Goth Guide

A how-to guide to being Goth and what it is and isn't. Goth is a subculture that's been around for years. And in this guide shows info of where it originated, and about the types of Goths there are. Goth is more than just fashion, literature, music, movies, and art, it's also a mindset.
How does one become Goth? You can't "become" Goth. You may have been one all along and never knew you were. It's a mindset. If you love all things dark and "spooky", then there's a chance you are.
There are those who share a similar mindset with Goths who may not call themselves Goth. Being Goth is a choice, and it is a lifestyle to some.
Few may believe being a Goth is just a "phase", but there are adults who do live as Goths. But it can be a phase to some people. And I hope you enjoy this guide.


3. Goth Types


What are the Goth types?

There are many. I've read through some blog sites on Goth and read about them. Though, you don't have to be a specific type in order to be one, (which I have said before). I may not know a lot on most. But here's a list of all the Goth types I've read about:


Trad Goth:

Trad is short for Traditional, and this type is also known as, Old-School Goth, Batcaver (The first Goth club called The Batcave), or Punk-Goth. They're the original Goths from around the 80's, or they can be those who like to wear the style. They'd probably listen to; Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees, The Cure, The Birthday Party, Joy Division, Skeletal Family, Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen, and The Sisters of Mercy, ect. Anything Post-Punk and Gothic Rock. They dress in the way "spooky" Punks looked; Fishnets, a bit of bondage gear, teased hair, heavy dark make-up, ect. Back then, they use to drink Snake Bites, and smoke clove cigarettes. But nowadays, clove cigarettes are illegal, and some pubs do refuse to serve Snake Bites. 


Romantic Goth:

Also known as Romantigoth, they're into romance and mystery. These Goths dress in lace, silk, and velvet, and read Victorian literature, like Anne Rice novels and poetry, (by candlelight if they wish). These Goths are said to be emotional, dreamy and romantic. They love roses (either red or black and maybe dead), and graveyards too. They write dark romantic poems as well if they choose, and listen to ethereal and brooding type of music. These Goths enjoy Victorian or Medieval inspired things.


Victorian Goth:

They wear Victorian style clothes, like corsets, lace, coats, top hats, mourning veils, ect. Any Goth can wear Victorian clothing, but not as much as the Victorian Goth does. They wear the mourning clothes of what the people wore at funerals back in the Victorian Era. Some Victorian Goths may wear black with another colour, like grey, purple, or blue, depending what they like. They may read Victorian literature, and they love theatre, masquerades, tea parties, and as well as poetry (probably by Edgar Allen Poe). These Goths may listen to opera and classical music, and few of Victorian-inspired bands like; Emilie Autumn. Her music is what she labels as; Victoriandustrial.


Medieval Goth:

These Goths dress more Medieval. They love castles and cathedrals. Some men have beards, and some women wear their hair long and flowing, or tied in a circlet. They can mix it up with Celtic style clothing too, if they wish. They enjoy fantasy novels and maybe live-action roleplaying. They can wear gauntlets, and pendants, ect. The music they listen to is folk-based, ethereal, or neo-classical, bands like; Faith and the Muse.


Tribal Goth:

These Goths wear wooden or bone jewellery, dreadlocks, beads and braids. They wear belly dance type of clothes and accessories. As a new style of "Tribal" started when belly dancing became popular. Their clothes can be gypsy inspired as well. And can wear tribal tattoos if they wish, and piercings. They listen to world music as well as belly dance music.


Hippie Goth:

Hippie Goths are nature-loving, just like any hippie. They have an interest in Paganism, so they may be likely to be found in a New Age shop, they can have an interest in Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, or Aromatherapy. They love crystals, candles, and incense. They mainly wear their hair long and some men may have long beards too. They enjoy dark folk and ambient type music as well as Pagan rock bands too, like; Inkubus Sukkubus.



The Deathrocker is said to be the "missing link" between Punk and Goth. It began in America in the late 70's. They have a similar taste and fashion to the Trad Goth, except they mainly wear their hair in a Deathhawk (a teased version of the Mohawk). They dress in ripped fishnets, and wearing band shirts is an option. They might wear dramatic make-up too. Deathrockers are into classic horror themes like; zombies, and low budget movies (B-movies). They listen to Deathrock bands, like; Christian Death, and also enjoy other genres of music like; Horror Punk and Psychobilly. 


