Auntie Molly, Uncle Max. I’m so glad you could come”


 “Congratulations darling” said her nan pulling her into a hug. “Oh and your friend over there he’s hot. He loves you,” she whispered in her ear. Jenni turned bright red. Yeah, as a friend. He doesn’t love me like I love him, does she? She wasn’t going to ask she didn’t want to ruin it.


“We’ll meet you in the car honey. Everyone else is back at yours already for drinks and to celebrate.” Her mum told her.


“Ok mum I’ll be there soon.”


She turned back around to see Tom standing near the tree she had spent most of her time studying. She walked over to him running into his open arms.


“Tommy” she breathed into his shoulder.


“Jen, my Jen” he whispered into her hair, taking in the smell of her strawberry shampoo.


They pulled back after a while.


“Thankyou for the flowers they’re beautiful.”


“You’re welcome, darling. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl.” Jenni blushed. “God that was cheesy. I`m so sorry” he chuckled.


“It was sweet. You’re sweet. Thankyou so much for coming Tommy, it means so much. If it wasn’t for you I would never have been here in the first place, so I owe you for all of this.”


“We’re even then because I would never have acted if it wasn’t for you. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world; all I can say is God Bless Dominic for inviting me on the boat and God Bless your manager because without them I would never have been reunited with you, my Jen. I love you. I’m so proud of you.”


She hugged him again for what felt like hours.


“Hey, how about a picture.” He asked. He got his Iphone out of his pocket and clicked it to the camera setting. His hand went around her waist whilst hers went round his. The pair smiled at the camera, both showing their pearly whites, one with him kissing her cheek and another with him kissing hers before a car was tooted signalling that they needed to get back to the house.


“A few more photos to add to our collection”


“A few of many more to come. I’m never letting you go again Jen Otto; you’re stuck with me now.” She smiled.


“Good Tommy, I’m glad. I can’t loose you again” he kissed her cheek offering her his arm to escort her back to the car. She took it. The two friends got in the car next to each other. Tom linking his hand with hers not ever wanting to let go.




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