one direction imagines

you comment your name, appearance, boy and if you want it to be cute or funny


4. jamie and harry

I've been dating harry for six months now and we have still haven't been on a real date yet, Harry insists that restraunt dates are lame and boring. But today is our first valentines day together and i was hoping he would finnally cave in and take me out to dinner some where fancy with a ballroom so we could dance for hour dressed all fancy like. 

                                                   From: HARRY <3 

                                                                  Hey babe meet me at McDonalds at 7:00 

                                                                                           luv ya 

my text from harry said, not so fancy I thought to myself i decide to wear my favorite champagne colored dress ( and my red heels to match my lips ( 


        I miss the old romantic harry when we first started dating he would bring me for midnight strolls on the beach and now all i get on valentines day is dinner from the dollar menu at McDonalds  I was overwhelmed with emotions, i suddenly burst into tears wondering what i did wrong to deserve this. 

 Before i knew it it was 6:45, i pulled on my heels and reapplied my mascara and red lipstick. I quickly curled my aurborn hair and  pulled it to the side. I ran out to the car starting the engine and speeding to get to McDonalds. I sped walked fast into the restraunt hoping i wasnt late and i wasnt. I was sitting for a good 10 minutes before harry walked in wearing a tuxedo. 

                                                                                  ***10 minutes later*** 

   I was taking a sip of my sprite when i felt a solid loop in my mouth I politely spat it out into my napkin, when i looked to see what it was harry took it from me and bent down on one knee."Jamie i cant sleep at night knowing your not mine, will you marry me?".  "YES!" 


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