Goth Guide

A how-to guide to being Goth and what it is and isn't. Goth is a subculture that's been around for years. And in this guide shows info of where it originated, and about the types of Goths there are. Goth is more than just fashion, literature, music, movies, and art, it's also a mindset.
How does one become Goth? You can't "become" Goth. You may have been one all along and never knew you were. It's a mindset. If you love all things dark and "spooky", then there's a chance you are.
There are those who share a similar mindset with Goths who may not call themselves Goth. Being Goth is a choice, and it is a lifestyle to some.
Few may believe being a Goth is just a "phase", but there are adults who do live as Goths. But it can be a phase to some people. And I hope you enjoy this guide.


6. Gothic Brands and Cartoons for the Kindergoth


For the Kindergoth?

I am referring to the young Goths, which would be why I said "Kinder" instead of Baby Bat. Though these brands and/or cartoons can also be enjoyed by others as well. Here's a short list:


Ruby Gloom

Growing Up Creepie

Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl

Monster High


Emily the Strange

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Gothic Hello Kitty

Gothic Tinker Bell

Gothic Barbie

Gothic My little Pony


Is that all there is?

I apologize if I missed any. But that's all I can think of right now. Growing Up Creepie isn't a brand, but it was once a cartoon, and Ruby Gloom became a brand but these two are not on TV anymore. Lenore is more of a book series as well. Skelanimals is a brand that both Goth and Emo can enjoy, they are skeletal animals and I think they're cute. Monster High are a line of fashion dolls, and have become webisodes on the net, and computer animated movies. Bratzillaz are the witchy cousins of the Bratz, and from what I've read, are competing against the Monster High dolls. Bratzillaz are like Gothy witches, and they have their own webisodes too. And Emily the Strange is known brand that's been around for years. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Tim Burton movie that also became a brand too. I'm not sure if the Gothic Hello Kitty exits somewhere for a T-shirt, but I've seen a pic of a Goth version of Hello Kitty in images. Gothic Tinker Bell is what I've seen in images as well, I don't know if there are shirts of it either, but it could be. Gothic Barbie is made from just a regular Barbie doll, though there some rocker doll versions of her sold I think, but a Gothic Barbie doll can be made, just dye her hair and make her wear Gothy clothes (D.I.Y or other wise). I have seen Gothic Barbie dolls in images myself. Gothic My Little Ponies have been made too.

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