The Elephant and The Boat-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction


Jenni and Tom have been friends since childhood. They spent every waking moment together from the ages of seven to thirteen. When Tom moves to Oxford to attend Eton College everything changes. Ten years later they meet again, will they remain friends or will their relationship turn into something more?


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12:


A/N: Day 4 of the OTP Challenge. On a Date. Now as far as I know what is in this chapter doesn’t happen in Thor: The Dark World so just go with it. Thanks again for all the likes, reads and messages you’re all amazing. Lots of Loki love. X


It was now nearing the beginning of August. Jenni couldn’t believe it had been two months since she had graduated and moved out of her old flat. She also couldn’t believe that she had been living with her best friend for two months either. Time flies.


Tom was currently doing reshoots for Thor: The Dark World in London before going America for D20 to talk about both Thor and The Pirate Fairy where he would voice the character of Captain James Hook.


Jenni was still working at the restaurant but had been given a few days off. She was making the most of it by catching up on her reading, slowly making her way through Tom’s many books that occupied the bookshelf in his study.


She was currently lounging on the sofa reading `Dear Scott Dearest Zelda The Love Letters of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.` She distinctly remembered him mentioning that he had read it for his research for the film Midnight in Paris and thought she would give it a go as Fitzgerald was one of her favourite authors.

Her phone rang half way through her reading session signalling an incoming call from none other than her Tommy himself. She smiled before picking up the phone.


“Hello darling. It’s me. I’ve almost finished my reshoots for the day. Are you busy?”

“That would depend on what you mean by busy. I’m currently sat on the sofa reading.”

“What are you reading?”

“The love letters of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald”

“Ah, very nice choice. As you say you aren’t busy can I treat you to lunch? I have something I want to ask you” Does he feel it too? Does his heart beat faster everytime I enter a room like mine does with him?

“That would be lovely. Where shall I meet you?”

“How about you come and meet me on set?” Tom was nervous. He’d been planning this speech for weeks but he finally felt it was right enough to ask her.

“Yeah. What time?”

“Say 1ish?”

“Sounds good, I’ll see you soon. Bye Tommy”

“Bye Jen”

* * *

Jenni had a shower and made herself a bit more presentable. She got dressed in her light blue Topshop jeans and blazer before hailing a cab to take her to the set.

She arrived at GreenwichUniversity not long later, expecting to give the speech she prepared about being friends with Tom rather than a fangirl who found out he was filming there and came to meet him.

Instead she was greeted by a big friendly security guard who let her through the gates with no more than a smile. Weird, shouldn’t I get asked for ID or something?Jenni didn’t question it and went through the gates seeing Tom in full Loki costume talking to Chris Hemsworth. It was odd yet equally amazing to say that her best friend played Loki in both Thor and The Avengers.

Tom had made her sit down and watch the rest of his filmography that she hadn’t seen one weekend. Not because he was bragging about all the work he had done and who he had worked with since he last saw her, but because he wanted to show her what he had achieved with her help.

Jenni had looked on at each of the films and his characters in amazement. She couldn’t believe how talented he was. How he could play all these amazing characters yet still come home from a day of filming and just be himself again. Just Tom.

She smiled and repeated all of his lines along with him when they watched Midnight in Paris, cried with Rachel Weisz when he left her character in The Deep Blue Sea aswell as for Captain James Nicholls when he had died in War Horse and looked on in amazement in both Thor and The Avengers.

Out of all the films Tom had starred in, his portrayal of Loki had become Jenni`s favourite. There was something about him playing the bad guy that made her like him even more.

It felt very surreal for her to be here on a film set in general, but the film set of Thor 2 when she had been a huge Marvel fan all her life was even more surreal. To top it off her best friend played Loki. She really couldn’t believe her luck. It didn’t seem like long ago that the two friends were playing kings and queens in Jenni`s back garden. She was glad she knew him before he was famous though, getting to do things with him that no one else had done.

Tom smiled when he saw her approaching him. He was so happy she was here. She approached with a smile. Tom pulled her into a side hug before introducing her to Chris.

“Chris this is my best friend, Jenni”

“Jenni this is Chris Hemsworth, my brother from another mother” Chris let a loud laugh at Tom’s joke. Jenni just stared at Chris in awe. She couldn’t believe she was standing infront of none other than Thor himself. Being on a boat full of celebrities and now this! This is crazy!

Chris spoke before Jenni could. Thank god. I would have made a complete fool of myself otherwise.

“So you’re the famous Jenni I’ve heard so much about. Tom talks none stop about how amazing you are and all the things you got up to as kids. Jenni this, Jenni that. It’s so lovely to put a face to a name and woman I’ve heard so much about”


Tom elbowed Chris in the arm. “I’d watch it if I were you mate” Tom warned him. “Wouldn’t want you to have another accident like we did in the last film” Chris’s laughter boomed once again.

“Tom Hiddleston always the joker”

“Well they don’t call me the prankster for nothing” he laughed throwing his head back and sticking his tongue out. “On that note I’ll go change then we can ok Jen?” he asked her.

Jenni`s brain turned to all the naughty thoughts she wanted his tongue to do to her before she could stop it.

“Jenni. Jen. Earth to Jen” Tom said snapping his fingers infront of her face.

“Huh? What?”

“Someone’s zoned out today. Can’t believe you’re on a film set huh?” she shook her head no. This was all so incredible to her.

“I said I’ll just go and get changed out of this outfit because somehow I don’t think they’ll let me in a restaurant dressed as Loki incase I try to get a bunch of bitches to kneel ehehe”

Jenni laughed at his joke. She remembered briefly seeing the radio interview he did where he said it. She didn’t make a habit of watching his interviews as it only made her miss him more when she was growing up without him, but that was one of the few she’d watched and loved.

