Troublemaker. This was all she is to the world. Little do they know about the little things inside. Was it that every scar has a story behind, or was that what they say? For all she knew, she was walking into the unknown, with no return. Eleanor they called her, or so.

~Teen Fiction, Glimpse of Humor and Drama ~
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~ Written by: Nour_Sal ~ Edited by: Roody


4. Two: Ladies and Gents Signs

They all stood there, fighting back the flood of hysterical laughs. She had lead them to this, but they didn’t mind. They wanted it – Trouble.

“One week detention, for all of you” Yelled principle Collins. ‘Well since I’m getting detention anyways’ Elle thought as she burst into laughter, unable to hold it anymore.

“Two weeks for you miss Daniels” She didn’t argue or bother to do so. She actually enjoyed detention and had quite a reputation in the detention hall in her past schools; even there she would cause trouble. Instead, Eleanor formed her lips into a straight line blocking her giggles.

You don’t get it do you? Let’s rewind to the sleepover.


The girls were dressed in their PJs, sitting around giggling about Elle’s old pranks. “So you’re saying you framed the principle, and all the students believed he was actually picking his nose.” Kristen said disbelievingly as she gasped in between giggles. “And you made posters of it, and placed them all around school with the headline of gold-digger?!” Violet added with the same tone, and a tomato red face. “Yeah, Pretty much” Eleanor bit her lip in failed attempts to calm her crying slash laughing face. “Girl… You’re a troublemaker!” Kristen giggled.  That nickname sounded familiar to Elle. “In fact, I got a prank right now. You fine with detention?” Elle smiled sneakily. “I’m in” Kristen yelled. “If you both are then I am too” Violet shrugged.

A screwdriver, two cameras. Midnight.

~ ∞ ~

“You ready” Elle asked trying to unlock the school door. “I’m nervous” Violet said shakily. “Come on Vee, you’ll survive.” “I’m recording this with my phone. Let’s make some memories” Kristen added.


The girls stepped in, but Vee stopped “I can’t do it!” “Come on Vee don’t chicken out!” Eleanor sighed as she dragged her. “So here we are with our new friend, Elle, In school, at midnight.” Kristen whispered to the camera; she was obsessed with taking videos, and pictures.

Eleanor used her screwdriver and soon enough she was holding two signs in her hands. Ladies and Gents. “Let’s go put those cameras in each bathroom; they’re already connected to my computer.” Elle directed them. “Why are we putting those cameras?” Vee questioned. “face-palm” Kristen said as she face-palmed herself. “Vee honey, we want to see the people’s faces when they walk into the bathroom and realize it’s not the right one” Kristen explained calmly holding Violet’s shoulders as if talking to a five year old, then dragged her inside.

“OH. MY. GOD. It stinks in here” Kristen remarked obviously disgusted, honestly, she wasn’t overreacting. “I forgot to tell you guys to cover your noses. My mistake, I thought you guys have been into a boys bathroom before” Eleanor said as-a-matter-of-factly and shrugged. “You’ve been in a boys bathroom before!” Violet shrieked. “Duh! A troublemaker!” Elle said pointed at herself as she giggled.

The cameras were set and the signs were switched. The girls ran out of the building, giggling like a bunch of maniacs.

~ ∞ ~

“AHHH!” A terrified scream came from the now to be ‘girls’ bathroom. As soon as the girls heard it, they burst into fits of laughter, leaving a confused Luke standing beside them “It’s smelly!” Vee managed to blurt between giggles, and yet that didn’t help Luke understand anything.

Ian came out of the now to be ‘boys’ bathroom. “Uh, Dude” He said, looking at Luke, slightly dumbfounded. “I think there’s uh, a problem in the bathroom” Ian mumbled, barely audible. The girls looked at Ian biting back their laughs. “you say something?” Luke asked, confused.

“Umm.. I didn’t find any …..” Ian murmured looking down as if his red supras became suddenly interesting.

“What the hell, dude! I didn’t hear anything! All I heard was you mumbling some shit about whatever”

“DUDE! I DIDN’T FIND ANY URINALS IN THE BATHROOM” the whole group burst into laughter as Ian’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink. Eleanor decided to play dumb and get the best of it “Aww! Did little Ian walk into the girls bathroom again?” she cooed. “No, I didn’t! This clearly stated its for boys” Ian hissed, frustrated that his friends were laughing at him.  Violet and Kristen couldn’t hold their laughter anymore, soon enough they both collapsed on their knees, clutching their stomachs, almost dying in the middle of the hallway. “It’s … I… It’s recorded on camera” Violet managed to say to Ian who seemed like he wanted to burry a hole and die this instant, with his face tomato red. If they didn’t know, the school player doesn’t like to become a joke.






Yeah that’s your middle name


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