Goth Guide

A how-to guide to being Goth and what it is and isn't. Goth is a subculture that's been around for years. And in this guide shows info of where it originated, and about the types of Goths there are. Goth is more than just fashion, literature, music, movies, and art, it's also a mindset.
How does one become Goth? You can't "become" Goth. You may have been one all along and never knew you were. It's a mindset. If you love all things dark and "spooky", then there's a chance you are.
There are those who share a similar mindset with Goths who may not call themselves Goth. Being Goth is a choice, and it is a lifestyle to some.
Few may believe being a Goth is just a "phase", but there are adults who do live as Goths. But it can be a phase to some people. And I hope you enjoy this guide.


2. Difference Between Goth and Emo


What is the difference between Goth and Emo?

I have come across sites about this. I knew one person in my class back in high school who thought Goth and Emo were the same. You can make a Goth angry by mistaking them for Emo. And I bet Emos may feel the same way for mistaking them for Goth. And yes, I get to some people find it hard to see the difference because they're both dark in the way they dress and share a similar interest in some things. I don't know much on Emo like I do with Goth. I've only read some sites about it. But I do know they are in no way the same.

The difference between Goth and Emo are NOT this:

Goths: hate everyone and want to kill everyone.

Emos: hate themselves and want to kill themselves.

No real Goth has ever killed anybody. And maybe some of them do hate others. There are a people who hate other people. I have come across Emos who do hate and cut themselves. I don't get why they are even doing this to themselves? Cutting is NOT a trend. It's a serious thing. People call others Emo because they cut or are depressed. Back then, Emo was music. Like Emotive Hardcore. And then it became a style.

Nowadays, Emo has changed, and Screamo music came in. Emos are said to be sensitive, and what people harshly described them as whiny, wrist cutting kids who are seeking attention with their fake depression. They write poems about how life is, like it's some black void. They're songs or poems about depression, suicide, and cutting, shouldn't be taken seriously.

No matter what type of person they are. It's either for attention or a cry for help. It's stereotypical that Emos cut, but not all do.

From what I've read, there are a lot more "poseur" Emos, than there are real ones. Poseur means fake; it's when you're trying to be someone or something you're not.

Goth is darkly beautiful in it's art. Emos draw broken hearts, and anything that looks depressive. But Goths, they're art is beautiful, they can show sides of either darkness or light. Like the cover to this of this book, it's an Anne Stokes art of a gothic fairy reaching down to a skeleton in the water. You see the dark beauty it has. Gothic art can have vampires, angels, fairies, wolves, unicorns, dragons, and everything.

Goths and Emos have different taste in music. Goths listen to Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Dark Wave, Deathrock ect. Emos may listen to Emotive Hardcore, Screamo, or Pop Punk bands. 

What do Emos and Goths have in common?

Emo is a subgenre of Hardcore Punk. And Goth came from Punk too. As Punk was dying, Goth became it's own subculture. Some Post-Punk bands were labelled "Gothic" and these known bands were; Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees, and The Cure. The Sisters of Mercy were labelled as Gothic Rock. And these artists don't call themselves "Goth" and dislike the term, but they are popular and well known within the subculture.

Goth started in the late 70's and early 80's. Punks back then were "spooky" before it was called Goth.

It began in the UK. And there was a club called The Batcave, where those bands played. The people back then were called Batcavers.

As Post-Punk died in the mid 80's, the Gothic Subculture emerged in the 90's.

Goth has been around longer than Emo has. In the Roman times, there was once a Gothic Germanic tribe. And back then, Gothic meant "barbarian". And now today, the definition has changed.

Goth was also a part of the Romantic movement. Where Gothic literature is a combination of Horror and Romance, they were supernatural and mysterious. Some Gothic books of today don't have to be supernatural, like; A Series of Unfortunate Events, for example. The story is dark, and the characters and homes were also Gothic.

Gothic novels like Dracula and Frankenstein are popular within the subculture. And Edgar Allen Poe's poems and stories are too.

Emo is a style and music. And Goth is everything from art, literature, and architecture, to music, fashion, and clubs.

Tim Burton's films are a favourite to both Goths and Emos. And TV cartoons like Ruby Gloom, and Growing Up Creepie, are also Goth. 

The Addams Family are popular within the subculture as well. Before they were movies, they were once a TV show in black and white.

How do you know who's Goth and who's Emo?

Goths dress in anything Victorian, Medieval, Deathrock, Post-Punk, Steampunk, or Cybergoth.

Emos dress pretty much in; hoodies, tight or baggy shirts, converse or skater shoes, skinny jeans, in all black with either grey or dark colours. The hoodies can be striped or have checkers or are just plain black. Eyeliner, black nails, and a side fringe covering one or both eyes. Black is also a common hair colour with Emos too, but they can have just about any hair colour.

Goths can wear them too, if they wish. But what footwear Goths commonly wear are boots. And what Goths also can choose to wear are; corsets and fishnets. Having tattoos and piercings is also a choice. You don't have to have them if you don't want to.  

The biggest problem people have is knowing the difference between Emo and Scene. From what I've read, Scenes have a similar style to Emo, but they are a colourful, happier version with cute accessories like; Pokémon, Hello Kitty, stars or hearts, and the Diamond brand, ect. And they can wear stripes or leopard prints in their hair, either dyed or worn by hair extensions. These stripes are what you call coon tails (as in raccoon). Scenes commonly wear hair extensions of any colour or pattern. They wear animal prints for make-up or clothing too.

Scenes can have teased or straightened hair, and can be cut into layers. Their fringes can be cut down towards the side or have it sit over their eyes as well. Emos commonly have short hair with a long fridge over one eye. But they can have long hair if they wish, and they might wear a similar hair style to Scene. But what they don't wear are; coon tails and animal patters like the leopard print.

Scenes don't have a type of music to listen to, they listen just about anything they like. It can be Screamo, Metal, Alternative, Industrial, or Pop Punk, it depends on what they like.

Emo became more of a teen trend, whereas Goth remains as a lifestyle to some. But to others, they have their own definition of what Goth is. And no matter what, you can never be too young or too old to be Goth.

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