one direction imagines

you comment your name, appearance, boy and if you want it to be cute or funny


2. lily and niall

I was doing the usual at Nandos wiping the counters and taking orders from eagerly hungry customers."lily!" my boss yells. Thousands of unusual thoughts ran through my head a I slowly walked towards my bosses office. My trembling hand slowly turned the chilling steel door knob. My boss stood at the end of his desk, next to him stood a blond haired boy with gorgeous blue eyes, his pupils seemed to draw you in like a never ending black hole. 


        "This is niall horan he is a new employee here so since your about the same age i thought that you could train him,"I nodded anxiously I usually loved training new employees because I can tell them what to do well I watched the hunger games on my iphone. But with niall its different i want to get to know him. 

                                                                                     **next day** 

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. Today was Sunday so i didn't have to worry about getting ready for awhile. I stumbled towards my bathroom, today i decided to put my light brown hair in a messy bun. I applied brown eyeliner to bring out my ocean blue eyes. I put on my  light purplish pinkish  lip gloss to match my favorite purple top and gray skinny jeans. For shoes i couldn't decide between my purple vans or my uggs. Lets go with my vans i put black laces in them to match my hair scrunchie. 


           I walked into Nandos with confidence to do my best to train niall the best that i can. I come in and see niall sitting on the counter eating frozen french fries. "You know your suppose to cook those right" i teased. I walk over to the counter, his hands grab my cheeks and pulls me in for a kiss. I don't fight it at all, he smiled while he kissed me. 

                                                                               ** 20 years later**   

                                                                  " That's how i met your father"

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