The Elephant and The Boat-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction


Jenni and Tom have been friends since childhood. They spent every waking moment together from the ages of seven to thirteen. When Tom moves to Oxford to attend Eton College everything changes. Ten years later they meet again, will they remain friends or will their relationship turn into something more?


2. Chapter 2

The Elephant and The Boat-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction


Chapter 2:


A/N: Thankyou so much for the likes and messages I received about the first chapter. Hope you all continue to enjoy it. Lots of love.


It broke Jenni`s heart when her best friend left to go to Oxford. She thought her and Tom would always be together. She loved his company and spending time with him. She used to see him everyday and then she didn’t see him at all.


She missed him so much and everytime she looked at the cuddly elephant on her bed that he had given her before he left, she realised just how much she missed him. It was her most prized possession, she slept with it every night pretending and wishing she was cuddling up to Tom like she had done so many times before.


She remembered the day he gave her the elephant like it was yesterday.


It was the summer holidays. The summer after they had just left school. Jenni would be starting secondary school come September.


Jenni was in her room when the phone rang. She ran down the stairs to see who it was just like she always did. She sat on the middle step listening to her mother talking on the phone.

“Hello. Oh Dianna how lovely to hear from you. Yes we’re all good Thankyou how are you? That’s good to hear, oh he did? Tell him congratulations from all of us. He must be so happy and you so thrilled.”


What is she talking about?


Helen quietly shut the door as for Jenni not to hear the conversation. What is it mum doesn’t want me to hear? Does it involve Tom? She said he so it must do, unless it was his dad. She had to find out.


She quietly walked down the stairs and pressed her ear to the kitchen door.


“You’ve become such a great friend to me, just as Tom has to Jenni. When do you leave? Oh, so soon? Yes, you want to be there before he starts, that I can understand. Yes, I’ll tell her. She’s become so close to him. I don’t know how she’ll take it. Ok then, yes. I’ll come round and see you before you leave. Ok then, bye”


Leave? Leave? What’s going on? Leaving? Tom? He…he can’t leave me. He wouldn’t leave me. Would he?


Jenni turned the doorknob and let herself into the kitchen. “Mum, what’s going on?” Helen sighed. She really didn’t want to tell her daughter that her best friend was leaving her.

“Honey, why don’t you sit down and I’ll explain.” Jenni sat down at the kitchen table. Helen sat next to her, her hand on her daughter’s knee.

“Tom and his family are moving away.” She told Jenni an apologetic look on her face. “I’m so sorry, darling”

“Moving…moving where?” Jenni`s eyes watered with tears.


“Where’s that?”

“It’s a place a few hours away from London.”

“But…but why, mummy?”

“Tom has been accepted into a top boarding school called Eton and the family are moving there so he can attend.”


Tommy…Tommy, her Tommy who she had grown up with and had seen every waking minute of the day since she was seven, she was now eleven, she had spent three years with him and he was suddenly leaving. The tears flowed down her face like a river. Her best friend.


“Tommy” she whispered.

“Darling, come here, I know this is hard to understand now but you can make new friends.”

“I don’t want new friends, I just want Tom. I love him. He’s my best friend”


She didn’t want to hear anymore. She ran out of the kitchen, out of the house and down the road to Tom’s house. She banged on the door so loud she was afraid she was going to break it, she didn’t care. She needed to see Tom.


Dianna opened the door.


“Hello Jenni, darling”

“Where…Where’s Tom” she sniffed. “I need to see Tom”

“He’s upstairs, why don’t you go on up.”


Jenni climbed the stairs two at a time and knocked on Tom’s door.

Tom was inside working on some maths homework. “Come in” he told the person at the door thinking it was his mother. The door opened and Jenni walked in, tears running down her cheeks.


“Jen, what’s the matter” he asked concern etched on his face coming over to embrace her. She hugged him back for dear life. She didn’t want to let go. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted to say she’d go with him, she’d go anywhere with him, he couldn’t leave her. She couldn’t loose her best friend.

“Why... didn’t…you…tell… me… Tommy?” she asked between sobs.


Tell her what? As though she read his mind she continued. “That you were moving what feels like half way across the world to school. If you didn’t want to be my friend anymore you could have just said.”


