Troublemaker. This was all she is to the world. Little do they know about the little things inside. Was it that every scar has a story behind, or was that what they say? For all she knew, she was walking into the unknown, with no return. Eleanor they called her, or so.

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9. Seven: Was anybody even in there?

“I.. I ran away” she gasped between hysterical sobs, shaking her head shamefully.


Eleanor was staring wide-eyed at the redhead before here, her jaw almost reaching the cold paved ground. As soon as she realized that her outburst wasn’t exactly improving the situation, she quickly recovered from her trance.

“Are you okay?” She asked softly, taking a deep calming breath in order to avoid hurting her friend any further. The girl in question merely nodded her head.

“Okay, would you mind telling me how you ended up in LA?”

And that was enough to get her bursting into fresh tears.

 “I-I don’t know. One thing led to another and I ended up here.” She said, rubbing her eyes. “I-I woke up in a stranger’s bed.” She whispered, staring blankly at the sidewalk.

“It’s okay” said Elle, hugging her tightly. “Everything’s going to be fine.”



Two hours later, Eleanor had taken her friend to her house and put her to bed. Her old best friend had had a tough life, her mother died when she was fourteen, she lived with her step-dad whom she hated, and he would always come home drunk every night and blame her for her mother’s death, same scenario every day. He wasn’t abusive or anything, but his words would kill her.

Eleanor sat on her bed recalling her earlier conversation with her friend, who was now lying calmly beside her, her breathing steady.

“I’m so sorry Jenny. It’ll be okay, eventually.” Eleanor said hugging her sobbing friend, Jenny. Trying to calm Jenny down had always been a hard task.

“I don’t even have a place to stay! It’s not okay!” Jenny cried, looking up at Elle, eyes red, and cheeks wet and stained with black mascara, her wavy fiery hair all tangled and knotted.

“You can stay at mine. My parents are leaving tomorrow.”

“Thank you. I’ll be on a look out for a place of my own. I promise I won’t bother you.” Jenny said with a genuine smile, wiping her face with the back of her hand.

“You can stay at mine for as long as you want. You don’t have to worry.”


‘Maybe I should ask her why she ran away.’ Eleanor’s thought.  She still didn’t know the reason behind Jenny’s escape. Her step-dad was a possibility. ‘But why would she run away from him? She’s been putting up with it for about two years. Something else must have happened’. A few minutes later, she reached a conclusion; Jenny would tell her the reason when she’s ready. But that was not the only thing bothering her, her thoughts took a sharp turn to the last time she saw Jenny before this.

Did I kill them?

Did they survive?

Was anybody even in there?

All those questions, too, swirled around in Eleanor’s mind, but she wasn’t going to ask Jenny yet, mainly because she’s still afraid of the answers. She preferred the nightmares that haunted her about that night rather than facing the reality that can haunt her awake.

“Stop staring at me you creep!” Jenny chucked a pillow weakly in Eleanor’s direction with her eyes still closed, that popped Elle out of her depressing little bubble.

“Mind if I introduce you to my friends? We’re going for Ice-cream in about two hours.” Eleanor offered.

“Sure, but I don’t have any clothes. I didn’t exactly think things through when I ran away..” Jenny trailed off, feeling uncomfortable bringing up the situation.

“That’s fine. We have the same size anyways, and my aunt can send twice that wardrobe if I asked for it” Eleanor waved it off.

“Help yourself.” She motioned to the wardrobe while heading out of the room. “Oh and take a shower, you reek.”

That was enough to get Jenny stumbling off the bed to the bathroom.


“Jenny!” Aria squealed, running in Jenny’s direction and wrapping her arms around her thighs.

“Elle said you’re staying here for a while! We can play dolls like we used to!”

“Of course we can! I missed you little diva.” Jenny cooed, using Aria’s old nickname.

“I missed you more Jen-Jen” Aria said hugging her tighter. Elle looked at both of them in amusement; she loved it when they would both use those nicknames. “Well then, Aria go get dressed.  You’re coming with us. It’s Ice-cream day!” Eleanor announced, interrupting their little embrace.


While Aria got dressed, Jenny told Elle all about waking up in a strange bed and a terrible hangover. Eleanor wrapped her arms around her best friend.

“Damn men these days, taking advantage of girls just like that.”

 “I feel like trash.”

“No you’re not trash, we all make mistakes, Jenny.” Eleanor mumbled against her friend’s shoulder."Made some myself" 



Seven texts and two phone calls later, from each Kristen and Luke asking where she was or why she was late, Eleanor and Jenny burst through the doors of the air-conditioned ice-cream shop, with Aria following close behind.

“Hey guys, This is Jenny my best friend from my old town, and that’s my little sister Aria” She said motioning to them.

“And those are Kristen and Luke.” She introduced.

They exchanged greetings and each took a seat.

“Where is Ian?” Elle asked.

“He’s running late, He’ll be here in a few” Luke explained, looking up from Aria who was telling him all about her tutu collection. “I have a little brother. Maybe you’d like to come and play with him sometime” Luke said, looking back at Aria.


A while later -twenty minutes to be specific- Ian showed up, leisurely walking into the store, wearing a leather jacket and a blue V-neck shirt.

“ ’Sup guys!” He said loudly, causing Luke, Jenny, and Elle’s faces to whip in his direction.

Suddenly, Jenny’s face turned pale, her body stiffened, and her eyes began to water, which didn’t go unnoticed by Eleanor.

“What’s Wrong Jen-” She began but was cut off by a trembling Jenny

“It’s him! He’s the guy that I-“

“You guys know each other?” Kristen asked, confused. Her gaze darted back and forth between both Ian and Jenny.

