Goth Guide

A how-to guide to being Goth and what it is and isn't. Goth is a subculture that's been around for years. And in this guide shows info of where it originated, and about the types of Goths there are. Goth is more than just fashion, literature, music, movies, and art, it's also a mindset.
How does one become Goth? You can't "become" Goth. You may have been one all along and never knew you were. It's a mindset. If you love all things dark and "spooky", then there's a chance you are.
There are those who share a similar mindset with Goths who may not call themselves Goth. Being Goth is a choice, and it is a lifestyle to some.
Few may believe being a Goth is just a "phase", but there are adults who do live as Goths. But it can be a phase to some people. And I hope you enjoy this guide.


5. Goth Types I've Thought Of


More Goth Types?

There are types I've thought of and found some little info about them. Though some are not known and may not have any info on them at all. But here is a short list I have:


Rainbow Goth:

The Rainbow Goth holds similar to Perky, Glitter, and Candy Goth; colours. They wear rainbow coloured clothes, like; tie dyes, multi-coloured hair and make-up. They may have black with their rainbow colours. And they even can have tattoos and piercings as a choice. They may have rainbow colours on their clothes striped across, or diagonally, ect. They keep their colours together if they don't have rainbow clothes. They wear rainbow fishnets, or wear a different colour on each arm and leg, or attached to their clothes. There's not much on this. The Rainbow Goth is more of a style than a type.


Angel Goth:

I've seen angel art and pics, and I can't help to think that is isn't a type of supernatural Goth that is known like the Faerie Goth and the Vampire Goth. The Angel Goth is more known as a Gothic Angel. There really isn't any info on this. There are fallen/dark angel art and pics in images.

There are even Gothic fallen angel stories like, FALLEN and Hush, Hush. I don't see why this can't be a type of Goth. It probably is, but isn't known as one. The Gothic Angel can either be dark, fallen, or holy. Dark angels are similar to that of a demon. Fallen angels were once holy who have disobeyed God. The holy angels are the one's who stay in Heaven. There are feathery costume wings of any colour, and a Gothic Angel may wear them.

Like Amy Lee from Evanescence wore black feathery wings in the music video Broken. The Gothic Angel may listen to bands with an angelic voice, like; Within Temptation, and Nightwish. Though these bands are Metal, their style does hold a Gothic image. The Gothic Angel wears silk, sashes, and sheer fabric of white or black. If you're into a Dark Angel or Fallen Goth look, you might also like to wear leather, lace, fishnets, and straps too, if you want. 

You might have white wings with black clothing, or black wings with white clothing, or have them matched. Grey wings can also be worn. Angels have various colour of wings. Angels wear their hair long, wavy, straight or curled, and the hair colour can be; black, ginger, blonde, red, white, or brown. You can also wear feathery clothes too.



Mergoth, or Gothic Mermaid, is another unknown type. I thought of this as I do love mermaids and have seen Gothic mermaid art in images. It may be difficult to dress in a fishtail like mermaids commonly have. But there are other options to look mermaidish without a tail. Just think about it, when a mermaid comes on land, they don't have a tail to walk do they? I've read that mermaids grow legs when they walk on land, and they return to fins when they swim back into the ocean.

Instead of having a fishtail to look like a mermaid, you may do some make-up designs on yourself, like; scales and swirls around the eyes, and lipstick, the colours can be; black, green, aqua, deep blue, silver/white, or purple, and you can add shimmer to your eyes and lips. Mermaids have their hair long and wavy, so if you don't naturally have wavy hair, you can curl it. Mermaids have; red, blue, green, pink, purple, blonde, ginger, black, or brown hair. You can have your hair natural or unnatural. You can wear a shell shaped bikini top from any colour I've listed, or choose your own.

