The Assassin and The Guillotine

Malik has been working in jerusalem making maps. Many of his fellow assassin friends think he has become antisocial. So they tell the master and assign him a new partner. There are just two problems. 1) The assassin is a rookie 2) Hes a weapon. What will Malik think of this new assassin and how will he deal with him? or will one assassin have a plan up his sleeve? Malik from Assassin's Creed and Justin Law from Soul eater!! Malik X Justin---- Mature content for language & sexual themes later in the story---


1. Antisocial

Malik was in the assassin's bureau making maps as usual when Altair walked in.

"You seem quieter than usual...Wheres the insults?" Altair questioned. Malik glanced up at him and rolled his, eyes going back to his work .

"Did you finish the mission?"


"Good..." He said going back to his work.

" Malik seems so...what's the word? Antisocial?" Altair thought as he let his mind wondered. He soon got himself caught up in a question that he needed to ask.

"Malik?" Altair asked.

"Yes novice?..." Malik send in a annoyed tone.

"When was the last time you had a relationship?".

Malik eyes averted and his facial expressions darkened. "You shouldn't be asking such questions novice!" Malik harped.


"No more questions!" Altair was cut off by a feather in his face.

"Fine!" Altair huffed. "I will be leaving for Masyaf now.." Altair said as he started walking away. 

"I'll send word to the master" Malik chirped quickly as he wrote down a letter of Altair's mission and tied it to the feet of a messenger bird.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Later at Masyaf----------------------------------------------------------------------------

As Altair walked up the steps he over heard the other assassins talk among themselves and what not.

"Master, The mission was a success..." Altair huffed from the long trip back to Masyaf. 

"U-um master will be back shortly h-he had to get a item from his study..." The voice of a young boy said. As Altair looked up there was a blond boy with blue eyes in a strangest catholic priest attire. He had a strange skull necklace hanging from his neck.

"Who are you might I ask?" Altair asked politely.

"U-um m-my name-" The young boy stuttered out before he was cut off from the voice of the master.

"His name is Justin Law.... He is a apprentice of my i have been training over the years. He is quiet different from all the other assassins... So I took him under my wing to train and protect him." The master said as he walk in carrying books to his desk.

"Justin this is Altair.. You know him of course"

"Yes sir, i-its very nice to meet you Altair, I have heard much about from the master" Justin chirped shyly before he bowed.

"It is a pleasure to meet you too Justin..." Altair responded "Master may I ask how hes different from the rest of the assassins?" questioned. The master looked at Justin and nodded at him slightly.

"Care to show him Justin?"

"Y-yes master..." Justin stuttered. Justin took in a deep breath and looked down as he exhaled quickly a flash of bright light came from his arms that blinded them. What Altair saw shocked him. He formed sharp metal blades on his arms from his own body. Altair stumbled back abit at the image he was just faced with...

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