Baby Bat:

Also called Kindergoth or Spooky Kid (Spooky Kid can also mean Mansonite; someone who's a fan of Marilyn Manson). The term "Baby Bat" has a few different meanings. A Baby Bat can be a younger Goth; a kid who's underage. It can be a new Goth; someone who's new to the scene. And it can also mean Mallgoth (A Goth who shops in the mall and can be considered a poseur). Baby Bats don't know much about Goth. Stereotypically, they throw on black clothes, have a type of Metal look, wear dark heavy make-up, cake on white face paint, which makes them look more "shocking" than aesthetic like a real Goth should be. The typical Baby Bat listens to what they think are Goth, like; Marilyn Manson, Evanescence, or HIM. It's not the best to snark at them just because they have information on Goth from little to none. If you ever come across one, don't look down at them, teach them. Show them real Goth bands, and help them with their style. Give advice; some Do's and Don'ts would be nice. And if you are a Baby Bat, good thing you ran into this guide to know and understand what Goth is.


Vampire Goth:

Vampire Goths are vampire fans (obviously), they wear clothes of a different period, like the Victorian and the Medieval Goth. Vampire Goths wear capes, fangs, and have light skin, (as they may stay out of the sun like typical vampires), and may wear sunglasses. As vampires are very popular within the Goth scene since "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus. The song was made for a vampire movie called, The Hunger. And this was the birth of Gothic music. Bela Lugosi was an actor. He is famously recognized as Count Dracula, and is well-known within the Goth scene. Vampire Goths are inspired by vampire movies like; Queen of the Damned. The colours; black or red are popular to wear. And as for white, they may choose to have a "Bride of Dracula" look.


Steampunk Goth:

Steampunks dress in a way of science and low-tech of the past with; clockworks, brass, and wheels. They dress in Victorian technology, with; corsets, top hats, goggles, bustles, waistcoats, and more. They may choose to dress in stripes, and they may have keys or pocket watches; anything for their antique look. They listen to music that may be popular within both the Goth scene and the Steampunk scene.



Cybergoths listen to any music with a dark electronic beat. And like a Goth, they do indeed wear; fishnets, heavy boots, and dramatic make-up. Piercings, again, are a choice. The Cybergoth dresses in all black with bright neon colours, having quite a similar style to cyberpunk, raver, and rivethead fashion, as well as Goth. They wear may cyberlox, synthetic hair falls, or tubes, ect. in their hair of any colour they choose, their clothes are made of latex or PVC, ect. And they carry glow sticks if they choose. They combine elements of industrial aesthetics and Graver style. From what I've read, Graver means Gothic raver, but is not considered Goth. Some confuse a Cybergoth with a Graver, but the two are not the same. Cybergoths go to Goth clubs (like any Goth would), and Gravers go to raves. The Cybergoth may wear black with just the one neon colour like; red, yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, or silver. They have cyber goggles, which are commonly worn on the head with a biohazard symbol, or any other on the lens if they wish. The biohazard symbol is quite popular to wear on their outfit or accessories. The goggles can light up, or not. They may wear gas masks, and furry leg warmers. They can have a V cut fringe (like some Goths do), or have it cut straight, or none at all. Their hair can be black with colour that matches, say; black with red hair to match their black and neon red outfit, it's common for Cybergoths to have a colour match with their hair, outfit, and accessories. Cybergoths listen to; EBM (Electronic Body Music), Futurepop, Synthpop, and Dark Trance, ect.



Gothabilly (also called Hellbilly) is a mix of Goth, Rockabilly and Psychobilly. Gothabillies dress like "spooky" hillbillies, with patterns of; cherries, dice, playing cards, flames, animal prints, polka dots, tattoo designs, zombies, and (zombie) pin-up girls, ect. They may dress in pencil skirts, fishnet stockings, and high heels. The Gothabilly may have tattoos themselves too, and may wear their hair in rolls, or Bettie bangs, and may have a similar hair style to Elvis if they wish. Gothabillies have an interest in kitsch, hot rods (mainly Hearses), and B horror films. The music they listen to can be; Psychobilly and Gothabilly.


Corp Goth:

Corporate Goth (or Corp Goth for short), are Goths with jobs who refuse to lose their dark fashion within the workplace. Their suits are often black, white or grey, with pinstripes if they choose, and may wear a tie, and some spooky jewellery, as well as dark make-up (if allowed). Tattoos may be hidden, and piercings may be removed; some companies have their rules on this. Some Goths do favour the Corp Goth fashion and may be worn as an everyday style.


Geek Goth:

Geek Goth or Nerd Goth, are Goths who are, well... geeks. Though it is said that all Goths are nerdy, but these Goths are pretty much the geekiest. They love sci-fi, anime, hanging out at the local library, and computer games. Their fashion is a mix of Goth and Geek, (not all Geeks wear glasses, that's a little stereotypical). They can be intelligent, and may favour horror comics and graphic novels, and The Lord of the Rings films.


