Dear Zayn.

My name is Gabriella Hennessey, I'm 19 years old dancer. I loved to dance, I always have. Dancing is my passion. When I was 17, my mum remarried a man, who didn't always loved me as a daugther. He used to hit me. I've tried to told mum about everything he had done, but she didn't believe me. So I ran away from them. I went to London and that's when I bumped into Danielle Peazer, who is now my bestfriend. She introduced me about the dancing. I've followed my dream to be a dancer so here I am now. I dance to be free, to forget and so that I can have something to love when I feel like nothing loves me. And my life changed, since I met him, Zayn Malik.


8. Chapter 8.

Zayn's POV
Me and the boys sit on the edge of the stage. Our legs swinging over the side like little boys. We all look out to the massive huge stadium we sit in.

I still found it was unbelievable of how huge this O2 Arena was, we all did.

 Harry and Louis were chatting around together about something. Liam was on his phone and Niall was playing his guitar. I was thinking of Perrie. Actually the reason of our break up was because I think I couldn't work out things in our relationship. And that's when two weeks before I met Gabriella. 

We should really get back to rehearsals but this moment seems too perfect for anything else. "Boys, before you leave, I need a word with you guys", said Simon. 

We all nodded and quickly followed him to his room. 

"Please take your seats"

I sit between Harry and Niall. "Anyways, in two months away, you guys will be starting on tour", Simon pause, rubbing his forehead then looking up at us. We all nodded and wait for his more explanation. 

"So they want something new. And I've decided that we should have dancers on stage. I mean, they'll be doing ballets dances and so on. And I want them to help you guys out. Just simple things few moves to go with your songs. They'll be your dancing partners too. Don't worry, no complicated routines the concerts are for you guys singing not dancing", he explained. All our eyes widened. They want something new? I hate dancing. 

"I'll be ok with that", Liam says happily as he knows something. 

"I get it, Simon", Louis replied. Harry and Niall nodded. 

"Ok. You guys will be working with the dancers starting this Monday and I hope this would be perfect for everything", he announce seriously.  We all then nodded in agreement. 

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