How did she find out? It suddenly clicked that his mum had told her mum and she must have overheard the conversation. Sometimes his mother really annoyed him, especially when she told his business to someone else, especially Jenni. He wanted to tell her himself.


“Jen, I’m so sorry” Jenni clutched to him tighter letting her tears fall freely, wetting his t shirt. They stood like this for what felt like ages, him hugging her and letting her cry on his shoulder whispering comforting words and stroking her hair. Only Tom could soothe her by stroking her hair. He was the only one to calm her down.


He had seen her cry so many times, over silly little things, which usually involved her older brother, Ben teasing her and taking and flushing one of her Barbies down the toilet. But this time, it was different. Her crying was different; it was like a wolf howl. He hated to know he caused her to cry like this.


Once her crying had subsided he led her over to his bed letting her cuddle up to his side, continuing to stroke her hair and brush away her tears with his thumb whilst he explained.


“Jen, do you remember how we always used to put on shows for our parents each weekend? You singing with your beautiful voice and me doing impressions?” she nodded. That made her weekend, getting to spend them with Tom and do one of the things she enjoyed most, sing. She loved to sing. Tom always told her what a beautiful voice she had.


“Well, I need to go to a new school so I can maybe make a career out of doing those impressions, as an actor. But I need to go to Eton first to get somewhere with it. Those times we spent putting on those shows, they made me realise that I want to become an actor and do something with that and that’s all down to you. So, really I have you to thank. You shouldn’t be upset, Jen, I’ll still see you and I’ll call you and I can maybe come back and see you and you can come and visit me when I’m back at home. I’m not leaving you on purpose, I’d never do that. It’s just something I have to do. Do you understand?”


Jenni nodded. She did understand, a little. Although that wouldn’t replace the whole in her heart that she knew would form when he left. “When do you leave” she asked tears forming at the back of eyes that she wouldn’t let fall.

“Monday.” He told her sadly. “I start school next Monday but mum wants us there in plenty of time so we can settle into the new house” Monday? That was too soon. Monday. Today was Saturday. Two days? In two days her best friend would be leaving her to move what felt like the other side of the world, but what was really only a few hours up the road. When you’re eleven however, you don’t quite grasp that concept and two hours feels like other side of the world.


She cuddled up to him more wanting to savour this moment, not the moment where he told her he was leaving, just this. Him holding her like he always did, in his room with posters of dinosaurs and superman on the walls. The amount of time she’d been in his room. This felt different. Weird. Weird to think that in a few days time someone else would have moved in to this room, Tom’s room and this house down the road from her. the house that had pretty much become her second home of the past five years. She spent more time here than she did at her own home.  


To lighten the mood Tom suggested they go to the zoo just like they always did on the weekends and always had done. This time it was different. This time would be the last time, the last time she could go with Tom, her best friend since she was seven. Her Tommy, Her Tommy who let her spend hours by the elephant cage, just watching, staring at how beautiful they were.


 Jenni loved elephants, she always had, she didn’t know why.


Tom was the only one that would let her just stand and admire. He enjoyed watching her, the way her eyes shined, the way she smiled. Just Jenni. His Jen. His best friend.


Tom ran down the stairs and asked his mum to take them to the local zoo just like they did every weekend. She agreed and dropped them off outside the entrance and told Tom to text her when they were ready to be picked up.


They wondered round the zoo hand in hand like they had many times before. Taking in the surroundings of all the beautiful animals. Jenni never understood why they were in cages. She remembered she asked Tom why on one of there first visits. His reply: “So they don’t get out and eat you alive, like this”. He then done an impression of a tiger and chased her around the zoo until they arrived at the elephants. She immediately stopped running and just stared in awe. Tom ran into her pulling her back with his hands so she didn’t fall, placing his hands on her waist and resting his head on her shoulder, just taking in the view of both his best friend and the creatures in the cage just a few meters away from him. “Tommy, look” she whispered. “Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Yes” he whispered back. Wondering if he was really thinking about how beautiful the elephants were or how beautiful his eleven year old best friend was.


* * *


As they arrived at the elephants section Jenni`s eyes automatically lit up and a smile formed on her face.

“That’s better, there’s the smile I love.” Tom told her coming up behind her and hugging her from behind, placing his head on her shoulder. She smiled a weak smile back but it didn’t reach her eyes.

“To think this is the last time I’m going to see you and be able to come to the zoo” she sighed.

