Troublemaker. This was all she is to the world. Little do they know about the little things inside. Was it that every scar has a story behind, or was that what they say? For all she knew, she was walking into the unknown, with no return. Eleanor they called her, or so.

~Teen Fiction, Glimpse of Humor and Drama ~
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~ Written by: Nour_Sal ~ Edited by: Roody


2. One: Into the Unknown


Eleanor walked into the huge building, also known as school –her unknown. “Here we go” she sighed while stepping in. she knew what it felt like being the new girl, for the past year or so, she’s been expelled from three different schools. Trouble, was what they expelled her for. “She’s a troublemaker” was all they had to defend themselves with against refusing her return. She earned her nickname ‘Troublemaker’ a few years ago. It’s what brought her here, to Los Angeles.


Her custom designed blouse flows freely on her skinny body, along with some black jeggings and a leather jacket and combat boots to compliment her look. She was trying to send a message “Defiant!”

Eleanor, or Elle, headed to what was now her locker, stuffed the books she has been given and took a look at what was now her schedule as she smiled at thought of being the new girl –again. Having to earn her same reputation and nickname all over again.

“English, Room W44” Was what her schedule indicated. She smiled, her olive-green eyes sparkling. It was going to be a long day. “Hey there!” She heard a sweet voice call, she turned around to see a sweet looking girl with dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a friendly smile. “You new?” asked the girl with a glint of excitement in her eyes. Eleanor smiled thanking god she wouldn’t have those cliché first meetings with a hot guy who also happens to be the school’s player. “Yea. Can you show me where Room W44 is?” she asked sweetly. “Sure. I can show you around later too.” She smiled “I’m Violet Brooks” she extended her hand. “Eleanor Daniels” Elle shook her hand.

“Meet you after class, Eleanor Daniels” Violet said sweetly as they reached the English class. “Call me Elle” she smiled. “and sure” she added. Violet smiled and waved. Elle stepped into her supposedly English class, walking into the unknown. She spotted a seat at the back of the classroom. “Perfect!” she thought. Usually on her first day, she sits at the back, observing the students to find out more about her environment.

A tall dark haired guy with electric blue eyes entered with a brunette with blue eyes. He glanced at Elle, whispered something to the brunette that made her giggle, and headed to the seat beside Elle . “Hey babe” He said with a cocky tone. “I’m Ian AKA school’s heartthrob”  cliché much?, thought Elle. “Eleanor AKA not interested” she retorted. For all she knew, he was the school’s bad boy. “New here, huh?” Ian asked, kind of taken aback by her boldness, oh well. He was bold too. She thought. “No, I’m that cliché nerd that was invisible to the world and one day decided to take off her glasses and become popular” she responded, her tone dripping with sarcasm. “Ha ha, funny.” Ian said, giving her a blank look and going back to chatting animatedly with a petite blonde ahead of him. He probably got the message. Sighing, Elle grabbed her notebook out of the bag, glad that Ian guy dropped the conversation. She knew better than to interact with guys like him before, and preferred not to get involved with them. Guys like Ian seem cocky, dark and hot at first, but after they get what they want, they’re complete assholes. And there was her cliché meeting.

 The teacher walked in, a normal looking teacher, probably in his 40’s or late 30’s. Mr. Howard, was his name, quite tall, black hair, few grey strands can be spotted, ice blue eyes and a literature book within his hands, he greeted the class casually, and when his gaze flickered towards Eleanor, his eyes brightened and Eleanor braced herself to repeat the rehearsed introduction about herself.

“We seem to have a new student here, care to introduce yourself?”

~ ∞ ~

 After what seemed like an eon, class was over. Eleanor was excited to go meet Violet; she felt like Violet is best friend material. She walked out of class and looked around, spotting Violet’s burnt-blonde hair. Elle walked up to Violet to find her with a girl with big sea blue eyes and silky black hair. “Oh, hey Elle!” Violet chirped excitedly “This is Kristen, Kris, this is Eleanor, she’s new and I’m holding her hostage to be my friend” “Hey!” Kristen said, smiling sweetly. “Hey” Elle said, returning the gesture. Kristen was very pretty, she had long eyelashes that complemented her sea blue eyes beautifully, she looked nice and friendly, sort of a Zoey Denschanel lookalike but Kristen was a tad bit prettier. “You can call me Elle” “Sure” Kristen replied sweetly. “So what classes are you both headed to?” asked Violet. “Math, Room E23” Elle cringed, she hated math with all her might. “Well then we have the same class” Kristen said, snapping her out of her almost-rant. “I have Biology” Violet sulked. “so far I got no classes with any of you. Anyways, we have to head to class if we don’t want detention” It seemed normal for Elle hearing the word detention, in her past schools, she’s been there almost every day. “Hey Elle, me and Kris always hang out after school, and since you’re stuck with us, can you join us?” Violet asked her. “you know, how about you guys come over?” Elle suggested. Kristen glanced at violet, and violet nodded. “okay!” Violet chirped.


It was about lunch time when the girls met again after all their exhausting classes. “Come on, you’ll meet the rest of our friends” Kristen tugged at Elle’s hand excitedly, trailing behind Violet who is practically skipping to what seemed like their regular table. “Elle, those are Luke and Ian” Kristen introduced, The former glanced at her and smiled ‘Hello” he said, you’re the new girl? “yeah, I’m Eleanor”. She glanced at Ian who was too busy texting like his life depended on it, but as they sat down, Violet elbowed him in the ribs “Be nice” she whispered sharply. Ian glanced up at her, and his eyebrows flew up in recognition. “Oh, you’re that sarcastic kid that took over Jason’s seat, you should be lucky he wasn’t here today”. She stared at him blankly “looks like I’m not getting rid of you anytime soon” she muttered under her breath. Violet glanced between them curiously “ooh, looks like you met my step brother” she said. Elle’s eyes widened as she stared back at Violet. How can he be her brother, or step brother for the matter? She would’ve never figured. “Yep, she met me” Ian said, popping the ‘p’. Luke looks over at Violet with a wink and chuckles. “Phew!” was all Elle could think of. She doesn’t want any contradictions with her new-found friend because of Violet’s idiot of a step brother. Yes, she already made up her mind that he was an idiot.


~ ∞ ~

Eleanor’s first day was coming to an end when she decided her day wasn’t so bad, she has definitely seen worse. By the time the day was over, Elle rushed home to get stuff ready for when the girls come over. They came to the conclusion that they will spend the night at her house, due to Violet’s excessive enthusiasm, even though it might be weird to spend the night with someone you only know for a day, but Violet insisted, and as Elle Quotes “As long as you won’t murder us in our sleep, we’re staying” Then Elle also decided that she’d tell them who she really was, so they would know what they’re dealing with. A crazy, wild – and not to mention- troublesome person. So they would know what they’re dealing with.



“Hello my name is …

Nice to meet you”



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