The Assassin and The Guillotine

Malik has been working in jerusalem making maps. Many of his fellow assassin friends think he has become antisocial. So they tell the master and assign him a new partner. There are just two problems. 1) The assassin is a rookie 2) Hes a weapon. What will Malik think of this new assassin and how will he deal with him? or will one assassin have a plan up his sleeve? Malik from Assassin's Creed and Justin Law from Soul eater!! Malik X Justin---- Mature content for language & sexual themes later in the story---


6. Troublemaker

---------------------------------------------------------------------Third Person POV---------------------------------------------------------------------------


                "Here we are" Malik said as he moved a curtain showing a small dinning area. The room was quite small and rugs and pillows were set up around tables. Other people were conversing and eating as they took a seat at the back of the room.

" I-I've never b-been in a restaurant like th-this before " Justin admitted as he sat down on a pillow next to Malik.

"You have not been to a restaurant before?" Malik questioned. Justin shook his head and looked down.

" Master made me eat with him so I could study as I ate" He replied. Malik nodded his head in understanding. Justin just kept looking down while rubbing his wrist.

" I must seem like a monster to him now..." Malik thought to himself as one of the servers walked up and asked him what they would like to eat. Malik looked at Justin.

" What would you like to order?" He asked a day dreaming Justin. Justin being caught off guard jumped a bit and blushed a bit. The other people in the room giggled at how he jumped and reacted. Justin blushing even more kept his head down.

" Y-Y-You p-pick..." Justin stuttered out. Malik nodded knowing Justin was to embarrassed to speak after what happened.

" Some water and two pieces of Maqluba please? " Malik said to the server. The server just nodded and went through a door that led to the kitchen. Malik saw Justin's head perk up a bit as he said the dish's name. " Do you not like Maqluba novice?" Malik teased him.

" N-No I really d-do enjoy it! " Justin replied quickly as held his arms up slightly in nervousness. Malik smirked a bit loving the reaction he got of Justin.

" I think I'll enjoy playing with him a little to much... Wait what did I'm I thinking?! " He contemplated to himself. Just then the server came back and set out two cups, a pitcher of water and two slices of Maqluba. Malik poured some water into both of their glasses when he caught Justin staring at his own piece of Maqluba. " What is wrong Justin?... You've been acting distant with me... Are you upset?..." Malik pried. " Of course! He's still upset of what happened earlier!" Malik inwardly scolding himself once more as he felt even more of a pang of guilt deep within him. It was eating him alive just thinking and imaging the scene once before. " How could I do that to him?...And what did he mean that was not the first time that has happened?..".

" I-I-I'm fine M-Malik..." Justin replied. Malik knew he was lying but he did not want to pressure him. When the both finished there meal Malik had paid even though Justin pestered to pay.

" I can tell by Malik's body and how he's tensing up that he is still upset..." Justin thought to himself as he and Malik walked back to the bureau " I am still scared but....I should give him a chance...But still..". Malik climbed up the ladder with Justin following behind him.

 As they entered the bureau Justin saw Altair sitting at the corner of the main room. With that Justin's face lit up in happiness.

" A-Altair! " He exclaimed with excitement as he ran and hug him. Altair smiled and chuckled a bit hugging back.

" Well It is nice to see you Young novice..." Altair said then as he looked a Malik in a serious manner with Justin still clinging to him " I trust Malik has been kind enough to show you around and take you for a meal?".

" A-Ah! Y-Yes A-Altair.." Justin admitted as he turned to Malik " T-Thank you M-Malik for the meal..". He bowed to him as he avoided looking at him the eyes. " It was no problem Justin..." Malik stated blankly upset at Justin's actions. " Why does he smile and hug Altair but not me?... Wait what I'm-" Malik was interrupted from his thoughts by an Altair asking questions to a shy Justin.

" What is this Justin? " Altair questioned him as he held his bruised wrist.

" I-It's n-nothing A-Altair...I p-promise.." Justin lied as he took his wrist back.

" Fine.. Put on your cloak and wait outside for me to show you around the district.." Altair ordered Justin. With a nod Justin went to the other room and put his cloak on.

Altair confronted Malik once he heard Justin leave the bureau.

" I have the suspicion that bruise had something to do with you Malik! " Altair said with anger " What happened?!". Malik was shocked by this new side of Altair. He seemed almost very protective of Justin. But still, he kept a static facial expression.

" Altair calm down, Altair it was just a accident-" Malik replied only to be cut off by a fist coming toward his face at a alarming rate. Malik quickly dodged Altair's fist only to grab it and move it out of the way. " Altair!!" Malik yelled at him as his anger started to grow with the thoughts of earlier with Justin fawning over him.

" Malik how could you hurt him!! " Altair countered with another fist landing a punch on Malik's face " I knew I should have stayed with Justin! I just fucking knew!". Altair went for Malik's neck but was forced back by Malik pushing him.

" It was a accident!! And I bet you would have liked that! Seeing how he fawns over you like you have been his hero all these years when you have only known him for two fucking days!!" Malik said kneeing Altair in the stomach. Altair cringed in pain as he fell to his knees and was landed with a kick to the chest knocking him over onto the ground.