“Jen, don’t think like that. This isn’t the last time were going to see each other and why would this be the last time you come to the zoo? You can come without me you know?”


She pulled away from his embrace walking closer to the elephant cage placing her hand on the cage. An elephant got up from where it was laying and came over to where she was standing.


“Don’t even say that, Tom” she told him her voice slightly raised. “You know I won’t come here or go anywhere that reminds me of you without you. Nothing will be the same after you’ve left. You’re my life, Tom. I don’t know what I did before you came into my life and saved me. You made my life better, Tommy and to think about my life without you hurts so much” the tears threatened to fall out of Jenni`s eyes again. Tom sensed this and walked up to her hugging her from behind, placing a kiss on her cheek and stroking her hair.


Jenni turned into his embrace so her face was resting on his blue t shirt right next to his heart. She closed her eyes and breathed listening to his heartbeat to calm her down. She didn’t want to cry. She wanted to make the most of her last few days with him, enjoy the time with him before she couldn’t anymore.


They stayed like this in each others embrace just watching the elephants. The one elephant that was stood by the cage was soon joined by another big elephant and few small elephants.


Words didn’t need to be spoken anymore. Enough words had been spoken for both to understand. Enough that Jenni understood that Tom would be leaving but wasn’t doing it on purpose and enough that Tom knew that he had saved Jenni`s life.


The only words spoken between the two were the words of how much they loved one another and how much it hurt for both Tom to leave Jenni and Jenni to be left by Tom. When Tom told her he loved her he used to say it in a friendly way, just like he kissed on the cheek in a friendly way, but that last visit to the zoo, he felt like he loved her more than just a friend, especially as it hurt him so much to leave her. He wondered if she felt the same but he wouldn’t bring it up, especially not now. Things were already so complicated; he wasn’t going to make them worse.


Instead, both relished in the touch of the other and the scene that played out infront of them of the family of elephants playing in the mud.


Before they left the elephants, they took photos some photos of them aswell as a couple of each other and some together, smiling at the camera despite that everything had changed within the last few hours. Looking back at the photos they could tell that the other wasn’t happy, that it was hard for both of them to smile knowing their friendship would change, no matter how much they tried to convince themselves and the other that it wouldn’t change a thing. Their friendship had changed within the space of just a few hours. Tom’s smile didn’t reach his eyes and they didn’t shine as much as they used to the many other times they had come to the zoo. Jenni`s eyes were red and puffy from where she had cried into his chest a few hours prior. This was going to be hard on both of them, yet both covered it up so they could enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


They went to the local café and enjoyed a nice lunch of coca cola and plates of chips before going to see the lions, tigers and bears, singing the Wizard of Oz in the process, before retiring the gift shop and exit. 


A few years ago they would have spent hours in the gift shop, Jenni trying to choose out of the many elephant ornaments and Tom looking at the dinosaur toys, but now, the more times they came and as they got older they looked at different things. Jenni at the stationary and postcards and Tom at the key rings and animal bones.


Jenni bought a few postcards and an elephant keyring whilst Tom bought a lion ornament, and when Jenni wasn’t looking a cuddly elephant to give to her as a going away present.


Tom text his mum saying they we ready to be picked up whilst Jenni paid for her gifts.


It had started to rain by the time they came out of the zoo. They stood huddled in Tom’s jacket as they waited for his mum, Jenni`s arms snug around his waist and Tom’s head resting on Jenni`s forehead, each breathing in the others scent and the smell of the rain.


Dianna arrived a few minutes later picking them up and taking them back to Tom’s house. Jenni stayed for dinner with Tom’s family, his mum and dad, James and two sisters, Emma and Sarah before her mum came and knocked on the door to collect her at around eight in the evening.


She didn’t want to leave, just like he didn’t want her to leave. Neither wanted to let go. They wanted to stay like this; in their own little world, in their own bubble and relive the last five years, all those times swimming, in the park and at the zoo and the many times she forced him to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s with her. The amount of times she made him sit through it, the amount of times he moaned about it, he wouldn’t take it back. He wouldn’t take any of the time back that he spent with her. He wanted to be Peter Pan and her Wendy and fly away to Neverland and never have to grow up, but they both knew that that couldn’t happen.


