This was actually for my english class. Our task was to choose an "Urban Myth" and then rewrite it as a short story. It's my first Movella so please be generous with me;) I hope you enjoy.

1. Hook..


She suddenly remembered when and where it happened. It happened on a normal Saturday night….


He parked in front of her mum’s house, with his dark blue mustang. He opened the door and stepped out. He looked amazing. He went with his hand through his short hazelnut brown hair, he looked so magnificent. He was wearing his dark blue jeans and a tight black T-shirt. She could see his muscles through the T-Shirt. She saw his dark green eyes looking at her window, searching for her. She quickly went towards the mirror, to prove if she was looking good. She thought she had chosen the perfect outfit. She was wearing tight white pants with a black shirt and black high heels. She put her long blonde hair up. But now she wasn’t so sure anymore, she was thinking what she could quickly change as her thoughts got interrupted by the doorbell. Her mum was off for the whole weekend so she was alone at home. She went down the stairs and opened the door. He was standing there. From near, he was looking even better than from far away.


He smiled at her, with his perfect white teeth. He took her hand and told her to make a turn around herself. So she did. “You look amazing”, he said with his dark attractive voice. She started to feel how her cheeks got red, and she replied shy: “Thank you, you look amazing too”. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “Let’s go to Rubees”! She was confused, he actually asked her to go to a dinner with him, not to Rubees. “I thought we wanted to go to dinner together, not to Rubees,” she said with disappointment in her voice. “Well now I want to go to Rubees, don’t be so boring” he replied angrily. She was a bit offended, but she liked him too much to say no. So they both went to Rubees. She was a bit frustrated about that, she had nothing against Rubees but she wanted to have a romantic date. But at that time she was still too happy. She said yes to the date and was really excited.


Rubees was a pub where all the cool people from their city went, especially the teenagers. Before it became Rubees, it was a little cabin that no one used. No one wanted to go there because it was so far out in the woods, but then they made the cabin into Rubees. From the outside it looks old and not really interesting, but when you came inside you were impressed. They took out all the old rotten wood and put new wood inside. They made a huge bar, which comfortable bar stools. They built a huge dance floor in the middle of the pub, surrounded by tables and sitting bags. They had parking slots in front of the pub and behind the pub. The parking slots behind Rubees were the local “Make-out” places. It was dark there, you could only enter the slots with a car and no one could see you, so it was the perfect place. There were always a lot of people in the cars parking there, but no one seemed bothered that others could see you.


They arrived at Rubees and parked in the slots behind the pub. He opened her door to let her out, like a gentleman. She was happy that such a wonderfully boy asked her out. But then turned away from her and went straight inside Rubes. She was left behind. He knew a lot of people there. He was quarterback. She was no one, the president of the book club. So many pretty girls said hello to him, that she felt ugly. She saw that more and more people came .She was standing alone in a corner. She felt left alone. Minutes past. She ran outside. Crying. She sat on the ground. And continued crying. But then someone grabbed her arm. She started screaming.


Then suddenly he appeared. It was him who was holding her arm. She stopped screaming when she saw him. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “You just left me alone in there” she said angrily. “I am so sorry” he admitted, “I didn’t wanted to hurt you”. “I love you,” he said to her looking into her eyes. She replied with: “I love you too.” She was surprised, but her heart started beating faster…. And then suddenly they kissed. It felt like the kiss took hours, she loved it so much. She only did one thing wrong, she believed him.


 In this night on the parking slots there was no one except him and her. She didn’t realize that, because she just had eyes for him. That night, it was a bit chilly; it was just spring but the other nights have been warmer. They were both sitting next to his car. They could hear the music from the pub; they played a song that they both knew. Later she found out, this would be the song she could never listen to again.


They were both looking in the sky, watching the beautiful stars, when she started shaking. “I am cold”, she said hoping that he might gave her his jacket but instead, he replied with: “Do you want to go into the car?”. She said yes, she actually wanted his jacket but the car was fine too. So both went into his car.


It was warm in the car. He put on the radio and they listened to old romantic songs. She started thinking. It was their first date, and he already said, “I love you”. She felt so happy. They started kissing again.


They were listening to a radio broadcast with calm and romantic music. They were still kissing, but then they got interrupted. There was a warning, which disturbed the radio broadcast. It said: “Everyone be careful! A Lunatic escaped from the mental institute! He is dangerous. He can be identified because he has a hook instead of his left hand. Warning! Don’t be outside alone!” She became really scared and afraid. She pushed him away and wanted to talk to him but he was trying to pull her pants down, but she said no. “Bring me home!” she said, “I am afraid of the lunatic,” she whispered. He got mad. “What? You are afraid of a lunatic?” He asked her and started to laugh. “You are such a small kid, even worse than the people said” he insulted her. “But why…” she wanted to ask but he interrupted her. “I’ll drive you home” he said angry.


On their way home, she felt lonely even though he was sitting next to her driving the car. Everything was so odd and un-normal. She tried to understand everything but she couldn’t figure it out. The whole drive to her house, she tried to say something but she was too afraid to say something wrong. When they arrived at her house he went out of the car. He wanted to open her door, just to be nice to her. But what he saw was something scary. He saw a hook. A hook on the door. The hook of the Lunatic. Of the man who escaped. She looked outside. She saw his face. She looked at the door. She saw the hook. She started screaming. He opened the door and pulled her outside into the dark. She couldn’t move. She was just standing there. He ran around his car. He sat inside and drove off. She stared screaming again. He just left her alone in the Dark.


She ran inside the House. Locked every door. Closed every window. And just sat down on her bed. Crying. She woke up. It was the next morning.


She heard voices downstairs. She slowly and still afraid walked down the stairs. The voices came from the living room. She wasn’t sure what she should do… She was afraid. She was hurt. When she arrived the Living room, she saw that the TV was on. She couldn’t remember that she switched on the TV last night, but she didn’t had any time to think about that. The TV was on the News Channel. She saw a women standing outside of the boy's house from last night. She talked about that he was found dead. That he got killed! She couldn’t believe it, he was dead! They said he got killed with a Hook. Then they showed a Picture of a body, covered by a white blanket. Next to him was written in bloody red letters:


“Be happy he’s dead, he was using you! I saved you, my daughter - Dad”

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