The Assassin and The Guillotine

Malik has been working in jerusalem making maps. Many of his fellow assassin friends think he has become antisocial. So they tell the master and assign him a new partner. There are just two problems. 1) The assassin is a rookie 2) Hes a weapon. What will Malik think of this new assassin and how will he deal with him? or will one assassin have a plan up his sleeve? Malik from Assassin's Creed and Justin Law from Soul eater!! Malik X Justin---- Mature content for language & sexual themes later in the story---


4. Jerusalem

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Justin's POV-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"H-How long till we reach J-Jerusalem Altair?" I asked quite tiredly. I shifted on the saddle of the horse a bit due to the fact I cannot keep still.

"Soon, I promise when we get there we get there we may go eat and you may rest up for the mission Al Mualim has assigned you..." He replied to me. I nodded in agreement. After he apologized, I am not that cautious around him anymore.

"I guess I trust him now " I thought to myself silently. The rest of the way he told me a few tips that would help me get through Jerusalem with ease such as Blending (which comes naturally to me), Avoiding guards (due to the fact I would expose myself easily due to my stand out appearance), Running of the rooftops for faster travel and to break the line sight. I took all of his advice and reminded myself to use this in a time of need. Soon without realizing we had come to the kingdom of Jerusalem.

" Its b-beautiful from up here! " I exclaimed, taking in the view.

" Indeed it is " He replied as we dismounted from our horses.

" Ok, I have done this many times but we must-"

" Blend to get p-past the g-guards, yes I know... Its r-really easy" I cut him off with a small smile of pride.

"Heh... you catch on quick young one..." He praised me as we blended with a group of scholars. They guards looked at me weirdly, due to the way I dressed but I kept my eyes forward, trying not to cause any suspicion. When we past them, we disconnected from the scholars at a safe distance.

"Good, we are close to the bureau " He said as he started walking towards the said place. Following him silently, I looked around in awe. 

" I have never b-been out of M-Masyaf..." I told him with eyes wide still taking in the city. " Didn't the master ever let you out of Masyaf?"

" N-No" I responded to him. " When I was younger he t-told me to keep away from the g-gates. He said the w-world outside of Masyaf was to m-much for me to bear and that it would crush my I-innocence..." I explained to him looking at the ground.

" But n-now that he has a-allowed me to do this important m-mission, I am taking every chance I get to t-take it in " I said raising my head with a smile. I looked at Altair and laughed softly. He looked at me and smiled also. As we reached the Bureau, he started climbing a ladder to the roof, " W-Wait! W-Where are you g-going? " I called to him frantically.

" To the bureau... it's on the roof, did you not know that? " He laughed.

" N-No I did not..." I said as my sweat dropped. He laughed at me once more as he saw how I reacted. I climbed up onto the roof with him and saw the entrance. He dropped down into the opening as did I struggling and scared to let go even though I was a couple of feet from the ground. Once he helped me down we entered the main room. As I entered I saw a man with a dark blue jacket on and a assassin cloak like Altair's underneath it. He had dark black hair and black colored eyes. But the feature that stood out was his missing arm. Once again I averted my eyes to the floor hoping not to cause to much attention. But that never happens.

" So you must be my new " He snarled. I looked down and nodded my head slightly. At his words do cruel, I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

" Malik! Has not Al Mualim taught you better? Besides I should know master has harped to you of how shy he is... "

" Yes he has but a assassin should never be scared like a frighted little coward!" Malik had countered Altair. I looked up in a bit of shock as tears started filling my eyes once again. Altair looked at me knowing I was about to break apart in any moment. Malik looked at me a in a sorrowful way as I ran out the door crying and climbing up back to the roof.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Third Person Omniscient POV-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As Justin ran out in tears, Altair looked back at Malik, angered.

" Look what you have done now! You made him cry! He's Self-Consious and scared very easily!" Altair yelled at him.

" I am sorry Altair! I did not know he would take it that literally!" He apologized.

" You never know when to stop your 'joking' Malik! And that's the problem!" Altair countered. He sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. " Your lucky I accidentally did the same thing I am as much to blame also..." Altair admitted.

" I should got apologize to him..." Malik said in a hush tone as he started walking towards the entrance before being stopped by Altair.

" No...let him calm down first... He need time to get his emotions out... Malik I expect better from you when you are watching over him..." He said to the guilty feeling Malik. The guilty assassin nodded his head even though he knew he had to be a bit hard on the young one to push him forward to do his best. " Please do not frighten him like that again... I know he may not seem much on the outside but he is full of suprises..." Altair explained to him.

" But I have one question.."

" And that is?" Altair asked still a bit angry.

" Is it true? What Al Mualim said about the young one? What he is? " Malik questioned him. Altair nodded confirming his questions.

" Why would the master lie about that? Besides I have seen it with my own eyes.. It shocked me so much that I could not believe it. I started yelling and backing away from him so much that it made him cry like what had happened now... so please do not scream or yell at him when he shows you." Altair advised him. Malik nodded in assurance.

" I shall go get him, I think he has calmed down now."

"I will go with you." Malik added as he followed Altair to the roof. What they both saw made them smile slightly. A sleeping Justin with a small smile on his face, with a view point to the whole city at it's glowing lights.

" This child....He is something special..." Malik said to himself softly.

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