Troublemaker. This was all she is to the world. Little do they know about the little things inside. Was it that every scar has a story behind, or was that what they say? For all she knew, she was walking into the unknown, with no return. Eleanor they called her, or so.

~Teen Fiction, Glimpse of Humor and Drama ~
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~ Written by: Nour_Sal ~ Edited by: Roody


6. Four: An Eventful Party

Bitch, she’s like, all over him. Kristen thought angrily, shooting daggers at the blonde making out with Ian, her stomach flipping, she felt sick.

Meanwhile, Elle was shoving her books in her locker, glancing at where Kristen’s eyes were fixed, finding a completely disgusting view of a pair shoving their tongues down each others’ throats. Quickly turning away, she caught sight of a familiar mop of dark hair.

“Eleanor!” he greeted. “Justin!” she smiled back at him, matching his enthusiastic tone. He looked like a little kid walking into an amusement park. ‘Could he get any cuter?’ her mind whispered. “Someone looks absolutely pretty today” He said, approaching her. “Well that someone should be very lucky that you think she looks pretty” she flirted back, slapping his arm teasingly. “I was going to a party today. Why don’t you join us? I want to see how the school’s troublemaker parties.” He grinned “I heard your friends; Luke and Kristen are going to be there too.” He added. Eleanor smiled, hearing her old nickname brought back some great memories- troublemaker. That sure sounded great.

Only then she realized she’s been smiling for quite a while whilst Justin had a pleading look on his face. “How can I say no to a party?” Elle threw her hands in excitement, which only made Justin chuckle. “See you there then, troublemaker” Eleanor smiled happily as he walked back to his group of friends, including her extremely annoying brother, Zach.

~ ∞ ~

“Who was that dude?” Ian asked her when she sat at her usual lunch table consisting of Vee, Kristy, Luke and unfortunately, Ian. “Some insanely cute guy, who happens to be a friend of my brother as well.” She chirped. “Not that’s any of your business” she added bluntly returning to her old self. “And to think that for a moment there, we’d actually have a normal conversation” Ian mumbled as he looked down to his plate. “Keep dreaming, playboy. I’m not interested” she leaned and whispered in his ears.


“Are you coming to the party at Drake’s house?” Violet asked. “Um… yeah, Justin was just telling me about it.” She replied even though she had no idea who Drake was. Justin passed by their table “Text you the address” he said with a wink while walking. Eleanor giggled whilst Ian sent him a glare, for some reason he was feeling slightly jealous. Eleanor did annoy him to the guts, but she still had something that seemed to be pulling him closer.


“What kind of trouble are you causing this time?” Kristen said glancing at Elle. “One that wouldn’t land her in detention” Luke said with a grin. They all seemed to be interested in her ‘troublemaking business’ “Not sure” Eleanor shrugged. “I won’t change bathroom signs though” she glanced at Ian her face painted with a smirk. “Shut up!” Ian barked, Elle was taken aback by his sudden outburst, but she quickly masked her emotions “make me.” Eleanor fought back, just in time for the cheap blonde from earlier to come sitting beside Ian and whisper something in his ear. Eleanor looked at Vee and Kristy willing to join their conversation, losing interest in getting on Ian’s nerves. “I’m not sure. I have this dress, but I find it too revealing” Violet said, obviously talking about her outfit for the night. “I have an idea. My aunt sent me some new custom made dresses; I think they could fit you guys. If you’d like Vee I can come over with the dresses. Kristy can join too.” Vee looked stunned and surprised by the fact that the dresses were ‘custom made’ and Elle noticed. “My aunt is a fashion designer, Alice Cyrus” Eleanor explained. “THE Alice Cyrus?!” Kristen shrieked, her mouth agape. Eleanor nodded with a giggle. “Oh. My. God. Come by at 3” Violet demanded. “I’ll text you the address” she added jumping up and down. Eleanor couldn’t help but think that it’s quite funny that it’s the second time she heard this sentence in the same day.  “Girls” Luke mumbled shaking his head. The girls burst into fits of laughter, noticing that Luke was listening to them throughout the whole conversation.

~ ∞ ~


At 3:00 PM, the girls have gathered at Vee’s house. Kristy and Vee were literally drooling over the dresses Elle had brought over. After about two hours of comparing and trying on the custom-made dresses. Elle settled on a printed dress, while Vee wore a simple black dress and Kristen was dressed in a golden sparkly dress.