They embraced in the doorway for ages until finally Helen said she had to leave. He kissed her forehead as she kissed his cheek.

“I love you, Jen”

“I love you too, Tommy”

“I’ll come and see you before I leave” she nodded giving him one last embrace breathing in his Tom scent before pulling away, giving him a small smile and walking out the door back to her house.


She went to sleep that night thinking how her life would be so different without her Tommy.


She was awoken at two am by a knock at her window. No one knocked at her window so she was reluctant to open it. She pulled her blind up all the same and was met with the face she knew so well. The face of her best friend, the boy with blonde curly hair and baby blue eyes. Her Tommy. She smiled lifting up her window.


“Tommy…what are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I need my best friend near me before everything changes, Jen.” He looked sad, like he was about to cry. Her poor Tommy. She rarely saw him cry, only once when his nan died. She knew then how much she meant to him. She nodded and he climbed in through the window pulling her into his embrace, holding onto her for dear life, as if he let go she would be gone in a poof of smoke.


“Jenni. Jen I cant do this. I can’t go. I can’t not have you in my life anymore. I made out I was fine with it because I didn’t want you to see me upset, because I knew that that would get you more upset.”


“Oh Tom. It’s okay.” In that moment he broke down, tears streaming down his face soaking the shoulder of her nightgown. Her hands automatically went to his hair running her hands through it, stroking the curly locks upon his head. She let him cry in his arms, just like he had let her do early that day. One of the hands that was stroking his hair went to his back rubbing it up and down to soothe him.


“We’ll work this out, Tommy, we will.  It won’t change anything, I promise you. You’ll always be my best friend but you need to go and see if you can fulfil your dream, you said so yourself you’re not doing this on purpose and I know your not. Please Tom, no matter how much I want you to stay and how much you want to stay you need to go and atleast give it ago. You’ll make lots of new friends who you’ll have more in common with than you do me, friends who you can play football with, who will love Superman and films like you do. We both know that you’re sick of Breakfast at Tiffany’s” She laughed trying to lighten the mood. He laughed a little too, his breathing returning to normal as he began to calm down.


He looked into her eyes trying to read what she was thinking. He knew that she was trying to reassure him as much as herself but he hoped she was right. He wanted to give it a go, he needed to see what it was like without her, but when you’ve spent every waking moment with someone for the past five years, it’s hard to let go. This was going to be hard for both of them.


She let go of him and walked over to her DVD player and pressed play. The familiar instrumental track of Moon River quietly filled the room as the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s played out on screen. The camera panned onto a quiet Fifth Avenue street, a view of a taxi and jewellery store Tiffany’s coming into view. A young women in a black dress and pearls gets out of a taxi and peers into the shop window of Tiffany’s, sipping a cup of coffee, a Danish in her hand. Audrey Hepburn.


Both Jenni and Tom’s eyes were glued to the screen. She walked over to him taking his hand walking him over to the bed.  “Watch it with me one last time?” she asked as she sat on the bed. He nodded joining her getting comfy against the cushions and headboard. She joined him cuddling into his side as the film they had grown up with and watched so many times played out on screen.


* * *


Jenni woke to a knock on her door. “Jenni, are you up darling?” her mothers voice called. “We need to go food shopping” she looked over at the TV, the film menu quietly playing Moon River and then at the body next to her. Her best friend in his blue striped pajamers snoring quietly next to her, both hands around her waist. He looked so peaceful. She really didn’t want to wake him but she knew she had too. If her mum found him in her she wouldn’t be happy and then she’d tell his mum and he’d get into trouble too. The last thing she wanted was to be grounded and not be able to see Tom before he left.

“Tommy” she whispered. “Tom. Tommy.”

“Hmm” he slowly opened his eyes getting his barings. He looked at the screen and then at Jenni and smiled.

“Morning, Jen” she smiled.


“Jenni” came her mother’s voice.

“Yeah, morning mum, I`m up, i`ll be down soon.”

“There’s a cup of tea and toast here when you want it.” “

I’ll have it in a minute I’m just getting dressed” she lied.

“Ok then, well hurry up I need to go to Morrison’s”

“Yes mum” and with that her mum was back down the stairs. Tom just looked at her trying to stifle his laughter. Jenni playful hit his shoulder.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Because we could have got caught.  I didn’t want you getting into trouble and I didn’t particularly want to get grounded so I couldn’t see you before you left.” The mood automatically changed after that.