You can wear fishnet and see-through material on top if you want. Fishtail skirts are a good option, especially if they have scale designs on them. You might choose to wear fishnet stockings as well. You can paint your nails; black, pink, blue, or green. You try to do a D.I.Y to make your own seaweed accessories if you choose. You'll need strips of fabric woven together. Wear shell and pearl jewellery, as well as a seahorse necklace or bracelet. Having a shell shaped purse is also fine.

Mermaids love the water, if you visit the beach often, or even live nearby, that's great. Mermaids hold a mystery about them, and know more about the sea than anyone. They also hold a dark folklore about them like the fairy. The Mergoth may listen to siren songs and other mermaid music.


Pirate Goth:

I thought of this as soon as I looked at the skull blanket on the lounge in our lounge room. I looked it up and not really finding any info on it, but it's possible it also can be a type. Goths who are fans of Pirates of the Caribbean may like to dress as one too. Puffy shirts, coats, pants or skirts,, vest, belts, boots, gold or silver jewellery, tattoos, piercings, eye patches, some eyeliner, skulls with crossbones, gloves (fingerless or not), and a bandana tied back, with maybe a pirate hat on top. Some of these you don't have to have, but as long it's a puffy shirt, leather pants, boots, and gold or silver jewellery. You might take your inspiration from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, or other pirate movies you've seen. The colours are; beige, white, brown, black, red, dark blue, and dark green. Wear dark make-up and look more Goth as well as you're dressed like a pirate.


Leprechaun Goth:

I thought of this thinking about that I do have an Irish ancestor, and have been interested in the Irish culture about banshees and other beliefs of fairies. The Irish are famous for their green clothes, Leprechauns, and their lucky four leaf clovers. I must say, why not be a Leprechaun Goth? I thought about using the term "Irish Goth" might not be the best as Irish Goths can be any type of Goth.

But Leprechauns are a supernatural being within the Irish culture that wears all green with ginger hair. There is a belief that there are no Leprechaun women, but only Leprechaun men. But in a movie I've watched as a child there were Leprechaun women in it, so we can bend the rules a bit. Leprechaun Goth, or Gothic Leprechaun, can wear black (to show darkness in the Leprechaun as it is a Goth style), and Irish green.

Four leaf clover jewellery can also be worn. If you don't have ginger hair already, you don't have to have it that colour, it can be black, or left natural. You can also put green streaks in your hair if you choose to as well. Leprechauns usually have curly hair, but you don't have to have it. At the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold, but that pot of gold belongs to the Leprechaun (and no, there isn't a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow).

Leprechauns carry gold with them, so gold jewellery may be an option. Green dresses, shirts, skirts, knee-length shorts, and coats, white stockings or knee high socks, green shoes and belts with gold buckles on them, and top hats, hold a Leprechaun look. Try green with a black trim, or go dressed as an all-black Leprechaun. It's your choice. Leprechauns listen to Irish music, you might try and look it up on YouTube. Leprechauns are also protective of their gold coins, they will kill to get it back if anyone stole from them, (I'm sure you've seen the old horror movie Leprechaun have you?). 

I think there's a belief I've read that a Leprechaun will reward you if you have found their pot of gold and maybe have helped them out with something. And since Leprechauns are short little Irish people, I'm not sure how this will go to walk about looking like a tall version of one.


Cheerleader Goth:

I had a thought on this, and it's one that Goths stereotypically despise; cheerleaders. But can a Goth enjoy cheerleading? I guess it's all up to them. A Cheerleader Goth, or Gothic Cheerleader, may hold onto their black attire with stripes of dark colours or white as well.

But it is bad if the cheerleading squad doesn't have that kind of uniform depending on the school colours they have. But it does seem fun to have a Gothic cheerleader uniform for once. (In Australia, we don't have cheerleaders).

The cheerleader uniform can just be how it is, but black with another colour to go with it. I imagine Gothic cheerleaders to also wear fishnet stockings or stripy tights, and black shoes and socks matching the colour to their uniform.

Dark make-up can be worn, and their hair tied back in a ponytail or pigtails. They hold pompoms of the same colour as their uniform too. They can wear fishnet gloves or stripy arm warmers.

