Dear Zayn.

My name is Gabriella Hennessey, I'm 19 years old dancer. I loved to dance, I always have. Dancing is my passion. When I was 17, my mum remarried a man, who didn't always loved me as a daugther. He used to hit me. I've tried to told mum about everything he had done, but she didn't believe me. So I ran away from them. I went to London and that's when I bumped into Danielle Peazer, who is now my bestfriend. She introduced me about the dancing. I've followed my dream to be a dancer so here I am now. I dance to be free, to forget and so that I can have something to love when I feel like nothing loves me. And my life changed, since I met him, Zayn Malik.


20. Chapter 20.

Gabriella’s POV

I get off bed on time before shuffle into bathroom. I undid my pyjamas and take a hot shower in there. 10 minutes later, I get out from that shower thing and walk into my closet. I heard Danielle’s voice welcoming someone from downstairs but I didn’t bother to go check and see who’s our guest this morning. Who else it would be, no other than Liam for sure. I get into my jogging outfit. I brush my hair and make it into a high bun.

I then grab my phone that was on the night stand and sit at the end of the bed. I have 12 missed calls and 3 new text messages. I decide to check. 5 missed calls and 1 text message from Harry, 2 missed calls and 1 text message from Zac,3 missed calls from Karen, 2 missed calls from Liam and a text message from Zayn.

From: Harry                                                                                                 
Morning beautiful lady. You didn’t return any of my calls this morning? Nevermind. But just want to let you know that we’re going to have fitting session this morning at 10 .x

From: Zac
Gab what are you doing? So, Ellian called me this morning. He said that we all need to go back into studio for some fitting. Just to let you know.

From: Zayn
Hiii. Did you know that we have to be back in studio for some fitting session? Can’t wait to see you. Really :) x

A smile spreading across my face while reading Zayn’s text message to me. I reply their messages. After I did, I decide to go on my twitter. Well, my followers already reached almost 12k. How it can be like that? That’s so many. But I don’t know who they are. Most of them are strangers. I don’t really talk to strangers. I don’t know, it just a part of me. I’m not the kind of girl who always tell everyone about her feelings. I love to keep it by myself. Someone knock on the door before pops out their head. It was Danielle.

‘Aww, you’re awake. Morning Gab’, she smiles greeting me as she swing the door open.

‘Morning babe!’, I return the smile.

‘Well, Liam, Zayn and Niall are waiting for you at the kitchen’, she begins, ‘And we’re looking forward to have breakfast together?’

‘Oh, sorry but I can’t. I’m going to take my usual walk and jog this morning, Dani’, I reply firmly.

She’s kind of upset with my answer and try to smile, ‘Well, then ok. Be home soon eh? We’re leaving to studio around 10’

I look over at my watch, ‘2 hours and 40 minutes left. Don’t worry, I won’t be late’, I say.

She nods and smiles before walking away to downstairs back. I take a look at myself on the mirror before putting my earphones. I pull off the curtains so that the lights from outside can slip in to my room. I take a deep breath before walking out from my bedroom to downstairs. I heard voices from the kitchen. I smile before making my way to the front door. I quickly get out and smile as I take a deep breath to the fresh air. And I didn’t notice that Zayn was in the garden.

‘Hey’, he greets me.

I look up to see him throwing his cigarette and run up to me. I returning the smile as he approach me.

‘Oh, hi’, I say firmly.

‘Where are you going?’, he asks, staring at me up and down.

‘Taking my usual walk and jog, Malik’, I reply.

‘Uhm, can I come with you?, he asks with a bit shaking. I can tell you by the look that Zayn is nervous. But, what was that for? I don’t get it. Really.

‘Err sure’, I reply awkwardly.

‘Great!’, he reply happily.

I start to walk out from the house and he follows me.

‘You love to jog?’, he asks as he walks next to me.

‘Yeah, pretty much. It’s already become my morning routine’, I reply.

‘I see. No wonder you have such a perfect body shape’, he smirks.

I laugh before starting to jog, ‘Fair point’

Everyone starts to stare as we reached the town. Well, there are some girls and paps with their cameras following us. I mean, come on, it’s Zayn Malik.

‘I see, you’re hot’, I joke as we both still keeping slow jogs.

He laughs besides me, ‘And why’s that?’

‘Oh, can’t you see, people are following us, Malik’, I moan.

‘I thought they were following us because of you’, he reply.

I look up to see him, ‘No way. It’s you’

‘If I were them, I will chase after you’, he whispers. Just enough for only me to hear.

My eyes widening, ‘What?’

‘You’re beautiful, Gab. Everyone has the need to fall in love with you’, he reply looking up. At this point, our eyes meet each other.

After a while, we decide to just walk. Both of us are run out of breath. I could see Zayn’s sweat are dripping all over his angelic face and neck.

‘You can use mine’, I hand him my mini towel as he wiping away his sweats with his sleeves.

‘It’s ok. I’m fine’, he reply coldly.

‘Are you kidding me? You are wet like just having your shower’, I laugh still holding the towel to him.

He sigh before take it, ‘What about you?’

I shrug, ‘I use to it already. I guess this is your very first time jogging huh?’

He grins and wipes his neck and face with the towel, ‘It’s been a while I haven’t jog’

‘Yeah, fair point’, I laugh.

‘What’s funny?’, he asks, looking up at me.

‘Well, you haven’t jog in ages and that’s why you have plenty of sweats dripping all over you’, I reply sarcastically.

He smiles, ‘As you may see how busy am I with my career’

‘Yes, and you didn’t even care with your health, Malik’, I shoot back.

He was taken aback, ‘What do mean? I have enough sleeps’

‘You may but did you know how bad the effect of smoke? You’re a smoker, Malik. You have time for your cigarettes, but why can’t you have time for things like this?’

He sighs, ‘You don’t know anything. Mind you own business, Gabriella Hennessey’

I roll my eyes, ‘Whatever you say, Malik. I just want to let you know. People out there loves you. So, you better take a good care on your health’

‘You’re not my mother, you’re not even anyone so shut up’, he  hisses.

I don’t know why, but his words are killing me inside. It hurts to hear the words that coming out from his mouth. I close my eyes and take a deep breath before walking away leaving him. He was a bit surprised with my reaction and run after me.

‘Wait’, he yelps.

‘What do you want from me, Malik?’, I ask coldly.

‘I’m sorry’, he whispers.

I laugh sarcastically, ‘You haven’t done anything wrong’

‘I know but I’m sorry for the words. I didn’t meant it’, he says.

I ignored him and walk even more faster. There’s a group of girls waiting for us.

‘Zayn can I have a picture?’


‘Who’s that bitch?’


I roll my eyes hearing them. I’m nobody to them so why should I stop and wave or say anything to them. Like I said before. I don’t talk to strangers.

‘Sorry, I really need to go. Catch on later okay? Love you’, he tells the girls before walks up next to me.

‘Gab, I’m really so-‘, he was about to say something but I quickly stops him, ‘I need these fresh air. I’m not in mood for talking. So please, shut up’. I warn him and starts to walk home.

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