Troublemaker. This was all she is to the world. Little do they know about the little things inside. Was it that every scar has a story behind, or was that what they say? For all she knew, she was walking into the unknown, with no return. Eleanor they called her, or so.

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7. Five: The Accident

“We’re in deep shit”

“Yeah we are.”

“We’re screwed”

“Yeah we are”

“We’re arrested!”

“Yeah we are.”


“Yeah we- wait what?” Justin said, snapping out of his daze.

Eleanor was pacing back and forth, when Justin was sitting on the uncomfortable metal bench in the back of the dusty gray cell they were held in. Eleanor’s hair was disheveled, and her make-up was a mess, making her face resemble a clown. A creepy clown. Justin, on the other hand, was pale and stiff, as expected from someone with a clean record on his first time getting arrested, unlike Elle, who was on first-name basis with half of the officers back in her hometown.

Disregarding her experience, Elle was creeped out from the middle-aged man in the opposite cell, especially disgusted when he started picking his nose and staring at her, “weirdo.” she muttered under her breath.

After what felt like hours, she was finally rescued from the undeniably creepy sight by an officer, who came calling their names, declaring that they can each have a phone call.

“You may have a phone call. But only one for each.”

Elle nodded, knowing the ‘rules’. “I’ll call Zach, he’ll bail us out. You can call your parents if you’d like to tell them or something” Elle whispered to Justin as they were making their way out of the cell. “Are you crazy? If I call my parents I’m grounded for life!” Justin whisper/yelled. “Okay, okay, we’ll figure out a way, maybe Zach can bail us both out.” Justin nodded, unable to respond anymore.


“Here you go” Said the guy at the desk, handing Justin the phone. He typed in Zach’s number as agreed, and waited for him to pick up. The phone was beeping for too long, and it finally dawned on him that Zach wasn’t going to answer his phone at five in the morning, soon the beeping stopped and his call was over. “He didn’t pick up. Can I have another phone call?” Justin asked the man. “No can do, kid.” said the officer rather smugly. “But-” “The rules are only one phone call, take a seat. The pretty young lady should get a chance for hers” He said, winking at Elle, who responded by gagging.

Zach won’t answer, she thought. But she knew exactly who would.  Eleanor typed in said person’s number, and hoped for the best, tapping her nails nervously on the counter.

“Hello?” said a feminine voice from the other line. Eleanor let out a breath she never noticed she was holding.

“Clover! Thank god you answered” Eleanor said, relieved. “Elle?” the girl sounded confused. “Yeah, it’s me. Listen I’m in deep shi-“

 “Oh my god! Eleanor! How the heck are you? Wait why are you calling at five in the morning? And where are you calling from?” There was a pause “Wait, you’re not arrested, are you?” The girl on the other end sighed

“Yeah, I crashed my car. And Zach isn’t answering his phone. And I might have swept a person along with me.”

“What do you mean you ‘Might have’? Did you or did you not ?!”

“well, I did.” She paused and gulped loudly “I mean there’s this guy who was in the crash with me” she began explaining slowly. “and no, none of us were hurt, but the car is all smashed up. I called Zach, and he’s not answering, and I know you’re an hour drive away but I need someone to bail me out, please.” Eleanor begged through the phone. “Okay. I’ll get Zach ” Clover sighed.

“Thank you” with that the conversation was over, and Justin and Eleanor headed back to the cell they were held in.

“Who did you call?” Justin asked, breaking the silence.

“That was my cousin, Clover. She’ll get Zach and bail us out” She smiled reassuringly.  Justin sighed in relief, feeling the weight on his shoulders lifted; not knowing that it landed back on Eleanor’s. “Listen, I’m sorry I got you into this mess.” Eleanor apologized. “I was being reckless, I shouldn’t have driven when I was drunk, most importantly I shouldn’t have even gotten drunk in the first place” She confessed. Justin nodded, she was thankful he didn’t say ‘its okay’ because she knew it wasn’t okay. She just crashed her car!

“At least you’re getting us out of here.” it seemed more like a question than a statement. Eleanor just nodded weakly and went over to sit beside him on the rusty metal bench, leaning her head on his shoulder. “I’m really sorry, Justin.” She said, closing her eyes.

An hour later, the same scruffy officer from earlier came calling both Justin and Eleanor’s names, they both perked up, sighing in relief when they caught sight of Zach and Clover.