“Ok I’ll be here” she told him as she watched him walk away and Natalie Portman approach her and Chris.

“Chris we’re needed for some reshoots” she told him as she approached.

“Ah who’s this pretty lady?” Natalie asked as she looked between Jenni and Chris.

“This is Jenni, Tom’s best friend” Chris replied raising his eyebrows.

“Oh my god, Jenni!  It’s so lovely to meet you. We’ve all heard a lot about you”What has Tom said?

“It’s lovely to meet you too. I can’t believe I’m on a film set let alone talking to two of the greatest acting talents of our generation”

“Oh bless you. That’s lovely of you to say.” replied Natalie. She sounds just like Tom. Him blessing people has obviously rubbed off on everyone. I swear he blesses more people than the Pope.

Speaking of the devil, or rather thinking of him Tom approached his best friend and cast mates.

“Hey guys”

“Tom we’ve just been introduced to your lovely Jenni. She really is something.” Natalie told Tom.

“She really is” Tom agreed pulling her into another side hug. Jenni blushed bright red. I’m standing right here.

Tom quickly noticed her blush. “Jen are you ready to go and get some lunch?”

“Yeah, sure” 

“It was lovely to meet you” Natalie told her giving her a smile.

“You too. Hopefully see you soon”

“Oh you will” Chris replied.

“Sooner than you think” Natalie told her mysteriously. What was that all about?

With that the four went their separate ways. Chris and Natalie to reshoot some scenes and Tom and Jenni for lunch.

* * *

Walking through London to the Riverside View Chinese Restaurant they ran into none other than Tom’s co star from War Horse, Benedict Cumberbatch.

The two exchanged pleasantries whilst Jenni looked on in amazement at the two friends. She was a huge fan of Sherlock and couldn’t wait for the next series.

Once again Tom introduced her to him as he did with his other friends and cast mates. `As his best friend` God she really wished she was more than that.

Tom wished he was introducing his Jenni to his friends as more than his best friend. He longed to introduce her as his one true love, his girlfriend he has loved since he first rescued her from the school bullies when she was seven. He really needed to get his act together and spill his feelings before he burst, but there was never a right time.

When he was at home she was always working at the restaurant or singing in some club. When she came home she would sit and watch a film with him before they went to bed. It was the same for her too. She tried to wait up for him but sometimes he wouldn’t get in till three in the morning. It was even harder when he was away for months on end. It hadn’t happened yet but it was about to, well not for months on end but for a few weeks next week when he would be in America and she would be here, would without him. She would return to an empty house. She was dreading that. But for now, she was standing infront of Benedict Cumberbatch before being taken to lunch by her best friend who had something to ask her. Jenni was curious now.

Jenni was pulled out of her thoughts by Benedict.

“So this is the famous Jenni” Ben remarked. “The famous Jenni Otto who Tom searched high and low for on the boat at Dominic’s engagement party”

“It is indeed. Tom replied with a huge smile that reached his eyes. “The one and only”

“Wait. You searched for me?”

“Too right he did. After he saw you that night he told me that he needed to find you and that he couldn’t loose you again” Ben told Jenni.

Oh Tommy.

“And he didn’t. I’m right here and always will be from now on.”

“As a friend or more than that?” asked Ben casually.

Tom’s eyebrows raised in surprise. Way to make it obvious Ben.

“On that note we better get going. Jen.”

“Wait, what? Ben what do you mean?”

“Nothing. He means nothing” Tom replied quickly. “Isn’t that right, Ben?”

“Err yeah sure. Forget I said anything” he laughed.

Tom grabbed hold of Jenni`s hand pulling her away to stop Ben from spilling anything else he would rather Jenni not know about his feelings. Jenni looked back at Ben who winked at her before turning and walking back down the road to wherever he was going.

* * *

Both Tom and Jenni were now sat at their favourite Chinese restaurant, The Riverside View tucking in to their lunch of chicken chow mein, chips, sweet and sour chicken balls and duck pancakes, a view of the river looking back at them through the open window.

Tom took a mouthful of water before starting up the conversation.

“So you had a good day then?”

“Yeah, I mean I didn’t do much to begin with but meeting you for lunch has been one of the most amazing experiences. I mean not only having lunch with you but getting to meet you on set and meet Chris and Natalie and also Ben. It’s madness.” Tom laughed at her joke.

“Way to quote a Loki line, Jen”

“Ive watched it enough.”

“Have a bit of a crush on Loki do you” he joked.

“No, no course not”

“Wrong answer, Jen. The correct answer was yes if you answer yes to the question im going to ask you.” Oh my god. Please say he’s going to admit that he feels the same. I can’t bare it any longer.

“That would depend on what the question is”

“Well, you know after- after my performance as Loki at Comic Con?”

“You mean where you got a whole room to say your name” he nodded before continuing.

“Yeah and now thanks to that one appearance I’m having to reshoot some scenes. Well….Kevin has wanted to introduce a love interest for Loki for quite some time but it never worked in with The Avengers and everything, but Kevin and Alan have been talking and they’re going to introduce a new character into the film as Loki`s love interest. Her name is Sarah, she’s lived in Asgard all her life and always paid a particular interest in Loki and a relationship forms between them. Now, I know that you haven’t had much acting experience but I showed Alan and Kevin your singing and some of the acting we did growing up and. And you’re in Jen! The part of Sarah is yours if you want it. So, what do you say do you want to be my, well Loki`s love interest in Thor: The Dark World?


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