one direction imagines

you comment your name, appearance, boy and if you want it to be cute or funny


3. cheyanne and niall

                "I Cheyanne Rose Gonzales hate one direction and always will" I promised myself as I glared at myself in the mirror. My best friend however loves one direction, Emma,. All she wants for her 13 birthday is for me to go to a one direction concert. I cant let her down we have been through everything together its the least i can do. I grab my bag and put on my lip gloss on. "BEEP" i hear from the driveway, I sprinted across the kitchen floor to find my lavender vans and slip them on.


                We are half way to the concert , Emma is already screaming and there is still 20 minutes until we are there. she pulls 6 one direction magazines and hands me 3. "we need to study are facts just in case they take us on stage". as if that would happen i think in my head. 


                 When we arrive at the concert Emma doesn't say a word she sits there in a trance , i guess that's what directioners do. Whatever i am going to experience the worst 4 hours of my life. I mope to our row and take my seat next to some 18 year old with a one direction shirt 3 sizes too small. Very unpleasant, on my other side is Emma who is crying hysterically. sometimes I don't understand girls even though i myself am one.    


                   On the last song of the show (thank god!!) niall came out in the audience and chose a girl to sing with. His mellow blue eyes searched the audience for the perfect girl. Our eyes met he ran through the audience and grabbed my hand. He dragged me on stage but i didnt mind he wasnt too bad after all.when i was finally on stage with niall he handed me a microphone and told me which song to sing. Some song called save you tonight, never heard of it. The music started up and i had no idea what to do when niall pointed to his arm which had the lyrics written all over, he winked at me and continued singing.  


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