Walking out of the intimidating building, Elle wrapped her arms around Zach’s waist, hugging him tightly. But before he could return the pressure, she quickly pulled away and pinched his arm hard.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Zach said, rubbing his arm where he felt a bruise forming.

“That’s for not answering your freaking phone” Eleanor glared at him then instantly turned to face clover, and enveloped her in a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you so much for saving my ass Clov, I have no idea what I would do without you!” Clover hugged her back “Yeah, yeah, that’s what I always do, right?” she mumbled, chuckling when her friend pulled back with a serious face.

“You know I’d never take you for granted.”

“Of course I do, now move it. I got to go back to bed” she whined, shoving Elle’s head forward.

Clover glanced at Justin and Eleanor followed her eyes. “Um… Justin, this is Clover. Clover-” she motioned between both of them. “Ugh! Who cares I’m hungry and hung-over.” she grumbled moodily.

“Whiny girls” somebody muttered from behind them, making both their heads snap his way.

“Got somethin’ to say, pajama pants?” said Elle, referring to his disheveled ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look, and his sesame street pajamas. Zach mumbled some choice words in response. Clover shook her head and reached into her designer purse to pull out her keys, when Elle suddenly yelled “I call shotgun!”

“Oh, hell no!” Said Zach, suddenly jolting awake and racing Elle to the car, much to Clover’s amusement.

~ ∞ ~

Eleanor was finally home, after apologizing a bazillion times for waking up Clover at the crack of dawn, and getting Justin into this mess, and.. Well, grabbing a burger for her growling stomach. “This was a long day slash night, I honestly don’t know what to call it” Eleanor said once they stepped in.  “I’m going up to sleep, in my comfy, comfy, comfy bed that doesn’t have a gross man vertical to it picking his nasty, nasty nose.” Eleanor said, cringing at the last part. Zach let out a chuckle “Good night sis. Remember, you owe me one”

“Yeah yeah whatever” she said going up the stairs.


~ ∞ ~

The door twisted open, and two figures dressed all business-y entered through the hallway into the living room. The three kids, whom were Eleanor, Zach, and little Aria, their sister, looked up to see the people they last expected.

“Oh my god! Mom! Dad!” Eleanor shrieked, hugging each but not getting a hug back, which seemed weird but she let it go, for she was insanely happy her parents came back after a two month trip. Aria and Zach both hugged their parents welcomingly. “Aria, honey. Would you go upstairs for a minute? I need to talk to your brother and sister.” Their mom, Claire said. Both Zach and Elle glanced at each other, confused. Usually their mom wouldn’t speak in that tone unless they were in trouble. Elle swallowed the lump in her throat and said “Is there something wrong?”

 “Twelve thousand dollars?” Claire asked, her voice low and venomous. Zach gulped. “Where did you spend such money?”Her voice rose. “Um..” Eleanor said. She looked at her brother whose face was pale white. “It was me, Zach has nothing to do with it Mom.” She cleared the air for Zach, that made her seem like a good sister, although she wanted more than anything to blame him for everything and run away.

“I leave you here responsible, and you go out and spend twelve thousand dollars from the family emergency credit card! I trusted you with this family when I went away with your dad, I spent every day working to sustain your future and help you live a better life! And all you do is disappointing me!” Claire yelled, raising her voice with each word. Suddenly, Elle began to feel anger welling up in her stomach, she hated it when she got all the responsibility, even if she took all the blame, she just couldn’t find it in herself to suck it up, and there, she exploded.

“Don’t you dare blame me! It wasn’t my job looking out for the family, it’s yours, you’re the mother, not me. I never asked for such responsibility and I never wanted you to give it to me, but then you walked away leaving a simple note saying that I have to be responsible. it was forced on me but I never wanted it, I- ” Elle yelled back but was cut off by her raging mother, while her father stood there, phone in hands, oblivious to everything going on, as always. “Don’t yell in my face! I’m the mother here!” Elle laughed humorously. “That’s what I was saying, you’re the mother, I’m not taking that responsibility anymore” she replied whilst grabbing her jacket, and slipping on her shoes, heading outside.

As soon as she stepped outside, the cool night breeze attacked her bare calves, considering the fact that she was wearing nothing but shorts and a loose tank top under her white jacket, soon enough she was regretting her choice of clothing. Regarding that, she would’ve never even thought about it, seeing how she barely managed to pull on a jacket and shoes in the midst of her tantrum.

