Dear Zayn.

My name is Gabriella Hennessey, I'm 19 years old dancer. I loved to dance, I always have. Dancing is my passion. When I was 17, my mum remarried a man, who didn't always loved me as a daugther. He used to hit me. I've tried to told mum about everything he had done, but she didn't believe me. So I ran away from them. I went to London and that's when I bumped into Danielle Peazer, who is now my bestfriend. She introduced me about the dancing. I've followed my dream to be a dancer so here I am now. I dance to be free, to forget and so that I can have something to love when I feel like nothing loves me. And my life changed, since I met him, Zayn Malik.


21. Chapter 21.

Gabriella’s POV

‘Hey babe. You’re home!’, Danielle greets me as I arrived home. She was with Liam in the garden.

I don’t feel like the need to talk so I just nod and smile to her. Her eyes focusing on the person behind me.

‘Where you from, mate?’, Liam asks.

‘Jogging with Gab’, he replies with a big smile on his face.

Liam smiles as he watch us and look at Danielle. They are having some eye contact things like that. I roll my eyes and ignore them all. I quickly get into the house and walk into the kitchen. There got Niall eating sandwiches on the counter while playing with his phone.

‘Hi Gab’, he waved at me with a smile.

I return the smile without speak anything. Zayn enters the kitchen. I try my best to ignore him. I open the fridge and take out a cartoon of orange juice. Zayn hands me a glass but I refuse to take it from him. I make my way to the counter, taking a new glass and pour some juice into the glass before drink it as fast as I can.

‘Wow, you drink it really fast’, Niall says with a mouthful of sandwiches.

I smile, still not wanting to speak. I hear Zayn sighs next to Niall.

‘Are you ignoring me, Gabriella Hennessey?’, he asks wearily.

I ignore him and put the glass into the dishwasher.

‘I think she is, mate’, Niall whispers, ‘Well, you have to make up things again, mate. She’s your dance partner’

I then make my way to my room. Before I could close the door behind me, Zayn appear and stops me. He stand putting both hands in his pocket and look at me up and down.

‘Move Malik or else-’

‘Or else what?’, he laughs, ‘What you’re gonna do?’

‘Just move, Malik. I don’t want to see your face here!’, I raise my voice.

‘Do I look like I care?’, he shoots back with a smirk. He walks into my room.

I sigh and put my hand on my hips as I watch over him having a tour visit in my room. He then walks over to my painting wall.

‘You love drawing?’, he asks while examining the drawings on my wall.

‘Why do you care?’, I asks back coldly.

He sighs and turn around to face me, ‘Because I can’

‘Mind you own business, Malik. You don’t even care actually’, I shoot back right in his face.

‘I care. And when I care, I care’. He replies. Our eyes locking.

‘Right. So, can you please get out from my room?’, I ask him politely and fake a big smile on my face.

‘And what if I don’t?’, he walks closer to me until my back is on the wall. Zayn put both of his hands on the wall, blocking me so I can’t escape.

‘Don’t’, I warn him.

‘I’m sorry, Gab. Can you please forgive me?’, he whispers.

I stare into his hazel eyes, that are full with regrets. He really did mean it. I close my eyes before flutter them open back.

‘Alright. I forgive you’, I finally speak.

He smiles, ‘Thank you’

‘Now can you let go of me?’, I ask primly.

He shook his head, my eyes widening. He leans in so our faces are only inches away.

‘You’re beautiful’, he whispers.

I laugh, ‘I’m not. There are more girls that are prettier, beautiful, gorgeous than me’

He shook his head, he tucks my hair at the back of my ear.

‘I don’t care about them. But I care about you’, he begins as he move closer to me.

‘You’, he kissed the side of my lips.

‘Are’, he kissed the other side.

‘Beautiful’, he kissed me on the lips.

I pull away and look at him in surprise.

‘Can I confess something to you?’, he asks, stroking my cheeks.

‘Sure’, I reply awkwardly.

‘You brighten up the world with your eyes and you’re so damn lovely when you’re on my mind’

‘I don’t think this is the right time’, I begin, ‘I’m not ready for any relationships’

‘Then, I’ll wait’, he replies.

‘You don’t have to waste your time on me, Malik’

‘When I love, I love’, he whispers.

I close my eyes before bringing my lips back to his. He wraps his arms around me pulling me closer, kissing me gently. I freeze for a while before wrapping my arms around his neck. Our tongues intertwine.

‘Oppss, sorry I come at the bad time’, I quickly pull away from the kiss and push him away from me.

There, Danielle standing with a big smile on her face as she is watching us. I quickly covers my mouth with my hand.

‘There’s nothing happen. Anyway, I’m going to take my shower’, I says and quickly make my way into bathroom leaving Zayn and Danielle. I’m so ashamed with what had just happened. Seriously Zayn and I were kissing just now? Well, it just a kiss, I guess.

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