Since Violet declared that she was a gifted make-up artist, she was the one to assist them with their make-up.

When the girls were done, Ian and Luke where out in the living room waiting for them, since they were the girls’ ride. The three girls walked out delicately, each one with a dress perfectly matching her like it was made for her. Ian and Luke just stared, their eyes almost bulging out of their scalps. “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” Elle commented, rolling her eyes. “How do we look?” Kristen questioned, blushing slightly and focusing her gaze on Ian. “Come on Ian, we gotta take those hotties to a party” Luke said whilst eyeing Kristen with a wink.

They reached what seemed to be Drake’s house, after half an hour of roaming around and three calls with Justin. The house was huge, and the music was thumping loudly, you could probably hear it seven blocks away! The group walked into the house of drunken teenagers grinding against each other.

“You made it!” Justin yelled enthusiastically over the loud music. “Yeah , obviously” Ian muttered even though he couldn’t be heard. “Where’s the host?” Violet chirped, as usual.

Minutes later, after the introduction they had with the extremely drunken host, each of them had separated to party. Kristen went to the dance floor dragging Ian along, while Eleanor went on with Justin who had invited her to dance together, while Violet just wandered around looking for drinks.

“Want a drink?” Violet turned to look at the owner of the voice, facing a pair of unfamiliar green eyes and chocolate brown hair. He was holding out a plastic red cup in her direction.

“sure!” exclaimed Violet happily, accepting the alcoholic beverage offered to her and taking a sip, she winced obviously as the liquid burned her throat and handed the cup back to the guy in front of her “on second thought, I’d rather stay sober” he chuckled, placing the plastic cup on the coffee table that was loaded with beer and cheap alcohol.

“I’m Zach by the way” He smiled kindly, holding out his hand for her to shake, “Violet” She smiles back and draged him to the dance floor instead of shaking it. “Wanna dance?” asked violet, even though she was already dragging him towards the dance floor. “I don’t have a chance, do I?” retorted Zach, flashing her a crooked grin. Violet Just shrugged, giggling “nope, I guess you don’t”.

~ ∞ ~

Meanwhile, Kristen was dancing with Ian to the beat of LMFAO, or at least she was, Ian was continuously glancing over her shoulder to any creature with a skimpy dress and projecting breasts. Sighing, she looked at Ian who was now checking out a random brunette. She was never going to get his attention, was she? “be right back” Ian said, as he went over to a group of giggly girls that began to fix their hair and make-up as soon as they caught sight of Ian. Kristen slumped her shoulders in defeat, walking over to a wall and resting her back against it, this was not going as she planned, but then again, when has ever gone as she planned with Ian?

~ ∞ ~

On the other hand, Eleanor was dancing like there’s no tomorrow, with Justin’s arms on her waist, she was beginning to feel tipsy, chugging down the drink in her hand, she went over to refill her drink, Justin following suit, who was also as tipsy as she was.

~ ∞ ~

Violet and Zach were kicking it off together, until a shirtless guy elbowed Vee in the face when he was swaying drunkenly, which caused her to topple over, but Zach caught her before she hit the ground “Watch it!” Zach growled at the guy who was now almost out of sight. “Hey, It’s okay, I’m fine” Violet smiled, cupping her cheek where she felt a bruise forming. “I think I’ll just go get some fresh air, before a tragedy occurs, luck hasn’t been my friend recently” she mumbled, barely loud enough for Zach to hear, but he caught on her words and followed her out “but I can’t leave a beauty like you out in the dangers of a drunken backyard. Luck isn’t your friend right?” he winked. Violet blushed her cheeks stinging.

~ ∞ ~

Kristen was leaving the party, tired, when she accidently bumped into Luke. Luke mumbled something incoherent angrily, until he looked up and met a pair of familiar blue eyes. “Kristen? You okay?” Kristen looked up apologetically “Oh. I’m sorry. Yeah I’m fine, I was just leaving.”  She mumbled. “You don’t look too well, need a ride?” he asked his face full of concern. Kristen was a bit hesitant; but when she glanced over her shoulder to find Ian all over the brunette, she shook it off. “Yeah, I’d love to” Kristen nodded.

