Goth Guide

A how-to guide to being Goth and what it is and isn't. Goth is a subculture that's been around for years. And in this guide shows info of where it originated, and about the types of Goths there are. Goth is more than just fashion, literature, music, movies, and art, it's also a mindset.
How does one become Goth? You can't "become" Goth. You may have been one all along and never knew you were. It's a mindset. If you love all things dark and "spooky", then there's a chance you are.
There are those who share a similar mindset with Goths who may not call themselves Goth. Being Goth is a choice, and it is a lifestyle to some.
Few may believe being a Goth is just a "phase", but there are adults who do live as Goths. But it can be a phase to some people. And I hope you enjoy this guide.


4. Making up your own Style


How do I make my own style?

Every Goth has their own personal style. You can try by mixing up a few from the types of Goths I've listed in the last chapter or in the next chapter. And you may even make up your own type of Goth too, if you like.

Gothic clothing holds the occasional black (of course) as well as white or grey, and every colour of every shade there is in the world.

Tripp pants are considered a Mall Goth, (aka poseur Goth), look. I've read if you REALLY want to wear it, it's absolutely ok to. Hot Topic is also said to be where Mall Goths shop, so avoid if possible. Unless you wish to buy a few things. I know there are Goths who do, but they don't buy their entire wardrobe from there like most Mall Goths would. In Australia, we have JayJays, which is said to be a similar to Hot Topic.

In a mall my family shop in, we use to have a Gothy store called Pretty & Twisted, they sold Living Dead Dolls, and B.E Goths, as well as fashion and accessories. Now we have a Cybershop there that sells alternative fashion from Europe. They even sell Gothic brands there like Hell Bunny, and KillerCat, ect. We also have an alternative store in my town now too.  

It's not good for a Goth to buy tacky things, and even expensive things, it's better to shop from Thrift Stores and eBay for all your Gothy needs. Even D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) is a great way to make your own clothes and accessories. Punks from the 70's and 80's use to do D.I.Y as there were no shops that sell Punkish attire, they did it all themselves. They sewed clothes, and used safety pins to attach their materials together, like fishnets to their pants/skirts, or tops.

Leather jackets are a favourite, (even I own one), but you don't have to have one if you don't want to. Stud belts and wrist bands can also be worn, (I have a stud belt with skulls and crossbones). Goths commonly wear silver jewellery and accessories, other types like gold are not really worn by them as it's not the best match with silver.

As the Goth scene is open to sexuality, some of them do cross-dress. Male Goths are said to have more of a feminine side, and are like gentlemen. They commonly wear their hair long, or have it cut short. Male Goths are not really that uncommon in the Goth scene. But there are more Goth women on the net; like in images, than there are Goth men. But that doesn't mean there's rarely any male Goths.

Look at artists from Goth or Post-Punk bands, as well as Gothy shows or movies like; The Addams Family, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tim Burton films, and even some Goths on the net too. Look at how they dress and do their hair and make-up. It may help you catch some inspiration from their style to make your own. The Crow is also a favourite movie to Goths, but wearing the make-up is a typical Baby Bat look, so it's not a good idea to copy other people's looks and styles. Also, never buy costumes, they are tacky, buy real material, NEVER buy costumes. Wigs are ok to wear, but any Goth costumes are not the best, the material is terrible, it may not be good to wear.

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