Cabaret Goth:

Cabaret Goth, or Burlesque Goth, dress sexy with class, in; corsets, stockings, suspenders, garters, and black suits, ect. Just about anything that may show off a little. Burlesque dancers entertain on stage with striptease and dancing, singing, comedy, and theatre. Burlesque is more about the art, sophistication, and glamour. They may have feathers, sequins, and spangles for accessories. The Burlesque Goth holds a Dark Cabaret style of fashion. And may listen to bands that have a Dark Cabaret style too. 


Gothic Lolita:

Lolita is Japanese fashion worn by young girls from their teens to their early twenties. It's a cute, childish, version of the Victorian style. Gothic Lolita uses the colours; black and white, and their accessories are; crosses, and roses, ect. These accessories can be; rose eye patches, mini top hats, headdresses, headbands, coffin purses, cross necklaces, frilled ties, lace gloves, cameo chokers, enamel shoes, ect. Gothic Lolita isn't a type of Goth, but a fashion. Though some people do call themselves Lolita as they have as an everyday dress. Lolita is favoured by some Goths who absolutely adore the style, and it doesn't have to be Gothic Lolita. There are types of Lolita like; Dark Lolita, Classic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, and there's even Punk Lolita. There are other styles and themes of Lolita too, like; Guro Lolita, Sailor Lolita, even an Alice in Wonderland inspired Lolita dress, and more.


Ice Goth:

Ice Goth, or Negative Goth, wears all white instead of all black like most Goths do. Their style has a wintery look. Their hair can be dyed whitish blonde or black, and their make-up can be white, silver, or with black too. Not all Ice Goths do dye their hair those colours though, it's more of a choice. Though, they don't only just wear white, they can wear it with black or silver, or maybe pastel colours. Some Ice Goths wear wedding dresses if they choose. Their accessories are white or silver, like; gloves, fishnet stockings, or chokers, ect. As white can easily dirty, it's better to not wear in certain weather.


Fetish Goth:

Fetish Goth holds the kinky side, they are a mix of both Goth and Fetish. They wear; PVC, leather, rubber, bondage, suspenders, corsets, fishnets, and collars. Tattoos and piercings are common. The Fetish Goth carries handcuffs, masks/gags, whips, and may lead another by a chain or leash. Listening to Industrial music is quite popular, and they may also listen to 80's New Wave as well.


Perky Goth:

Perky Goth, or Preppy Goth, stereotypically wear their hair in pigtails. They may dress in all black, and commonly wear pink. Their style may hold anything "cute" than spooky. A Perky Goth can also be the cheerful type who rejects the doom and gloom within the scene. You can be a Perky Goth if you dress it, have a cheery personality, or both! Perky Goths listen to cheerful type of music as well.


Glitter Goth:

Glitter Goth, or Glam Goth, hold similar elements to that of Perky Goth and Babydoll Goth, but are of more into the Glam Rock, 80's and electroclash style. They dress in bright colours and wear glitter everywhere, even in their hair. Their make-up can also shine, glitter, shimmer, or sparkle, may have rhinestones or other stick-on jewels, and false lashes. They may wear childish styles of accessories like; tiaras, fairy wings, and cat ears, ect. And carry toys like; wands, dolls, bubble blowers, and water pistols, ect. Glitter Goths may listen to 80's, and New Wave ect.


Babydoll Goth:

Babydoll Goth, or Schoolgirl Goth, holds a creepy, but sweet and innocent doll-like style. They were blouses, skirts, bows, ribbons, ties, fishnet stockings, suspenders, stripy or checker tights. Petticoats and bloomers are a choice. The patterns can be plaid, or gingham. The Babydoll Goth style can also be slightly fetish if they wish. Their hair are commonly worn in pigtails, in; plats/braids, dread falls, curls, or left straightened/natural. They hold some Lolita style in their accessories. They listen to bands like; Switchblade Symphony, The Birthday Massacre, and Ayria, ect.


Industrial Goth:

The Industrial Goth are a mix of both the Goth and the Industrial scene. They are often mistaken for Rivetheads, as they are not part of the Goth scene at all. The Industrial Goth wears Industrial fashion and listens to Industrial music. They mostly dress in black with dark colours, like; red, green and purple. The clothes are made of futuristic materials like; PVC, and rubber, ect. The Industrial Goth can have an under-shaved (or fully shaved) head, and can wear dread falls too. They can hold quite a similar futuristic style to both Cybergoth and Rivethead with; biohazard symbols, goggles, and suspenders, ect. They also wear dark, heavy make-up too. The music they listen to doesn't have to be just Industrial, it can be Gothic, Dark Wave, and EBM.