~ ∞ ~


It was one in the morning, and Justin and Eleanor where still dancing. For some reason, Eleanor managed to drag Justin out of the party in an attempt to show him that she can play pool better than he can. Justin willingly accepted her challenge.

Heading to her car, Elle and Justin buckled up. Elle was in the driver’s side, starting the engine, and taking off. “Eleanor! You’re driving too fast!” Justin exclaimed holding on to his seat for dear life. “Don’t be a wimp. Live a little!” She smirked as she speeded. “Eleanor!” And that, accompanied with a loud crash, was the last of what she heard.


“It’s getting pretty late, we should be heading home” Violet said, rubbing her eyes, and wincing slightly as her hand accidently brushed her bruise a little too roughly. “Yeah, let me walk you home, you can’t walk alone at such time” Violet hesitated, but after all she shouldn’t be walking home all alone after midnight, and her friends are nowhere to be found. “That sounds cool” she managed to say, barely having the energy or willpower to be her usual sweet self.

On the long walk to Violet’s home, Zach had learned a lot about her, in fact, they can be called friends now. “So you’re telling me, you’re a good girl, who doesn’t drink, and rarely gets into detention?” Zach mused. “Yup, pretty much. I have to say though I’ve managed to get into detention twice before” She said. “Good girl gone bad!” Zach exclaimed, with a tone of sarcasm that made them both laugh.

By the end of the night, or by the crack of dawn, to be exact, Violet and Zach had exchanged numbers and had a pretty good night. No one could deny the sparkle in Zach’s eyes, or the smug smile over Violet’s face, or the sparks flying in between them.

~ ∞ ~


“Luke, you better not bother me, I’ll set Eleanor on you” Kristen teased when Luke carried her bridal style and stole her left heel teasingly. “You broke my heart, you really want to hurt me so bad” Luke teased, holding a hand over his ‘broken’ heart. “Yes! Now give me back my shoe jerk!” Kristen yelped trying to reach her shoe. “Not until you take back your words!” Luke smirked, but Kristen wasn’t going to give up, she started jumping, in fail attempts to snatch her shoe back since Luke is taller than she is. “Jerk.” she mumbled. “If you take back your words you get your heels” “Exactly, MY heels!” Kristen said in mock- anger, even though she enjoyed this in the back of her mind. On one last attempt at snatching her heels, Kristen gave up “Fine. I won’t set Eleanor on you. I’m sorry!” Kristen said shamefully. “And?” “Ugh! I’m sorry I said you were a jerk! You’re the sweetest guy ever!” she said then kissed him on the cheek. “Can I have my heels back now?” she asked. He handed her back her heels, his cheek tingling from where her lips were mere seconds ago. He wanted more than anything to wrap his arms around her slim waist and kiss her, but he couldn’t, and he didn’t.


After a while they reached Kristen’s house where Kristen simply thanked Luke for walking her home, yes, they ended up walking home because Kristen needed some “fresh air”. Luke headed back to his house, hands in his pockets, thinking about how great it felt for him to be kissed by Kristen, even if it was an innocent kiss on the cheek that meant absolutely nothing to her. She had no idea how she got him all tied up around her little finger.

~ ∞ ~

Crash. Eleanor’s car was smashed along with the glass windows of a boutique. Drunk driving was definitely not one of her best ideas. Speed-drunk driving was by far the worst. Her car had been smashed, and so were the store’s windows. “Shit” she mumbled, her voice muffled by the airbag projecting out of the steering wheel. Meanwhile Justin was frozen in his seat, taking in his surroundings. After a good five minutes, it dawned on him. “Damn, Elle! You okay?” He asked worriedly. “Shit!” she repeated, this time louder. She slammed the car door open, squeezing out of the airbag’s death grip and went out to check on her car, it was smashed, but more importantly so was the store “the police will be here any minute!” she shrieked. Eleanor was definitely not one to freak out, but in situation like this, she’d be emotionless if she didn’t. “Of course I’m not okay! I just crashed a car in a store and smashed its windows, I was speed-drunk driving, and the police could be here any minute!” she yelled in Justin’s face, even though she was far from sober when she began to drive, the effects of the alcohol began to fade with the turning of events. Justin hadn’t thought about the police but at least, he gets to think about it now. 



I came to dance 

I hit the floor 'cause that's my plans 

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