Dear Zayn.

My name is Gabriella Hennessey, I'm 19 years old dancer. I loved to dance, I always have. Dancing is my passion. When I was 17, my mum remarried a man, who didn't always loved me as a daugther. He used to hit me. I've tried to told mum about everything he had done, but she didn't believe me. So I ran away from them. I went to London and that's when I bumped into Danielle Peazer, who is now my bestfriend. She introduced me about the dancing. I've followed my dream to be a dancer so here I am now. I dance to be free, to forget and so that I can have something to love when I feel like nothing loves me. And my life changed, since I met him, Zayn Malik.


2. Chapter 2.

Zayn's P.O.V

After I finished my cigarette, I decided to check my phone. Wanted to check if Perrie had replied my text. And she does. I quickly slide and enter my four digit passwords. I opened the text. ‘Perrie: Sorry. Please get out of my life. Stay away and forget me, Zayn. I’m sorry’. I holded back those tears. I’d still loved her, I always will. But she really made it really mean towards me. I turned off my phone and slide it into my back pocket jeans.

 I turned and walked back to the restaurant with eyes on the ground without looking what’s infront me until I bumped into someone. That person almost about to fall to the ground, I quickly grabbed her body.

“Are you OK?”, I asked as I stared at her. I’ve just realized how beauty she is. I was a little bit worried if anything had hurt her. She looked up to see me and nodded, “Thank you. I have to go”, she said in a bit rush and started to walk away.

“Wait!”, I yelped and ran to her, “Where are you going beautiful?”

She frowned, “Home”, she replied.

“Well, since I haven’t greet you in a proper way, I think we better start it all again”, I said. Her eyes widened. I smiled and held out my hand, “Hi there, I’m Zayn”.

She stared at my hand before she take it and shook. “Gabriella”, she said, half smiled.

I nodded and said, “Alright, miss. Nice to meet you today”, I actually want to ask her number but I don’t want her to think that I’m too flirty after what had done. She must already about the story of me and Perrie’s break up.

“I’d better be going”, she said, pulled back her hand. I nodded and only watched her leaving. She’s hot and gorgeous.


Gabriella's P.O.V

I rolled over to the side of my bed to face my alarm clock. It was 7 in the morning. I quickly walked to the bathroom and took a short shower. I then brushed my long brown hair and put it into a high ponytail. Then, I got into my favourite tank top ever with a writings, ‘Dancers Are The Athletes of God’ on it and my favourite black running shorts.

It was my daily rountine. Before I went to my dancing practice, I always wanna have a run first. It makes my body feels so good. Lol. I grabbed my ipod and earphones with me before putting on my running shoes. I then walked out from my room. Danielle must be asleep in her room. Actually, I haven’t talked to her yet since the lunch time.

She went back home in the evening and that time I was doing some practice in the living room. She tried to talk to me but I’d ignored it. She then leave me. Actually she knew how I was. So, she leave and gave me some time. So, I guess today I’ve already cooled down. 


I went back home about an hour later. I walked into the house as soon as I reached there. And I could smell food from the living room. Danielle was cooking some pancakes for us. She had her light blue tank top with ‘Ellian’s Dancer’ and her grey dancing shorts. Actually, that tank top was from our boss. She gave it to all of her dancers including me.

I stared at her while she cooking breakfast for us, “Gab”, she noticed me and quickly leave the pan and made her way to me. She hugged me tightly.

“I’m so sorry about yesterday. Please, talk to me”, she said in begging.

I smiled and stroke her curly hair, “It’s alright, Dani. I’m OK now”, I replied. She then pulled away and smiled.

“Thank you! Look, I made some pancakes for us. Go have a shower first! You smelly!”, she said and winked at me and made her way back to the stove. I laughed and ran upstairs.

After I took my shower, I decided to wear the same tank top like Dani and some blue black dancing shorts. I put my hair into a messy bun. I then quickly ran downstairs, and have my breakfast with Danielle. We have to leave the house in about 15 minutes more.

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