The Assassin and The Guillotine

Malik has been working in jerusalem making maps. Many of his fellow assassin friends think he has become antisocial. So they tell the master and assign him a new partner. There are just two problems. 1) The assassin is a rookie 2) Hes a weapon. What will Malik think of this new assassin and how will he deal with him? or will one assassin have a plan up his sleeve? Malik from Assassin's Creed and Justin Law from Soul eater!! Malik X Justin---- Mature content for language & sexual themes later in the story---


5. First day and Bad luck

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Justin's POV----------------------------------------------------------------------------The beams of sun shown in my eyes waking me from my world of slumber. Eyes fluttered slowly, opening slowly to my surroundings. A small yawn came out of my mouth as I saw I was on mats and pillows. " I-I thought I fell asleep on the r-roof..." I thought to myself as I rubbed my eyes in grogginess. " A-Altair or M-Malik must have t-taken me back into the b-bureau as I slept " I said to myself quietly getting up hoping that I would not disturb anyone. I walked into the main part of the bureau hoping no one was up. Well my luck ran out. Malik was at the desk of the room making maps. As I walked in I drifted my eyes to the floor in shyness. Master said I always had that problem of my wandering eyes in front of higher authority. " Good morning Malik..." squeaked out shyly hoping that I could just get my first mission and get started. I really was scared of Malik due to his cruel words the day before... It made me feel broken and cracked. Avoiding him was the best option for now until I get used to him. " Good morning to you too Novice" He replied with a hint of cruelness at the end. I winced at the last word because it made me felt small and defenseless.... Just like when I came to Masyaf. " Is there any missions for me sent by Al Mualim yet? " I said in small voice as I pulled on the ends of my sleeve nervously. " He has not sent word of any missions yet..." He responded. " Oh.." I puffed out, " And where is Altair? " I said as I started to get nervous and scared. Altair seemed to be the one who could protect me and defend me from Malik. " He is out on a mission, he will be back soon but he advised me to take you to get something to eat as he told me you might be hungry due to the long trip" He informed me as he up from his work to look at me. I felt my heart drop For some reason I was compelled to look at him. " B-But Malik I am fine p-please t-trust me..." I counted but as soon as I finished my sentence my stomach growled in huger. " Yes, yes I see you are perfectly fine Justin " He uttered sarcastically as he came to the front of his desk." So I will be showing you the ways around Jerusalem " Malik finally added. And with that my heart sank. I would be spending a whole day with Malik. Not that I think there is anything wrong with him. I am just very scared after what happened the day before. Now by now I should have known this day was not going to turn out well.......

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Third Person----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Justin eyes wandered around the shops and buildings the past him once more. Malik soon became to get irritated at Justin's actions. " Justin if we hurry to the restaurant you will see more ok? " Malik snarled through his teeth. Malik could not get mad at the young novice no matter how much he tried. " I-I am v-very sorry M-Malik I just c-cant help it.." He apologized shyly as he got a bit upset, " I-It is just I have n-not seen s-such a b-big city....Please excuse m-me for m-my intolerable actions..". Malik simply sighed at his reply. " How does a young novice like this become a assassin? I still don't believe he has the capabilities for one.... But you must not judge a book by it's cover.." Malik thought to himself as he drifted in deep thought. As he came back to reality he noticed Justin was not by his side. Al of a sudden a wave of panic rushed through him. " Justin! Justin where are you?! " Malik yelled over the crowd. He quickly spotted a ladder near him and climbed up it in hopes of seeing Justin over the crowds. And indeed he found him, across the street one block from him looking a goods a merchant was selling. With a sigh Malik got down and walked over to a curious Justin looking vases and pots. " This novice.." Malik thought as he grabbed Justin's hand tightly and dragged him away. " Never walk away from me like that again Justin! " Malik scolded him. " A-AH! I-I am sorry Malik I-I just got d-distracted... P-Please s-stop hurting me... y-your g-grip.." He apologized once more with tear in his eyes. As Malik looked back he saw the area on Justin's wrist was red. When he let go he could not believe what he had done. There on Justin's wrist was a black and blue bruise the size of Malik's hand. His frustration was replaced by pure guilt and sorrow. " J-Justin.....I-I am t-truly sorry......." Malik said in a soft tone but with a shocked look in his face. " How could I have done that to him?...." Malik asked himself in his mind. " I-It's f-fine Malik...I-it's not the f-first time this has h-happened to m-me....I-I forgive y-you..." He said with a smile as tears rolled down his eyes and rubbed his bruised wrist. " Not the first time?....What did he mean by that?...." Malik thought.

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