Mopey Goth:

Mopey Goth is the most common type all non-Goths know. It's a stereotypical Goth you may have known that wears nothing but black, and is never happy. They sit in the dark, write angsty poetry, prefer to be alone, and are more of the antisocial type. They wear their hair long, and straight, if they choose. And their hair is commonly black, and can have some white in it too. Their make-up is heavy, dark, and usually black. The Mopey Goth only listens to dark and gloomy music. They tend to be self-centred and seek attention, seeing only the depressing side of life. Mopey Goths are pretty much just angsty teens who have not seen the brighter side. But will one day.


Faerie Goth:

Faerie Goth, or Dark Fairy Goth, are a supernatural type, just like the Vampire Goth. They have a deep interest in fairy culture, like the Vampire Goth has a deep interest in vampire culture. They wear wings, pointed ears, and horns, if they choose. They dress in combination of hippie and romantic Goth. They are a mix of Goth and the Fairy Subculture. As fairies have a dark side to them, they are not much the friendly kind you see on TV. Fairies with wings was uncommon in fairy folklore, they became popular in the Victorian Era, and since then, they are commonly viewed with wings today. Fairies are mischievous, and trick humans, leading them astray. They're nasty. And by some, they're also thought to be demons as they are seen as evil. In Irish culture, there's the Seelie Court (the good fae) and Unseelie Court (the evil fae). But fairies are said to be both good and bad. Some Fairy Goths wear wings, while others don't. They wear dramatic make-up with spirals drawn, or other doodles. They wear hair in natural colours if they wish, and leave it long and flowing, or cut short like a pixie. Fairy Goths dress Earthy, in; green, brown, black, red, and maybe white. Their nails can be like claws, (grown long and sharpened). They listen to ethereal and melodic music, like; Celtic (as fairies are part of the Celtic culture), and Emilie Autumn's album; Enchant.


Candy Goth:

Candy Goth is a close relative to the Perky Goth. They hold similar to the Perky Goth style also, but wear pastel colours with black than just the Perky Goth pink. They also commonly wear their hair in pigtails, with dread falls if they choose. It's also been said that the Candy Goth wears bright neon colours. Their accessories are jelly bracelets, Kandi bracelets, and Kandi necklaces, ect. They also carry soft toys as well. They dress in; tutus, neon fishnets, pleated skirts, tank tops, straps, chains, buckles, Emily the Strange, Hello Kitty, and Ruby Gloom brands, spikey bracelets, Demonia boots, colourful make-up, and brightly coloured striped socks, ect. They are said to get their clothes from Hot Topic, and are usually young girls. Though this type is said to not be that of a true Goth and more of a Mall Goth, but it is also said that it isn't necessarily a Mall Goth type. It's a cutesy style like the Perky and Glitter Goth. And some Goths do personally like the Candy Goth style. They borrow from Sweet Lolita, Graver, as well as both Babydoll and Glitter Goth. They listen to bouncy, electronic music, like; The Cuxshadows, The Birthday Massacre, Ayria, even non-Goth bands like; Korn, Slipknot, and mainstream Rock/Pop bands.



Emo-Goth, also known as Gothmo, or Gothy Emo, isn't a real type of Goth, but a style thrown together. They are said to be moody like the Mopey Goth, and are more emotional, or gloomy. They have can have a fascination with vampires, and death. The Emo-Goth can be a transition, a cross over from Emo to Goth. They commonly have black hair, black nails, black eyeliner, wear skulls, stripes, and stars patterns, converse shoes, and also wear bright colours with black, like pink. Their style is a mix of Punk, Retro, and Urban Japanese. They may enjoy, poetry, art, children's cartoons, Tim Burton films (accessory brands too), and music. They may listen to bands that are not considered Goth or Emo, but can be favoured by both, like; My Chemical Romance.


Is that all the Goth types?

No, that's not all the Goth types there is. From a blog I've read, there are loads more. But these types I've named and described are more known throughout the web. The rest of the types have been made-up that are not known or have little info on the web. Here are the rest I'll name:


Egyptian Goth

Military Goth

Haute Goth

High Goth

Celtic and Pagan Goth

Oriental/Asian Goth

Vintage Goth


Neo-Victorian Goth

Electric Goth

Carnival Goth

Ghost Goth

Gore Goth

Cemetery Goth

Femme Fatale/Slutgoth

Casual Goth

Bubblegoth/Bubblegum Goth

Post-Punk Goth



Most of the info I took were from, Stripy Tights and Dark Delights blog, and from, Goth [stereo] Types site. Some of the info are what I threw in myself. I wrote more about Baby Bat, and Cybergoth, myself. Some little info I took were from Urban Dictionary, but some of the info are not much true, but gave me an idea what to put in that were good info to describe the type.

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