Dear Zayn.

My name is Gabriella Hennessey, I'm 19 years old dancer. I loved to dance, I always have. Dancing is my passion. When I was 17, my mum remarried a man, who didn't always loved me as a daugther. He used to hit me. I've tried to told mum about everything he had done, but she didn't believe me. So I ran away from them. I went to London and that's when I bumped into Danielle Peazer, who is now my bestfriend. She introduced me about the dancing. I've followed my dream to be a dancer so here I am now. I dance to be free, to forget and so that I can have something to love when I feel like nothing loves me. And my life changed, since I met him, Zayn Malik.


19. Chapter 19.

Gabriella's POV

The second day: We learn the steps for Summer Love, LittleThings, Last First Kiss and Over Again. So since all the songs are just for the first group, the other dancers were not coming to the studio. 

First lesson, all the five of us have to do some ballet dance.

'I think it's best if you girls doing the ballet one. Dance like you're an angel', Ellian said. 

Second lesson; Little Things. The boys will sitting on something. For examples, Liam will be sitting on the stairs stage, Louis will be sitting on the end of the stage, Harry will be sitting on one of the speakers, Niall will be sitting like Louis but metres away and Zayn will be sitting in the middle of the stage, that there will be a stool. 

The girls have to dance only on her partner solo. That were like; as Zayn was the first to start. I have to do some ballet in front of him and before he start his solo I have to be sitting next to him. And as he start singing, 'You're hand fits in mine like it's made just for me', we both have to  intertwine our hands. 'But bear this in mind it was mean to be', I have to let go of his hand and start dancing back still next to him until his solo ended and I have to stop and freeze like a doll. 

Next, Danielle, as Liam sat on the stairs, she have to do her ballet right next to him on the stage and Liam's body face her up. As 'the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine', Danielle has to walk over and sit next to Liam until his solo end and she has to stop moving and froze like me.

Also Lucy, Susan and Karen as they did the same like dance and then stop and froze. After Niall's solo, it was Harry's and as he sing 'I've just let these little things...' The girls have to do the ballet dance together. Then when the time all the boys sing, they have to stand next to us and watching we dance. We all do it again and again for 3 times before start for the song Last First Kiss. 

For this song, the boys have to dance with us. In this song, we all have to show some acting skills. Like we're in the ballroom and waiting for a guy to have the dance. As the solo just before the chorus, we all have to be ready. And when the time 'I wanna be last yeah...' The boys have to dance with us. Like hands on hips and hands around neck.

For the last song for today is Over Again. The girls will just sit on somewhere while the boys singing for us. Examples; On Liam's solo, Danielle will be sitting at the end of the stage, and Liam singing next to her. Then Same like Karen, Susan, Lucy and I. Like we don't have to dance at all. Just need to have those arrogant faces. Acting like when your ex beg you to start it all over again. 

Ps: Hello everyone. How was it like? I added some new chapters. Well, my imaginary was just too much I think. Uhm. But I hope you like it. Sorry for the bad grammar. Love you (; x

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