" So what?! Maybe I have a connection to him that you don't have! Maybe he has feelings for me and I for him! " Altair agitated Malik once more as he gasped for breath while getting up off the floor. Those words sent Malik over the edge. Malik went for Altair's neck with the most angered expression Altair had ever seen. Altair elbowed Malik on the other side of his mouth before he could grab his neck. Blood dripped down the side of Malik's mouth as he again went for Altair's neck and gripped onto his with all of his strength. Altair gasping for air, trying to pry Malik's hand from his throat kneed Malik in the stomach which made Malik loosen the grip around Altair's throat. Altair was pushed onto the ground as Malik wrapped his arms around himself in pain. Altair quickly got up and charged at Malik while his guard was lowered. 

                  Justin hearing yelling and odd commotion came back in to see the chaotic seen in front of him. Malik with a bruise on both of cheeks, bleeding from mouth, and holding his stomach in pain. And a Altair with a fresh bruise in his neck and his body cringed in pain. Justin stood there with shock and fear on his face seeing his two beloved friends like this fighting. Justin saw as Altair arose from ground and he struggled to stay balanced. Altair breathed heavily and soon charged at Malik again. Malik with his guard lowered did not notice Altair charging at him with a raised fist. Justin immediately went into fight or flight mode...

" Stop Altair!! " He screamed as he ran to his beloved friend Malik, fearing for him getting even more hurt by Altair. He threw himself in front of him and immediately.....he was met with Altair's fist. Justin was met with so much force he was thrown back into the wall, his head colliding with the stone. Justin screamed out in pain as his head met with the cold stone wall and he clenched his whole head with two hands. Falling to the floor, Justin's head started to bleed slightly. He braced for impact but it never came.

                   Opening his eyes he looked up at a beaten and broken Malik. And...were those tears in his eyes?...Why?...

" Justin... It's ok.. I have you.." Malik calmed the injured Justin. Malik wiped Justin's tears that were caused by his pain. They both looked at each other with serene and silence washed over the room. Seconds passed but to them it seemed like minutes until Justin suddenly tighten his grip on Malik's coat.

" Are you ok?... Do you need any medical attention?" Justin mumbled through Malik's soft cloak.

" I'm fine..." Malik replied hugging back and backing up to take a better look at Justin's beautiful face that had now been bruised and the blood that was on his hands.

" I wish I could say the same for you Justin.." Malik added. With that said Justin touched a now large bloody bump on his head and whimpered loudly in pain. Malik quickly had a expression of worry of his face. But soon was put with one of confusion as Justin smiled slightly and gave out a small laugh.

" It's alright.." Justin lied but Malik could see through it. He soon noticed something caught Justin's eye. He traced to where his eyes lead and saw a Altair quietly sobbing with a shocked expression on his face.

                      Malik was about to open his mouth to apologize but Justin stopped him by walking over to Altair and kneeling in front of him.

" I....I.. I'm sorry Justin... Please forgive me..." Altair stammered out as he broke down in tears. Malik had never seen Altair like this. He felt pained seeing his friend in this state of distress. Justin wrapped his arms around Altair and slowly calmed him by rubbing his back.

" There Altair.. It is ok my friend... You are forgiven..." Justin replied with his voice like silk while smiling slightly. Altair hugged Justin tightly and cried into shoulder sobbing, though Justin did not seem  to mind. Malik found this was the time to apologize.

" Altair.... I'm sorry.. I should have been more careful of my actions..." Malik apologized to Altair. Altair looked up at him and nodded slightly.

" It is ok Malik... I should have not over reacted like that either.." Altair mumbled softly as he got up and walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Both knew even if they apologized there would be the tension of competition still in the air. Justin opened his mouth to ask what caused the fight in the first place but quickly closed it reminding himself it was none of his business. Both looked at the silent Justin and smiled.

" Justin go lay down while I'll go get some items to treat you injury..." Altair said as he went behind the counter.

" B-But-" A surprised Justin was caught off by a Malik pressing a finger to his lips.

" Do as he said novice.." Malik persuaded him.

" Yes Malik.." Justin's face was now growing warm with a blush as he nodded quickly and went into the entrance room and sat on the soft rugs and pillows. Malik smiled and then he realized something.

" He did not stutter also he blushed a soft pink " Malik thought to himself as he smirked. The image of Justin blushing and fidgeting around him nervously made his heart melt.

Malik followed Altair into the room as he started to work on Justin's head. Justin whimpered in pain as Altair started washing the blood away. Malik went over Justin and calmed him down.

" Its ok Justin, just relax and keep your mind off the pain.." Justin nodded and did as he was told. Altair continued cleaning the rest of the blood as the bleeding stopped. Justin calmed down but there were a few cringes of pain now and then. Altair finally finished with the head injury.

" Better now? " Altair questioned looking at Justin.

" Y-Yeah.. It's much better, thank you " Justin replied with the biggest smile they've seen.

" Your quite the troublemaker today, are you not Justin? " Malik teased with a smirk as he received a blush in response. Again Malik's heart fluttered. " I.....I think I may have serious feelings for him.....".


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