Troublemaker. This was all she is to the world. Little do they know about the little things inside. Was it that every scar has a story behind, or was that what they say? For all she knew, she was walking into the unknown, with no return. Eleanor they called her, or so.

~Teen Fiction, Glimpse of Humor and Drama ~
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~ Written by: Nour_Sal ~ Edited by: Roody


8. Six: hang out?

Violet was double-checking her to-do list, when she caught sight of someone familiar. “Zach?” she questioned, staring wide-eyed at the boy before her. “Oh my god, Zach! How are you?” Violet said excitedly. Soon enough, Zach recognized her chirpy voice and looked up to meet her bright blue eyes “Oh, Violet! Hey” “I didn’t know you go here” “yeah, me neither. Never saw you around here before. They went on chatting animatedly before heading to class.

Zach had been texting his friend, who wanted him to meet his new ‘girlfriend’ and Zach hesitated to reply. He felt it would be too awkward. But that was before he bumped into Violet, which gave him a brilliant idea. “Um. I don’t know how to say this.” He began. Violet smiled sweetly before nodding for him to go on. “My friend wanted me to hang out with him and his girlfriend, go to a movie or something, and I’d kind of be like a third wheel. So I was wondering if you would come along with us.” He carried on. “okay.” She said. “So, um, would you like to go to the movies with us tonight?” Zach said looking down at the now interesting tiled floor.

Violet hesitated, picking at the edges of the papers in her hands, Yes, Zach was a good guy, but she only met him once, wouldn’t that be going way too fast. But then, why not? It’s not like it’s a date or something. It’s just the movies anyway, why wouldn’t she give it a shot? isn’t that what Elle would do?  “Um. Sure. I mean, it would be fun” she smiled awkwardly. Zach’s let out a sigh of relief. “That’s great! For a moment there I thought you’d say no, but I mean, its fine, It’s not like it’s a date or something, because I kind of assumed you had a boyfriend and all, it’s like, we’re a bunch of friends hanging out and everything” Zach blubbered, his bad habit of talking too much when he’s excited or nervous had caught up on him. Violet laughed at what she thought was his cute attitude. “Its okay. And I am single. And I know it’s not a date” she let out another chuckle. ‘But you wish it was’  A voice in the back of her mind teased.

~ ∞ ~

“I saw you talking to that guy” Kristen nudged Violet when they were seated at their usual lunch table. “It looked like he was asking you out.” She said with a wink.

Violet giggled, if there was this one thing Kristen loved, it was gossip. “Oh, no it’s not a date! We’re just hanging out with his friends, just like the party, I mean.”

“What about the party?” Kristen perked up, “Wait.. So that was the dude you met in the party and kept gushing about? Tsk Tsk, I thought he was some Calvin Klein model. Gee, you sure overestimate guys you like..” she shook her head in mock disapproval.

“Shut up, he is cute” defended Violet, but eventually caught onto Kristen’s words. “Whoaa- slow down there! what do you mean ‘guys you like’? Where did you get that idea, we’re just- Acquaintances, that’s all.” Kristen stared directly at Violet, a grin slowly making its way upon her face.

“You’re totally into him.” She stated with a tone of finality, making no room for any further comments or arguments, which Violet seemed to understand, seeing how she haven’t denied it any further.

 “Yeah, whatever. Actually we were going to the movies..” She trailed off, but noticed the look Kristen gave her “Not going to the movies in a date-like manner!” Violet said quickly before Kristen could comment, she knew her friend too well. “Besides, his friends are going to be there too”.

“But he likes you” Kristen teased wiggling her eyebrows suggestively and turning to look at the rest of the group, who were all deep in their own conversations. Apparently, Elle and Ian were caught up in their own conversation laughing and giggling which seemed like Eleanor was beginning to take a liking in Ian for some reason, which bothered Kristy a bit, but she shrugged it off quickly. ‘Elle and Ian? Impossible!’ She thought. “Meanwhile, we should all hang out today, excluding Violet, seeing as she has a not-date, which –by the way- seems suspiciously like a date to me” Kristen said, as Elle, Luke, and Ian laughed at Violet’s face now-to-be crimson face.

“What if we all go to grab ice cream together?” Suggested Eleanor, she was allowing her undying love for Ice-cream to take over planning the whole thing. “Fine by me” Luke seconded. “Yeah, Ice-cream sounds good.” Kristen added. “I’m in, but whatever happens, don’t let Eleanor choose your ice-cream.” Ian warned, referring to their little encounter the night before. Eleanor let out a breathy laugh that gained questioning looks and arched eyebrows from the rest of the group. She sighed.

“Ah, yeah. About that. Yesterday, I was in a suck-ish mood and went to have some Ice-cream and I met Ian there, I convinced him to get the gooey green one, which -I might add, is extremely gross, but him being the totally oblivious Ian, ate it, because he didn’t want to make me more infuriated than I already was, How sweet of you Ian, by the way” She paused, winking at him “Anyway, yeah, that’s the whole deal.” Eleanor mentally patted her back for making up a brilliant cover-up story in such a short notice.

Violet giggled, and Ian had his arms crossed, frowning at the way she stomped over his dignity, when he knew for a fact that she was the one that was weak and vulnerable back then, but he couldn’t say anything, could he?

But Kristy on the other hand didn’t look too pleased with the situation, and it took her a great deal of effort to hide the annoyance in her voice. “And since when were you two buddy-buddy with each other, because the last time I saw you, you were like sworn enemies or something” she said, letting out a forced chuckle that sounded more like a choking hyena. ‘Nah, hyenas would probably sound better choking’. She thought.

“Kristy, you know me better than to think that I would actually miss pulling a stunt on Ian, I mean, come on.” Eleanor laughed nervously, noticing the tension that began to seep in.

Noticing her erratic behavior, Kristy was soon engrossed with guilt, aware of the results of her outburst.  “Yeah, you’re probably right. Sorry about uh, you know, being rude and all.” She said quietly, grabbing her stuff. “Gotta head to class, see you.” Turning around to find them all giving her worried looks; she spared them a small smile, and was soon out of sight.

“What was that just now?” Luke questioned, looking at all of them in the eye, as if searching for answers. He eventually came out with nothing, since Elle and Ian were A-class masters at hiding information, and Violet honestly didn’t know a thing. Sighing, Luke shook his head and went after Kristen to make sure she was alright, like he always does.


I'm sitting across from you 

and dreaming of the things I do 

I dont' speak 

You don't know me at all 


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