The Elephant and The Boat-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction


Jenni and Tom have been friends since childhood. They spent every waking moment together from the ages of seven to thirteen. When Tom moves to Oxford to attend Eton College everything changes. Ten years later they meet again, will they remain friends or will their relationship turn into something more?


15. Chapter 15

A/N: Days 7 and 8 of the 30 Day OTP Challenge. Cosplaying and Shopping based on the following photos. The link to the necklace can be found here: Sorry it’s taken so long to update, I started uni in September so my life’s been pretty hectic. I’ve been very excited to write this chapter since I first started the challenge so hope you enjoy. Lots of love 


* * *

Chapter 15: 

The plan was finally finalised. Now all Tom had to do was wait for Jenni to arrive.

Once he had finished at D20 Tom had told Luke of his plan, to which he had agreed. Luke had returned to London while Jenni was at work grabbing her black dress from her wardrobe aswell as Tom`s three piece suit, dealing with a few things in London before flying back to New York a week or so ago.


Jenni was relieved to get home that evening. The restaurant seemed to be busier than normal that afternoon which she wasn’t expecting. The customers were usually friendly, but today everyone seemed to be rude, or so it seemed to her anyway. Maybe Tom being away was starting to take its toll. Since the night he left she had gotten into the habit of coming home from work, putting on his shirt and going to sleep in his bed. The only thing that would have been better than that would be if he were there with her. She was so glad the two weeks were almost up and that he would be home soon.

Tom called Jenni that evening to check in.

“Hey Tommy” she sighed into the phone.

“Hello darling how are you?”

“I’m ok just a busy day at work, customers with no manners. It doesn’t help when your not here at the end of the day to vent to. I miss you. How’s America?”

“I’m sorry to hear that, love. I miss you too. America is great, lonely but good, which brings me to why I’m calling. Be ready for 4am tomorrow morning, pack light. Oh and make sure you pack your passport. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“4am? Why so early?”

“It’s a surprise. Trust me getting up that early will be worth it.”

“It better be. I don’t get up that early for anyone but I guess I can make an exception for you and surprise? Tommy what surprise?”

“Just wait and see” he replied before sending her his love and hanging up.

Jenni went to sleep curious that night wondering what it was Tom had planned.

She was up, showered, packed and ready by 4am the next morning, just as Tom had said. Why Tom needed her to get up at that time of the morning she had no idea. Quite frankly she thought it was ridiculous but hopefully worth it. Dead on 4am there was a knock on the door.

She opened it to find Luke, Tom`s publicist standing there dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, white shirt and black rebans.

“Erm good morning Luke.”

“Morning Jenni. I’ve come to escort you to your surprise. I insisted that you were quite capable of getting on a plane by yourself, but you know what Tom`s like, once he gets something in his head he follows it through. So here I am. Ready to go?” Jenni nodded grabbing her suitcase and followed him out to the car.

The drive to the airport and the 9 hour flight to New York were pretty much spent in silence for Luke didn’t want to give anything away. The only way Jenni found out where she was going was by the intercom when the flight was announced. Jenni couldn’t believe that she was going to New York!

“Luke, why are we going to New York? Is Tom there?”

He said nothing. Jenni persisted. “Luke? Luke? Luke?” she was practically jumping up and down in her seat by the time she was on the plane, just like a little kid.

“Jenni, you’re just as bad as Tom, please just wait and see” Luke sighed. She laughed at his annoyance before settling down to watch one of the films on the TV.

* * *

Tom had gotten everything planned. Jenni`s little black dress was laid on her hotel bed along with a note and a bottle of champagne in the ice box. He couldn’t wait for her to get here.

Luke and Jenni arrived in New York at 1pm grabbing their bags from luggage, getting into a cab and arriving at the hotel around 2pm.

“Can I help you?” asked the blonde haired receptionist.

“Erm im not sure why I’m here but I’m in New York” Jenni exclaimed excitedly.

Luke cut in at that moment. “I’m Luke Windsor. There should be a reservation for Jenni Otto”

“Ah yes” replied the receptionist. “Jenni Otto. You’re in room 201. Everything is all ready for you. If there’s anything I can get you just let me know. Enjoy your stay.”

Jenni and Luke said their thanks before making their way up to the second floor of the hotel.

Tom knew Jenni had arrived purely because he could hear her laugh and excitement half way down the hall.

