Troublemaker. This was all she is to the world. Little do they know about the little things inside. Was it that every scar has a story behind, or was that what they say? For all she knew, she was walking into the unknown, with no return. Eleanor they called her, or so.

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5. Three: Crushes

The first day of Eleanor’s two-week long detention passed by like a blur; Violet was practically biting her fingers off because she’s always been a do-gooder, even though it seemed like people’s face expressions caught on camera were totally worth it. Looking at the bright side, her two friends have been with her, and according to Ian’s supposedly calming words with a dull tone of sarcasm that Violet couldn’t figure out “It isn’t that bad once you’re in”. Eleanor as well as Kristen, was unsurprisingly fine with detention, Elle practically lived there and Kristy, well, she was familiar with it.


Kristen had always kept a dirty little secret -about her urge to get into trouble on purpose. Nobody knew why. Nobody knew, and Kristen would rather have it that way. Being the closed person she is, she would never reveal her craving of attention, especially craving a certain someone’s attention. And that certain someone wasn’t exactly an easy approach, seeing he’d rather pick a real rebel than her, that’s what he wants, what he looks for in every girl, what she’s trying to be, but it was always that way, wasn’t it? The guy you like is always out of league, always needs effort. The bad boy, he was her secret, she had had a crush on him for quite a while now, his dreamy blue eyes, his occasionally quaffed hair, his tone of sarcasm, sense of humor and confidence. He got her all tied up.  Ian Blake- Just a little crush, she’ll get over it, she thought. But she never took herself upon that, because she always tried, and is still trying.


~ ∞ ~


Elle opened the door, and walked in the room that she would get used to for the next two weeks, followed by Violet and Kristen; each of them took a seat willingly close to the other as they prepared themselves for a whole hour of boredom. A few minutes later Kristen grinned; Ian entered the room that seemed to be jail to those students, he had a cheeky smile painted across his face when he spotted Eleanor. He narrowed his eyes at the kid who was seated next to Eleanor, a ginger freshman with thick-rimmed glasses. Eleanor thought it was kind of unusual that a kid like that was in detention but she brushed it off; it wasn’t of her concerns whatsoever. The kid nodded weakly, fear spread across his features as he scrambled to gather his things, Eleanor silently wondered if Ian had beat him up before. The poor kid took a seat as far as possible from Ian who was now seated beside Eleanor, something that bothered her; she really didn’t want to deal with him now.

“Hey babe” Ian whispered, his breath grazing her ear, making her involuntarily shiver. “Don’t call me that. I can hurt you.” Eleanor hissed, looking straight ahead, giving him a silent message to leave her alone. “We both know that isn’t possible, I can take you down in a blink” Ian smirked. Looks like he didn’t get the message. So dense She thought. Eleanor smiled nonetheless, she saw that answer coming anyway, and she was prepared to reveal the cause of his utter humiliation.

“Physically, I might not be able to, but I’d like to remind you why I’m here. You see, me and my wonderful new crime partners switched the girls’ and boys’ bathroom signs, and managed to record all the reactions of those who’ve been into the bathrooms.” Ian’s smirk faltered.

“And I can perfectly remember a certain boy’s reaction, you know the shock he got when the bathroom was missing something. Thanks to my HD spy camera” By that moment Ian’s cheeks were tinged a light shade of pink. This time, it was her turn to smirk. “So you better not call me that if you don’t want it to go public” he straightened his position, probably feeling uneasy because of her threat. Elle chuckled, she knew Ian wasn’t going to stop annoying her, but he would manage to drop the topic. “You surprise me, Bella”

“You do realize that’s not my name” Eleanor pointed out.
“Yep. I do” He stated popping the ‘p’ and giving her a cheeky smile. For a weird, unexplainable reason, Elle didn’t mind the nickname, she thought it’s quite cute, even though it was absolutely irrelevant, but she managed to shove the thought to the back of her mind.