Her parents have been gone for two months, during which they’ve called only twice, asking about their grades once, and if they needed anything the next. She felt neglected and this wasn’t their first time, they’d always go away for weeks or months and come home for only a couple of days. Every time they go on a trip, they leave a note behind, saying they’d be gone for a while and they expect good grades and no trouble and responsibility from Eleanor. Even the mere thought of that made Eleanor cringe, walking down the street, and with every step, was a stab in the heart.

“I don’t want to be responsible, why the heck would she even rely on me? I just don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. I just want to have fun goddamit. Is it that hard? I’ll be responsible when I graduate or something.” She grumbled, her voice cracking slightly. She felt her eyes water a bit, and she fought them back with a grimace. Since when had she become such a weakling? It’s just her mother being disappointed with her, like she always was. No biggie.

She kept her head low while walking, completely oblivious to the outside world with her hair covering her face as a barrier between her and everything else. She didn’t notice when she stepped in a little mud puddle, completely ruining her white Vans. She didn’t notice when she almost tripped over a bottle. And she didn’t notice when a barking dog almost pounced over her, had it not been for its collar tied to the fence. But what she did notice was the person she bumped into while she was deep in her own world of melancholy. “Watch it, Jerk!” she snapped, barely sparing him a glance when she sidestepped him, and continued on walking aimlessly.

“Eleanor! What a pleasure to bump into you!” Said he, turning around and matching her pace.

Eleanor simply ignored him. In her irritable state, she doubted she could throw back any witty remark that will get him to shut up, nevertheless leave her alone.

She quickened her pace, in a failed attempt to get rid of him, because he held her wrist, stopping her from moving any further. She struggled against his grip “Let go of me.” She said, her voice cracking slightly. Again, she winced at how vulnerable she sounded. But whatever he said next made her stop dead in her tracks.

“You’ve been crying.” He asked disbelievingly, still holding on to her wrist rather tightly.

Eleanor raised a hand to her cheek to ascertain his statement, and was greeted by her wet cheeks, that indeed, confirmed that she was crying. How she didn’t notice, was left a mystery. Dragging her attention back to the matter in hand, she blurted the first thing on the tip of her tongue.

“You did not just see that!” Elle said, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her white jacket furiously, in attempts to get rid of any traces of her unconscious crying session.

“Unfortunately for you, I did see that. You okay Elle?” It seemed that he too wasn’t exactly good with word choice at the moment, because that only got her more furious than embarrassed.

 “Nothing that matters to you” she replied coldly. For all she knew, the guy hated her guts.

“It happens to matter to me.” He said, with an unrecognizable tone that shocked Eleanor. Was it a tone that held care? Concern? Or maybe a tone he mastered to get all the girls swooning over him?

~ ∞ ~

Later that night, they were sitting in the park, somehow, Ian had managed to convince Eleanor to stay with him, and as she quotes ‘what kind of friend would I be if I left you out a night alone, when you were clearly crying.’ Well, that, and that she was a bit taken aback by the unusual sincerity that came together with his persistence. Not to mention that fact that he called her a ‘friend’.

“Are you willing to tell me what’s actually wrong? Because I sort of don’t believe the story of your lost puppy you just said” Ian said, chuckling slightly. Eleanor huffed at her defeat. Looks like she isn’t as good at making up cover stories for emotional breakdowns as she is for skipping school.

“But I did lose my puppy! When I was in third grade” Eleanor protested, mumbling the last part.

“Eleanor.” Ian said, giving her a look that clearly showed that she should stop beating around the bush.

 “Fine! Just know that if this goes out I might hurt you. I’m capable of that.” Eleanor threatened. “oh yes you are.” Ian mumbled.

“Pinky promise you won’t?” Elle questioned, raising her eyebrow, along with her pinky finger, which made Ian chuckle at how cute he thought she looked. But then he composed himself, he shouldn’t be whipped by her, he’s just her friend.

“Yeah, Yeah. Pinky promise” he said as he hooked his pinky with hers.

“I might have been arrested yesterday” Eleanor began reluctantly, as Ian was drinking from a water bottle she never noticed he had until now.

“What?!” Ian said, spitting the water he just drank and choking on whatever was left in his mouth.

“Wait, before you start judging, listen to the whole story” Eleanor replied laughing at his spit take.

“Okay so how did it go?” He asked, recovering from his trauma.