“Oh my god Luke, can you believe that were in New York?” he heard her squeal excitedly. Tom laughed.

“Look at the decoration. Luke isn’t it pretty?”

Jenni was practically jumping up and down by the time she got to room 201. Little did she know that Tom heard all of it as he was next door in room 200.

Luke said goodbye to her at the door of her room. He had been quiet most of the car ride and flight here but now he actually spoke.

“Have a great time Jenni. It’s a beautiful city. Sorry I didn’t talk much on the way it’s just that I’m no good at keeping secrets but luckily enough my jobs done for now. Enjoy.”

“Thanks Luke” replied Jenni before putting the key in lock and opening the door.

Jenni couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened the door to her room. The white walls complemented the wood finish of the deluxe room of The Hilton Hotel. It was a spacious room including a desk, TV, a sofa bed and en suite.

The best thing was the king-size bed. She couldn’t resist running and laying on it. She didn’t realise she had rolled over onto a note and her black dress until she heard the paper crunch. She sat up and smiled at the sight. Her favourite black dress was here in New York. How did that get here? Tom must be around her somewhere. She opened the note addressed to “Jen (Holly)”

It read:

Dear Jen (Holly)

I finished early in California so thought I would surprise you with a weekend trip in New York.

See you soon.

Your friend, Tommy (Fred)

X x x

She was just about to start unpacking her suitcase when there was a knock at the door. Jenni bounded off the bed and went to answer it.

Jenni opened the door to the most beautiful sight. Tom stood there in a black three piece suit, waistcoat and blue and black striped tie. His short black hair had been gelled and combed over to the side of his head.

She stood there open mouthed staring at her best friend. He coughed before speaking.

“I’ve just moved in next door do you mind if I use your telephone?” he asked her in his best American accent.

The note was a clue, but now seeing Tom in his three piece suit and him repeating Breakfast at Tiffany`s lines to her she realised they were going to react the film the best way they could. He had thought of everything.

“Sure, come in”

Tom walked in to the room greeting Jenni with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“It’s so good to see you. The house has been really quite” she told him.

“It’s lovely to see you too, darling. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. You’re amazing at doing all this you know”

“What can I say? I knew you hadn’t been and thought I would surprise you.” she smiled hugging him. She had missed feeling his strong arms wrapped around her.

Tom broke the embrace to look at her. She looked more beautiful than when he had left her a few weeks ago if that was possible.

“Why don’t you go and get changed into your dress then we can go exploring, Breakfast at Tiffany`s style”

“Ok” Jenni replied. “Oh, I think there’s some champagne in the ice box, why don’t you open it while I get dressed. Ive got to do something about the way I look” she told him repeating the line from the film before grabbing her black dress off the bed and heading into the bathroom to change.

“I don’t think I’ve had champagne before breakfast before, with breakfast on many occasions”

* * *

Not long later Tom and Jenni were walking along the streets of New York, hand in hand exploring the city.

Tom took her to the public library just like the scene in the film where Paul showed Holly his book. Instead of a book written by him however, he showed her a few books on Norse Mythology and Scott Fitzgerald that he read as research for his roles as Loki and the famous author himself.

Next they wandered to Central Park where Paul met Holly’s husband Doc. Ofcourse whilst they were there Tom couldn’t help but show Jenni where he filmed the end scene of The Avengers. They ended up spending most of the afternoon there enjoying each others presence as Tom spoke openly about what it was like filming in this beautiful city.

“I love it here, I feel very lucky to have had the privilege to film here. Now I get to enjoy the city even more with you.”

“This has honestly been one of the best days of my life, Tommy.”

“It’s not over yet, Jen. We have one more place to visit.”

“Tiffanys?” she asked a huge smile appearing on her face.

“Tiffanys” he agreed. “Shall we?” he asked her, offering his arm.

“We shall” she replied linking his outstretched arm.

Around half hour later the two friends were stood outside Tiffany`s. They had made a quick stop at the nearest Starbucks so Jenni could buy a coffee and Danish to have her Holly Golightly moment outside before going inside.

Jenni stood sipping her coffee and eating her Danish admiring the outside of the shop she had wanted to visit for so long. She hadn’t visited the one in London because it wasn’t the same. Nothing could be the real thing. Being outside Tiffany`s in New York, her best friend beside her.