Five minutes had passed by and Elle was passing notes to Kristen. Apparently the note had made Elle smile which only gave Ian the best opportunity to throw a pickup line. “You look pretty when you smile. You better direct your beauty somewhere else before you set the school on fire” he whispered in her ear causing her to blush. Eleanor has always been blush-able and a sucker for cute, and cheesy pickup lines. This only seemed to satisfy Ian. “Damn girl you look cute when you blush, on a scale from one to ten, you’d be a nine ‘cause I’m the one you need.” Ian smirked. Eleanor’s blush deepened as she looked down trying to hide it with her long wavy hair whilst she noticed he’s enjoying her reaction. Elle sighed and lifted her face after it cooled off, “Dude, that’s like, the worst pickup line I’ve come across, kids at elementary school can do better than that” she scoffed, gaining back her dignity. “And you’re definitely not the one I need”

Elle thought she saw a flash of disappointment cross his eyes, he’s never been rejected, and his pickup lines had always gotten him any girl, yet he didn’t know Elle was not just any girl. Ian cleared his throat, willing to give it one last try, he wasn’t going to let her insult his player boy skills. “Well, it was worth a try, but hey, I was so lost in your gorgeous eyes, that I forgot the proper pickup lines” Ian said throwing his last and most powerful bomb whilst staring into her deep olive green eyes. Eleanor looked down trying to hide her blush, she shouldn’t be blushing and she knew that, yet she can’t help it. She placed her cold hands on her face to cool it down; trying to compose her posture “You’d be so cute if you didn’t try too hard.” She said leaving Ian speechless.

Meanwhile, Kristen was eyeing them enviously, watching Ian flirting with other girls would sting, but watching him flirt with Eleanor, the girl whom she believed was a lot prettier and what seemed to be better for Ian than she is, only shot daggers through her chest. Looking away, she bit back her tears and rested her head in her arms.


~ ∞ ~


An hour was over. “Never ever am I sitting next to Ian ever again” Elle whispered to Violet, which only caused violet to chuckle.

“Need a ride?” Violet asked.  “I do” Kristen perched up. “Sure then, what about you Elle?” “Nah! My brother promised he’d pick me up. Thanks” The girl in question smiled sweetly “Okay then, see you tomorrow” She waved goodbye and went dragging Kristen along.

 Eleanor waited for her brother who was now five minutes late, as far as Elle knew her brother was never late. ‘Unless he forgot’  a voice in her head whispered.. She pulled out her phone, and dialed his number. “Zach, where are you? You were supposed to pick me up like five minutes ago” she all but yelled. “crap, I forgot. Uh sorry Elle you’re gonna have to get a ride, I’m already a two-hour drive away. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” he said it in monotone, making it obvious he’d planned that in his head. “whatever” She snapped, hanging up, and shoving her phone back in her pockets.

Great, she thought sarcastically, now she has to find a ride, and Violet already left. She walking absently, thinking of how the heck she’d get home when she bumped into someone, muttering a string of curse words, she bent down to pick up her stuff. And the person who bumped into her crouched to help her, but she was too occupied to look up “Somebody’s mad. Do you need anger management classes?” Eleanor heard an awfully familiar voice. “I don’t need anger management, I just need people to stop pissing me off” she grumbled angrily. “I’m not in the mood okay” she added, brushing off invisible dirt from her sides. “I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me” Ian said in mock-fear, but Elle shot him a glare. He held up his palms signaling surrender, and with that he dropped the topic. “Need a ride?” he asked after a minute of silence. “I’d rather walk home” Elle scoffed. But Ian only brushed off her rude remark and insisted on giving her a ride. “Come on, I’ll drive you home” he dragged her along with him to his black shiny mustang.


 ~ ∞ ~


She stepped into her house, like a mother bear that lost its child. Okay, maybe that was a horrible metaphor, but you get what it means. She stomped into Zach’s room angrily. And flung his door open “How many times do you forget to-” she froze in her spot when she saw an insanely cute guy, like the ones she thought only existed in magazines after being auto-tuned and edited. Even though she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, she still believes in major crush at first sight, as well as hate at first sight. But this was definitely not hate.

Elle just stood there, practically gawking at the guy in front of her, who was now smirking. Of course he would, he was being drooled over! "Like what you see?" he said. "uh-um h-hey" Elle stammered, embarrassed that she was caught checking him out. "you wanted something?" Zach came to her rescue, smiling cheekily. That idiot, she thought. He knew she wouldn't be able to go all madman on him when this hottie was in the same room. But Elle snapped out of her daze to shoot her brother a glare "I thought you said you were a two-hour drive away" she hissed. "I lied" he stated simply. she groaned, and went back to his friend that was checking her out, she was relieved to know she wasn't the only one staring. "Like what you see?" she smirked, catching him in the act, "I-I'm Justin" he blushed. oh my gosh! he blushed. so cute. Elle squealed inwardly "Eleanor" she held out her hand for him to shake, and he took it, giving it a warm shake. Elle felt a jolt of electricity when their hands touched. but that was it, nothing really major. He was just a crush, and he was hot, that was bound to happen when you shake hands with a hot person. Or that was what Eleanor thought.



Sparks fly when we touch

It was never enough

It was just a crush!


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