“So I was with Justin at the party, and I must’ve drunk a reasonable amount of alcohol that would at least make me fail a drug test.” She paused, rolling her eyes. “Justin and I had a bet, or a challenge, whatever, so I planned on taking him there with my car, and basically I was drunk driving, speed drunk driving to be exact. Somehow someway, I ended up crashing into a store, breaking its glass walls, and my car.” Ian nodded

“And that’s when you got arrested?” he asked. “Yeah”.

“But that was yesterday. You’re still bothered?” he asked getting lost in Elle’s story. “No.” she said looking down her eyes brimming with fresh tears as she remembered the conversation between her and her mom. “My brother used the emergency card to pay for the charges and bailing me out, as well as Justin”

“And?” Ian pestered. “And my mother found out, and she flew here from her business trip, which happens to be a two month one, during which she called only twice.” Eleanor said, holding out two fingers to emphasize her point. Eleanor went on with her story, telling him how careless her mother is and the responsibility she doesn’t want, which made her get into so much crap so she would show her mother that she wasn’t one to hold all that. Basically, she told him her life story. Once she was done, she looked up to find Ian looking at her in a way she couldn’t decipher, and out of the blue, Ian wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her into a tight hug which she couldn’t resist, blame it all on how amazing he smells, she enclosed her arms around him and returned the pressure.

“I think she hates me” Eleanor said burying her face in his chest, her tears coming back while Ian held her silently, rubbing her back until she stopped sobbing.

“I’m sorry ‘bout the mess” she said pointing to his shirt after he let her go.

“Nah Its good, I don’t think I need to wash it, It’s just been washed.” Eleanor laughed at his attempt to make her feel better. “If you say anything to anyone, remember, I will hurt you” she said threatening him through a smile that she couldn’t help but let out. She was taken off guard when Ian placed his hand on her cheek, wiping her tears with his thumb, and making her heart skip a beat. “I won’t” he smiled reassuringly. “Good”.

“How about I take you for some ice cream? I hear girls are fond of it when they’re sad” Eleanor chuckled. “One condition, I pick yours.” “Back to playing games” Ian mumbled shaking his head. “You know you really know how to push a guy away” he said as he got up from the uncomfortable bench, offering Elle a hand. “I do not!” she said defending herself, but accepting his offer nonetheless. “I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me!” Ian faked fear, waving his hands frantically like a girl in a drama movie. “I would!” she smiled evilly. “And you call that ‘not pushing a guy away?” he smirked. “Asshole” she mumbled noticing she lost the fight.

~ ∞ ~

They walked into the ice cream shop that was two blocks away. The shop was decorated with pink, white and lavender striped walls, with bows adding an elegant touch to the walls. The tables and chairs, along with the counter were all pure white. They both headed to the counter, and as they agreed, Eleanor picked Ian’s ice cream and its toppings. He took his first bite, unaware of Elle’s choice, and she was looking at him with big eyes and a wide grin. “Oh my god! Elle! What did you put in this, green goo?!” Elle thought maybe she’d play a little game.

“You don’t like it?” she gasped “But I picked it because it’s my favorite. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy you another one” she added, frowning and faking disappointment. Ian felt guilty; as much as it bothered him that he actually cared what she thought, it hurt him to see her sad, especially when he was the reason. “No! No! I was just kidding I love it” and with that he took another bite, and another, and another, chugging it down his throat with disgust, and barely suppressing a gag. After he was done Elle decided to end her role “I can’t believe you actually ate it! All of it! It’s like the worst in town!” she said laughing. Ian’s eyes widened “So you-” he looked at her, his lips slightly parted. “You tricked me!” He said. “dude, you should improve your observing skills” she said, laughing harder.

 “Oh you!” Ian smirked approaching her, placing his hands on either sides of her waist and tickling her, “whaa—wait! Stop Ian No!” She gasped between fits of laughter, squirming under his tickles. And that’s where the tickle fight started, in which only Elle was being tickled.

~ ∞ ~


Two hours later, Eleanor was back home the same way she was out, she was happy that she finally let her feelings out loud. Ian was on his way to his place when he spotted a pretty red head ‘Looks like we’re having fun tonight’ Ian thought as he walked over to the drunken red head.  



There's nothing left , I used to cry,

My inspiration had run dry.

Nothing's Fine, I'm torn .

you're a little late. 

and I'm already torn 




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