From what I've seen in images of a Cheerleader Goth were just costumes. But it can be a style to have too right? Maybe not, but I just like the style to be more of a Gothic Cheerleader than just a regular one.


Swan Goth:

From the thought of the movie Black Swan, I'm sure some Goths would favour the style. Swan Goth, or Gothic Swan holds that Swan Lake style in ballet. Either you choose to be a Black Swan Goth, or a White Swan Goth, it wouldn't matter. A feather dress in white or black that have feathers on the sleeves, maybe on the bottom of the dress, and around the collar will give it a bonus.

If you don't have a dress that does, any will do, just wear a feather collar and other feathery accessories, even put feathers in your hair; feather hair extensions are good. You might wear feathery shoes if you choose, or ballet flats, as long as it holds elegance of a swan and a ballet-like style.

Lace may also be worn and sheer material too. You might also like to buy feathers and attach them onto your clothes too. Doing a bit of D.I.Y wouldn't hurt. The Swan Goth may listen to ethereal music too.

The Black Swan wears dark make-up around the eyes, and the White Swan wears light make-up. You may even try to do a similar make-up style to either one you're doing. You might even choose to wear a feathery mask or crown, either black or white to go with the Swan look.


Ballet Goth:

Like the Swan Goth, but without feathers, the Ballet Goth is a style, and not really a type either. They wear dark make-up and dress in dark colours. They wear fishnet stockings or black tights, ballet slippers, leotard outfit with a tutu or a ballet dress. They tie their hair back in a bun, or a ponytail with a headband, ribbons and barrettes can be worn for a cute look. Ballet are also for men too, so it's ok to dress in this style if you are. They are also graceful dancers like any ballet dancer is. It would depend if you're a ballet dancer and practice it. Like the Swan Goth, they may listen to ballet type music too.


Dark Alice Goth:

From the Gothic video game of American McGee's Alice, the sequel Alice: Madness Returns, and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Some Goths may favour the style as a Dark Alice Goth, (or a Gothic Alice). Wearing a Lolita or Victorian style dress with Mary Jane shoes or Gothic boots, black and white striped (with or without fishnet) stockings, and a pinafore, holds a dark Alice style. It can be similar to Tim Burton's Alice, Alice: Madness Returns, or from the old cartoon of Alice in Wonderland. The stockings can be diamonds or checkers instead. Hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs from the deck of cards can be used on the clothes or accessories.

Checker or diamond tiles can be worn, on; arm warmers, sleeves, chokers (cameo, ribbon, lace, or not), fingerless gloves, mini top hat or mini crown, corset or top with puff sleeves and skirt, lace cuffs, pinafore, collar, or the bottom of the skirt. The top hat can have a skull and ribbon attached to it. Wearing key and butterfly accessories gives that Madness Returns touch, too.

And Alice also had a stuffed rabbit toy, (not in Tim Burton's Alice), you can probably get one to carry too, (stitched crosses or button eyes gives it that creepy look). It can be like the White Rabbit, or have it as a black version instead, (your choice). You might get a stuffed cat toy and make it your Cheshire Cat too, (a black and grey striped cat will do just fine).

Your make-up can be dark or Emilie Autumn inspired. As long as the make-up and fashion is; blue, grey, black, red, white, pink, or purple. The hair is long, either straight or curly with a headband, ribbon, or bow (your choice), and the hair is either blonde, red, black, or brown.

It can be any colour that's either natural or unnatural. The Dark Alice Goth may also have a teacup set, as tea is also in Alice in Wonderland. The story of Alice is about going insane, the world of Wonderland is in her head.


Cowboy/Cowgirl or Indian Goth:

A Gothic Cowboy/Cowgirl dresses Western , but is more dark. They wear a cowboy/cowgirl hat, denim jeans, leather belt, cowboy/cowgirl boots, buttoned up shirt, and maybe a vest. Look at some cowboy or cowgirl movies to get an idea of the style you want. But you can dress in black and wear dark colours and white too to hold that Gothy look with that cowboy/cowgirl style you have.