Tom watched on as his best friend admired the shop windows. He was so glad he could share this experience with her.

Once Jenni had finished her Danish they made their way through the revolving doors into the world of Tiffanys.

Jenni couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Don’t you just love it?” she exclaimed quoting the line from the famous scene in the jewellery store.

“Love what?” asked Tom

“Tiffanys” Jenni exclaimed excitedly. She smiled up at Tom squeezing his arm. “I can’t believe I’m here. In Tiffanys jewellery store in New York! Thankyou so much Tom”

“It’s my pleasure, darling. It’s not over yet though. Why don’t you go and have a look around. I need to go and pick something up” he told her kissing her on the cheek. Before Jenni could question him, he had gone.

The thought soon got pushed to the back of her mind as she returned to the reality of where she was. Jenni browsed the store in amazement looking in all the cabinets. So many beautiful pieces of jewellery from necklaces, bracelets and rings aligned the store. She smiled when she passed the under $10 section and layed eyes on a silver telephone dial. 

Whilst Jenni was browsing, Tom was waiting in the engagement ring section of the store. He went in a few days ago making a purchase on a beautiful silver engagement ring. He knew when he first met Jenni that he wanted to marry her. Maybe buying the ring would be a step forward and he would stop being an idiot about his feelings. He loved her, it was clear to him and his friends too but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. He needed to ask her to be his girlfriend first so why he had already bought her engagement ring he didn’t know. It just felt right.

Meanwhile, downstairs Jenni was still browsing the cabinets. Her eyes lit up when they landed on a beautiful silver elephant necklace. Ellie in necklace form.

“Can I help you madam?” asked the clerk behind the counter.

“I`m just browsing, Thankyou” Jenni replied with a smile.

* * *

As soon as Tom saw the ring a few days ago, he knew it would be perfect. So Jenni. He had to wait a couple of days for it to be sized. A simple silver ring with a small diamond in the middle, nothing fancy but he remembered her saying she wanted something simple and not too over the top. She was always one to wear little pieces of jewellery, studs rather than big hoops, long necklaces rather than statement pieces. She said to him once that she’d rather wear things she were comfortable in than wear something big or bright and make a statement. That was his Jenni and he loved her even more for it.

With the ring and future in his breast jacket pocket he went downstairs to find the love of his life browsing the cabinets. He snuck up behind her placing his hands on her shoulders. “Found anything you like?” he asked startling her.

Jenni turned to face him. “Oh my god Tom, you made me jump”

“You were miles away darling.”

“Tom look” she exclaimed pointing at the glass cabinet containing the elephant necklace.

“It’s Ellie in necklace form. We have to get you it.”

“Can I help you sir”

“Hello. Yes, we would like to purchase this elephant necklace please” Tom asked the clerk.

“Certainly sir”

“But Tom it’s too expensive. I can’t have you do that, you’ve already done so much for me just by bringing me here.”

“Nonsense, darling. Presides, I have my cheque and $10” he told her with a wink quoting the film.

“Could we possibly have it engraved?”

“Ofcourse sir, if you tell me what engraving you would like I’m sure we can arrange it for you”

Jenni smiled across at Tom knowing exactly what he was thinking. She nodded in agreement.

“TH FOR JO” Tom told the clerk.

With their order placed, Jenni took in the final view of the store in all its glory before taking Tom`s hand and being escorted out of the building.

The friends enjoyed a dinner of steak and chips before retiring back to the hotel bar for a few drinks and bed.

 Tomorrow they would do the last bits of exploring, including The Statue of Liberty and Times Square, going to see Singing in the Rain on Broadway before going to pick up the necklace and fly back to London.

Jenni got into bed that night and replayed the whole day in her head. She couldn’t believe that this morning she was in London, yet in the space of nine hours she was in New York where her best friend just happened to show up at her hotel door, dressed in his best suit pretending he was Paul Varjak. She had finally had her Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment and explored New York. She couldn’t be happier.

Meanwhile next door, Tom was also in bed thinking about the day. Most importantly his Jenni`s face when he took her to Tiffanys. The smile that overtook her beautiful face as soon as she set foot in the store.

Tom fell asleep with that image in his head, the engagement ring in his breast jacket pocket layed on the chair next to the desk. He would tell her. He would ask her. He had to now he had bought the ring, didn’t he?



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