“We will get through this, nothing will change.” He told her. She smiled a small smile before giving him a hug. He hugged her back, kissing her forehead before getting out of bed.

“I best get going before mum wonders where I was half the night.”

“I better get ready before mum comes back up these stairs and drags me to Morrison’s” they both laughed.

“I’d rather go to Morrison’s than pack all day”

“Believe me, I’d rather you come with me than you be packing, you saying that just makes it more real.” She sighed.

“Me too, Jen, me too. I’ll come and see you tomorrow morning before I leave though okay?” she nodded hugging him once more. He hugged her back climbing out the window back to his house.


* * * * *


Once Tom had left Jenni turned off the DVD player, had a quick shower before getting ready and meeting her mum downstairs to go food shopping.


Tom spent the rest of the day helping his mum, dad and sisters pack  up the house. He also packed up his room, looking back through old things from the past few years, old school work, toys and photographs, choosing what he needed and what he didn’t need to take with him. He took down his Jurassic Park posters to find the drawings him and Jenni had drawn on the walls. The one that made him smile the most was the love heart with the initials X TH & JO FOREVER. X. He snapped a picture with his phone and sent in to her with the message:


No matter what happens you’ll always be my best friend. I love you, Jen. Your Tommy xxx


He continued to work through the rest of his stuff before going to have some lunch.


Jenni was doing some homework when she received the picture message from Tom. It made her want to smile and cry at the same time.


And you’ll always be mine. I love you, Tommy. Jen xxx


The rest of the day continued as any Sunday would. Jenni doing her homework and having dinner before watching Sunday night telly with her mum. She then went up to bed placing a DVD in the player. Not that she watched it however, he mind was preoccupied. Come tomorrow she’d be all alone again. She fell in to a restless sleep wishing she was seven years old again, wishing she could relive the past five years.


Tom’s evening was much the same than the afternoon. More packing, dinner and the cleaning of the house before watching a bit of TV and retiring to bed. Tomorrow everything would change, he was leaving the town and the street he had lived on for the past six years, leaving his best friend to move to a new town, a new city, a new school where he would have to make new friends when he had only know one life and one friend for the past five. Jenni would always be his best friend.


Monday morning came too quickly.


Today was the day everything changed for the both of them.


Tom got up and got dressed as normal. It was weird going downstairs to an empty kitchen. He thought his room was bare, it didn’t feel like his room any more, the only thing that remained was his bed and the picture of him and Jenni on his bedside, but going down to the room that used to be his kitchen it felt odd. Weird. Like he was a stranger in the house he used to call home.


His family were scattered throughout the house. All helping pack the removal van in someway or another. All accept his mother who was in the kitchen sipping on a cup of coffee.

“Morning Mum” he greeted her.

“Morning darling. How are you?” Tom thought about this for a moment. How was he? How was he? How was he really? Did his mother want the real answer of “how do you think I’m feeling, you’re taking me out of the place I grew up, away from my best friend, to a new town, to a new school. How do you think im feeling?” or did she want the false answer of “Fine. It just seems odd. I feel like I’m a stanger in my own home” answer. He settled for the latter. He didn’t want to start an argument with her especially with how stressed she was already.

“I know, Tom but Oxford will be better. You’ll go and make new friends and you’ll fulfil your dream. He didn’t want to hear this. Instead, he went back to his room, or rather his old room and pulled the cuddly elephant out of the zoo bag placing it on his bed. He went back downstairs and found a blank piece of paper and pen on the work surface.


On it he wrote the following:


This is Ellie. She loves you as much as I do. When you’re feeling lonely or missing me, then cuddle up to Ellie and it will be as though you’re hugging me.


I know how much you love elephants but this wasn’t the reason I bought her. The reason I bought her was because elephants mean Never Forget.


I’ll never forget you Jennifer Otto, Jenni Otto, Jenni. Jen. My Jen.


I love you with my whole heart, always.


Your Tom. Tom Hiddleston. Thomas William Hiddleston. Thomas. Tommy.  Your Tommy.




He placed her back in the bag before running down the stairs and walking out the door. His mum stopped him before he got out the door.


“Tom, we leave in fifteen minutes. We’ll come and get you from Jenni`s. Don’t go inside as I know you wont come out and I don’t want trouble today, okay Thomas?”


