Goth Guide

A how-to guide to being Goth and what it is and isn't. Goth is a subculture that's been around for years. And in this guide shows info of where it originated, and about the types of Goths there are. Goth is more than just fashion, literature, music, movies, and art, it's also a mindset.
How does one become Goth? You can't "become" Goth. You may have been one all along and never knew you were. It's a mindset. If you love all things dark and "spooky", then there's a chance you are.
There are those who share a similar mindset with Goths who may not call themselves Goth. Being Goth is a choice, and it is a lifestyle to some.
Few may believe being a Goth is just a "phase", but there are adults who do live as Goths. But it can be a phase to some people. And I hope you enjoy this guide.


8. Nu Goth & Pastel Goth

I've been hearing about the two, in both positive and negative. Nu Goth (aka Hipster Goth) is a style of fashion of hipster in black. A lot of Goths do not approve of this with their hate for Hipster, and same for Pastel Goth, as it is a newer thing out there for the mainstream.

When Cybergoth came out, a lot of goths didn't approve of it, but later came to be accepted. The Gothic Subculture is evolving with new styles all the time. I haven't read much into Nu Goth, but it's a blend of Casual Goth and Hipster put together. Here is an image of what the style looks like:



I did read something that Pastel Goth and Nu Goth are the same, but they are not. Nu Goth is Hipster, and Pastel Goth is something cute and different.

Pastel Goth is said to be more like Fairy Kei with a dark side. I didn't know what Fairy Kei looked like but after looking it up, there are some similarities with pastel colours and cute imagery and accessories, except Pastel Goth has black or pastel bats, skulls, slime, crosses (inverted or not), bones, pentagrams (perhaps), a dead kitten or a bear face. Most likely to be wearing sweaters, tights, skirts, or dresses, with eyeball bows. Here is an image of the Pastel Goth style:



They dye their hair in pastel colours mainly, but can have their hair black with pastel if they wanted, it's an option really. There seems to be more pastel colours than black, but I would most likely prefer black with pastel imagery. Spikes, chains, chokers, and other Gothic accessories are used in this style as well.

And from what I read, Pastel Goth is not a subtype of Goth, it's more of a 80's/90's grunge with pastel colours and gothic imagery. Some Goths don't see it as Gothic, because there's more pastel than there's black, there is no type of music they listen to go with it. Just because it's called Pastel GOTH, doesn't make it a Goth type at all, it's just a fashion. It's like Gothic Lolita is a Lolita fashion and not a Goth type, (but is worn by some Goths as a lifestyle Gothic Lolita).

Nu Goth and Pastel Goth is more of a mainstream fashion, and from what I've read, they were made popular by Tumblr, just a style thrown together. They go about calling themselves Goth, with no clue what Goth really is, this is also the reason why they are hated within the Gothic community.

There are some Goths who do approve of these styles, not give a care in the world about it. I personally do not have problem about it either.

And into looking Bubble Goth, which is more of a real Goth version. Pastel Goth is only just a fashion trend. The Bubble Goth fashion has some Cybergoth elements, and it's music is a mix of Pop and Goth.

Pastel Goth and Bubblegoth have a similar thing, both wear pastel colours, both are into some cute elements, but the two are not the same. Bubblegoth has more of a Gothic fashion with pastel colours, like corsets instead of sweaters.

I've heard Kerli Koiv made the Bubblegoth popular, as being labelled Gothic since her album "Love is Dead".

Pastel Goth and Nu Goth are considered poseur. Unless you really like it, you can go for it. It's what's on the inside that counts, not what you wear.

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