The Assassin and The Guillotine

Malik has been working in jerusalem making maps. Many of his fellow assassin friends think he has become antisocial. So they tell the master and assign him a new partner. There are just two problems. 1) The assassin is a rookie 2) Hes a weapon. What will Malik think of this new assassin and how will he deal with him? or will one assassin have a plan up his sleeve? Malik from Assassin's Creed and Justin Law from Soul eater!! Malik X Justin---- Mature content for language & sexual themes later in the story---


3. Apologizes

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Justin's POV---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Altair!!" Al Mualim called from the balcony above the training area. Both I and Altair looked up at him. "I forgot to tell you something, but I have written it in a letter for you so you may be more informed of what is going on". As he said that a bird flew down to the both of us, dropping a note in Altair's hand.

" Thank you master...I will be sure to read this when I have the chance." Altair said to Al  Mualim. Altair looked at me once more. " Let us get going" Altair directed once more. Averting my eyes from his I nodded in understanding, following him to the edge of Masyaf. Once we had gotten there we both got onto horses and rode most of the way in silence. Until Altair spoke. At that time my mind was in a drift with questions. How will it be there? Are there many people who would crowd the streets? Who was I being partnered up with? Would I get along with them? What job was I being assigned?

"Justin? Justin!" Altair called out for me as I started coming back to reality.

" A-Ah! I am terrible sorry Altair! Please forgive me!" I quickly apologized as my eyes averted to the ground beneath me. Altair sighed in a annoyed tone. I felt my stomach turn in the thought that I had gotten him angered.

"Great first impression Justin...way to blow it" I thought to myself.

" I was checking if you were ok, Then I saw you in a daze so I tried to snap you out of it... I am sorry if I startled you" he apologized.

" T-There is no need for a-apologizes Altair, it is my fault... I should have paid attention, I was just in deep thought" I replied to him.

" What was on your mind that had you such in a daze?" He questioned to me.

"W-Well first, I do not know who my partner will be..."

"Al Mualim did not discuss that with you?"

I shook my head at his question. " He wanted me to find out when I  got there" I answered to him.

"Ah I see " He responded. I nodded to him. As we continued to ride Jerusalem, we took a break under the shade of a tree from being in the sun for much time. I decided to take a rest and fell asleep lying against the tree trunk.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Altair's POV---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As I let Justin sleep for the time we had I decided to look at the letter the Master had given to me to read.

Dear, Altair

I had forgotten to tell you some more information about Justin. As you know he is a weapon. But he is also a defender of evil.... Since the dawn of time Weapons and Meisters have worked together to defend this earth from the demons known as Kishins, and there insatiable hunger for souls. Justin has defeated many kishins, some also being Templars in his training so there's no need to worry about him. Kishins are most of the causes of havoc in this world. They cause madness to spread to humans, Meisters, Weapons and any other being around it. They see the souls of any kind of being on this earth. They feed on the souls of any who come near it. Weapons also can eat souls, but they have been domesticated to eat the souls of only Kishins and other evil beings. This is also one of the reasons that I am sending Justin to Jerusalem. There have been reports of people gone missing ending up in the middle of allies and rooftops, slaughtered into morsels and eaten. Justin will go there to see if there is a Kishin hiding itself it the area. Kishins can also look like normal human beings. While some can turn into horrific beasts. There is also beings called Kishin eggs. They are beings that have chosen to go on the path of a Kishin but not have fully obtained the form yet. They must also be eliminated too. Altair... please take good care of Justin while he is out in Jerusalem....we don't need him getting into trouble. Thank you

                                                                                                                                            Sincerely, Al Mualim

" Kishins?! Is this true? a being that can see and eat souls of other beings?! And what does he mean about 'other evil beings'?! Does this mean there are other creatures out there?" I thought to myself. I looked over to Justin who was sound asleep. I never knew that his young man... his race closer to ours than we think. I closed the letter and put it back into my cloak. Just as I did that, Justin slowly started waking up.

" Justin...Justin wake up." I said to him as his eyes fluttered open.

" I-I am sorry A-Altair I just got t-tired" He apologized to me. I smiled at his innocence.

" It is alright Justin.. you have deserved it....also I wanted to apologize for what happened at Masyaf" I apologized to him. He looked at me in the eyes and blushed lightly. " Wait...he looked at me in the eyes..." I cogitated in my mind.

" I-Its no problem A-Altair I am serious....T-There is n-no need to a-apologize..." He said with a small smile.

" That smile... if he did that to anyone they would fawn over him....maybe even Malik" I thought once more to myself. "No Justin it is my fault... I feel guilty for making you feel that way... please forgive me..."

" I-Its ok A-Altair... you are f-forgiven" He stuttered out. I smiled. This young man is going to be great in Jerusalem.....

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