Tom sighed. “Yes, mother”


He then continued out the door and down the road to Jenni`s house.


Helen answered the door when he arrived.


“Hello, Tom, dear”

“Hello Helen, lovely to see you again. Is Jenni in?”

“She is. She’s upstairs; would you like to come in?”

“I’d love to but mum says I can’t as she knows that if I come in I won’t come back out. He laughed a nervous laugh.

“I’ll just go and get her for you sweetie”

“Thankyou, Helen.


With that, Helen rushed up the stairs and knocked on Jenni`s door.


Jenni came down the stairs a few minutes later. As soon as she got near the bottom, she saw him, her best friend waiting outside her house. She smiled a small smile. She knew that within a few minutes everything would have changed. She walked down the stairs giving Tom a small smile and bracing herself for the goodbye.


Tom stood there in dark blue jeans, converse and a blue t shirt. His hair it’s usual blonde, beautiful curly state. As she got closer she saw his baby blues sparkle like they always did when he saw her.


She ran up to him embracing him. “Hi Tommy”

“Hello Jen”he whispered in her ear, letting her go from the embrace.

“Will you come in?” she asked.

“I...I can’t Jen. Mum knows me too well. If I come in, you know as well as she does that I won’t want to come out. She wants me to stay outside. Can you come out?” she nodded walking out the door and closing the door behind her.



“Listen… I can’t stay long. They’re coming to get me in fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen minutes? Oh god.”

“Come here, Jen” she done as he asked and he pulled her to him enveloping her in his arms. She started to shake, tears threatening to fall.  “Shh shh, Jen, its ok. I’m here. Please don’t cry, don’t make this harder than it already is.” He stroked her hair, soothing her. “I love you, this changes nothing, I’m always here, I’ll always be your best friend” a choked sob fell from her lips. “Tommy” she cried. He rubbed her back. “Calm down, darling its ok”

“Its not though, is it, Tommy. You’re being taken away from me.”

“I know but its not goodbye, it’s just see you later. I may be a few hours away but im not going anyway. I’m on the other end of the phone and the memories we shared will always remain in here.” He pointed to his heart. He took one of her hands from round his neck and placed it over his where his heart was, interlacing his fingers with hers.


He kept saying soothing words to her until she calmed down. She squeezed his hand, he squeezed back. “I don’t want to let go, Tommy” He held her tighter. She ran her fingers up and down his neck playing with the curls there.


A car tooted coming along the road. This was is. This was goodbye. He reluctantly pulled away from her embrace as the car pulled up next to the house. Her tears fell without warning. He wiped them away before handing her the zoo gift bag. She opened it and even more tears fell from her eyes. A smile spread across her face.


She pulled Ellie out of the bag and read the note he put around her pulling Tom into another embrace with her and Ellie.

“Never Forget, I`ll never forget you Jen, ever. You’re my best friend Jennifer Otto. I love you.” He whispered in her ear. A tear escaped his eye. She wiped it away.

“I’ll never forget you either, Tommy. I love you so much.” in that moment she meant it.  Real love, I can’t live without you love. It felt different. Nice. Without thinking she pressed a kiss to his lips, just so she could know what it felt like to feel his lips against hers. He kissed her back, wanting so badly to deepen the kiss and make her his, but he knew better and that even kissing her had changed things, especially as he had lingered there for too long already. He pulled away placing a kiss on her forehead.


His mother tooted the car again. He pulled in for yet another embrace remembering what her body felt like against hers, what it felt like to touch her hair, what it felt like to be her best friend because they both knew, that in that moment everything had changed.


Helen had come out whilst they were saying their goodbyes in order to say goodbye to Dianna and the family. They were all now in the car waiting on Tom. “Come on, Tom, time to go.”


Tom reluctantly pulled out of Jenni`s embrace and went to turn and get in the car. She pulled his arm grabbing his hand. “Tommy” he turned towards her and placed a kiss to her knuckles. “Forever, Jen. I’m forever your Tommy and only yours.” She smiled. He smiled back. He then let go and got in the car, pulling down the window.


Jenni`s mum come up behind her putting her hands on her shoulders. Jenni hugged Ellie the elephant close to her chest as she watched her best friend of five years drive away.


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