“Elle. He’s the guy I woke up next to.” Jenny whispered to Elle. Elle’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god ! Ian that is so low. I never expected you to use a girl like that!” Eleanor burst.

“Wh- Whaa. She agreed!” Ian defended himself

“That’s because she was drunk, you Jerk!” Eleanor growled. She’s always been protective over Jenny, but that had to take ‘protective’ to a whole new level. It disgusted her to the point where she couldn’t even look at Ian anymore.

Ian was just about to talk when she cut him off “ You disgust me” she sneered, shaking her head, and pulling both Aria and the emotionless Jenny. “We’re leaving.” she announced.


“You’re here!” Zach said a bit too delighted.

“I guess I am” Violet nodded with a sweet chuckle that danced around the atmosphere sending tingles down Zach’s spine.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us Zach-y?” Noah teased his friend who was clearly whipped.

“Uh.. Yeah.. Violet, this is Noah, and his girlfriend Ashley” Zach gestured towards the two figures standing awkwardly on the side

“Hello, nice to meet you” Violet said shaking both their hands. “Likewise” Ashley replied, smiling.

“So which movie are we going to?” Violet asked.

“Iron man three” Noah jumped in, holding out the tickets like they were a first-place trophy, making Ashley face-palm herself.

“Ladies..” Zach said with a grin. “..and Noah” he added a tad bit bitterly, making Violet and Ashley laugh “Shall we?”  he said motioning to the entrance.

“I got the popcorn as suggested, sir” Noah marched back like a soldier.

“Thank you.” Ashley giggled taking some of it in her mouth.

The movie passed by quite delightfully as the four of them acted silly and made complete fools out of themselves.

“She’s a keeper” Ashley said to Zach as a matter of fact, as if it was too obvious for it to pass by un-noticed.

“We’re not.. dating.”

“Well, you could” she winked and walked back to where Noah and Violet were laughing.




“I didn’t think it was necessary” Jenny mumbled, her head bowed down.

“What are you talking about?” Elle said.

“I didn’t think it was necessary for you to scream at him. He was right. I agreed to go with him. I’m the one to be blamed here” Jenny said.

“Oh so now you’re defending him. Listen, you don’t have to feel all guilty because of that. You were f*cking drunk! He used you, you’re not one to blame, you were unconscious!”

 “I-I’m sorry.” Eleanor mumbled. “I didn’t mean to lash out on you, I care about you, and I’m your best friend, which means that I have to be there for you, and you’ve been used, and the guy who used you isn’t going to get away with it.” Eleanor continued calmly.

Jenny nodded; she knew better than to argue with Eleanor at this state, plus, what she said was true, she was unconscious.

“I need to put little Aria in bed. Don’t you think so Ari?” Eleanor turned her gaze to Aria, who was too interested in her dolls to pay attention to the earlier argument.

“Do I have to go to bed?” Aria whined.

“Yes. You’ve got school tomorrow, and you’re a heavy sleeper which causes Zach some trouble at times.” Eleanor picked up Ari.

“Speaking of which, Eleanor would you call him and ask him to come home possibly today?” Jenny asked.

“I will, as soon as I put Little Miss Diva in bed” Eleanor nodded while Aria rolled her eyes, a reaction inherited from her sister.

An hour later, Zach was finally home with a wide grin plastered across his face. “Looks like somebody’s love struck” Eleanor teased her brother, who was too busy getting comfortable on cloud nine to answer, that confirmed her suspicions.

“Oh my god! somebody is love struck.” She said, now interested, she hopped off her place on the couch and stood next to Zach.

“Soo.?” She said, half-expecting her brother to begin rambling about his day out.

“Where is Aria?” Zach ignored her attempts to pry out information and padded up the stairs.

“Sure, run away as much as you want, but you can’t hide that dreamy look you got there, you are so busted.  I’m going to find out sooner or later. Anyways, she’s in her room fast asleep and so is Jenny.”


“Yeah, she’s staying for a while. It’s complicated and don’t ask about it” she glared.

“Okay, I won’t.” He held up his hands in surrender.

“So who’s the girl?” Eleanor asked with a huge grin, switching her mood in a blink.

“I’ll introduce her to you – once I make sure you won’t hurt her, scare her away or whip out baby pictures out of nowhere.”

“I won’t scare her, I promise! And what on earth possessed you to think that I would show someone your baby pictures, do you even have those?” Eleanor said, frowning at the last part.

“No seriously, say that to your past three boyfriends, my old hamster, the people you’re blackmailing for your bathroom prank in our school, the teacher you got fired in fifth grade, the-”

“Fine I get it! Geez! You made your point.” Eleanor huffed. “It’s not like I don’t have a motive behind any of those.”

“Of course you do, Elle. It’s getting late anyways I better go to bed” Yawning, he made his way to his room.

“Night, lover boy!” Eleanor teased.


After such an eventful day, you’d think that everybody would be asleep by midnight, but there is always someone out there hiding something that haunts them in the sleepless nights. And this time, it was Eleanor. The same thoughts that occurred to her earlier had been roaming around in her head haunting her, and slowly, but painfully, replacing the sanity in her brain.

"Did I kill them?

Did they survive?

But most importantly, was anybody even in there?"



Everybody’s got a dark side

Do you love me?

Will you love mine?



[A/N] First off, sorry for the long wait.  Therefore, we provided you guys a long chapter. Hope you like it. 

Oh and i recommend you guys go read the Divergent book series! I've been reading it and OMG im soooo excited for the movie and the last book !! 

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