You can also have cow prints as well. The cowgirl usually have their hair long, and some cowboys do too or they can have it cut short. They listen to old Western piano music you hear in a Saloon, so maybe a Gothic Cowboy/Cowgirl may like a darker version.

You might choose to have an Indian style instead, dream catchers, feathers, beads, and gemstones, can be worn as jewellery like necklaces and earrings, even can be worn in your hair. Look at how Indians are dressed, you might also catch an idea what style you may take. Indians are spiritual and like to dance around the campfire to the beat of bongo drums.

They have their hair long, black, straight, or have it braided (partly braided or have braided pigtails or ponytail), and wear war paint even on their body too, either in; red, blue, or white, ect. and dress in animal skin, and slippers (or were barefoot), you may wear more of leather too if you want.

You may skip the war paint and wear dark make-up instead and dress more Gothy in an Indian style. The Gothic Indian may listen to a darker version of Indian music.


Pumpkin Goth:

Halloween, (aka All Hallows Eve, aka Samhain), is celebrated each year in autumn, (or fall, whichever you prefer). It is believed that the veil is thinnest, which spirits can cross over to our world. This day is to celebrate the dead. 

A Pumpkin Goth (aka Halloween Goth), dresses in the traditional colours of Halloween; black and orange. Sometimes other colours like; purple, red, white, grey, and green.

The colours are usually dark, and at times bright, while orange can be more of a bright or dim colour getting darker, giving that pumpkin-like shade. It may have some elements of Steampunk in colour of gold, browns and bronzes.

From looking up Autumn Goth, I came across Stripy Tights and Dark Delights blog page on; "Autumn" Goth - warm tones in Goth. This look is very similar to that Autumn Goth idea, as Halloween is the season of Autumn.

Clothes are mostly Victorian, as well as Medieval in style. But any way to dress is optional.

Accessories and jewellery may involve Halloween imagery, such as; spiders, moons, stars, claws, brains, ghosts, skeletons, witches, blood, slime, candy corn, skulls, scythes, tombstones, witch's hats, crosses, pentagrams, cauldrons, crystals, broomsticks, fangs, eyeballs, bats, black cats, webs, and Jack-o'-lanterns. Roses or leaves with the autumn/fall look may be applied.

If you are looking to be a Pumpkin Goth, some mainstream stores do sell tacky costumes and accessories every Halloween. But some things are ok to buy around that time for any Goth, just avoid tacky items; it'll make you look silly and fake.

Also, avoid dressing too much. You don't want to look like you're wearing a costume and be pointed out that it's not Halloween yet, (though some Goths are told this anyway, but there is more of a chance you will be because of how "Halloweenish" you dress).

Halloween imagery should be avoided, a few here and there are ok, a lot will make you look too Halloween costumed, and a lot less looking like a real Goth.

Hair is usually dyed black and orange, or just black, and just orange. Other colours like; white, purple, red, and green, are also used, with or without black. It also can be left natural, (brown hair is mostly favoured as it is a dark shade from orange).

Make-up is also usually black and orange. Other colours listed can be used as well. Eye make-up is great for Halloween imagery like; bats, moons, spiders, webs, and cats, ect.

For eyeliner, spirals, webs, and cat-eye may be applied.

Lipstick is mostly black, sometimes with orange and other colours too. You can leave the lips looking natural if that's what you want.

Pumpkin Goths are seen carrying Jack-o'-lanterns, or regular pumpkins, and hanging around field of pumpkins and scarecrows. There is Gothic Art involving Halloween of Goths dressed in colours of black and orange, mostly fairies/pixies by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Pumpkin Goths may listen to music with a spooky, dark, and beautifully haunting sound.


That's all?

Yes, those are the only types I can think of. I may update on this chapter if I do think of any more.

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