Better Together

Dakota moves to Holmes Chapel because of her parents' divorce, not knowing what to expect.


3. The Three Musketeers

Dakota's Point of View

"I'm home! Now where are you two house crashers." Harry said, closing the door. We walked to the living room, greeted by silence.
"Hayaaaaaaa!!!!!" Suddenly, two boys, I assumed to be Louis and Liam appeared in Iron Man and Darth Vader masks, carrying two light sabers. 
"Louis, there's a girl." The guy in the Darth Vader mask said, which turned out to be Liam. 
"Yes, there is a girl. A rather beautiful one. This is embarrassing." Louis said, putting down the light saber. 
"Hello, Harry! You could've warned us!" Louis added, taking off his mask, with Liam following suit. 

"Yes, weirdos. We were just next door! This is Dakota, my neighbor. She moved in from the States last week. Been pretty cool you know, just chillin with her and stuff." Harry said. "Oh, and Dakkie, this is Louis and that's Liam!" 
"Dakkie?" I laughed and then smiled, "Anyway, hey, Liam and Louis! It's a pleasure to meet you." 
"Oh please! The pleasure is ours, Ms. Dakkie!" Louis and Liam both said, bowing. "Why did you bow?" I asked.
"Harry always does that when he sees Eleanor and Danielle. So now, we're doing it to you!" Liam smiled. Those two girls were their girlfriends...and I'm just Harry's neighbor. Awkward. 

We ended up watching Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. The boys literally memorized all the lines.
They were so kind to me, telling me about how they were on tour, and what Harry always does (get naked). It was so fun, like I've known them for quite a while. 

Once we finished the last movie, it was about 8pm. "Ready to go?" Harry asked me. 
"Go where? Home?" I smiled. "No, love. To a party! Here in England, the night has just begun!" He winked. I laughed, shaking my head. "I didn't  ask permission. I'll pass." 
"I knew you would say that, so I took the liberty to ask your mom. She said yes! And you have no curfew as long as you're with me!" I was in shock. My curfew back in the US had always been 1 am. My mom hated my friends. Maybe that's why we moved all the way here. "No way." I said. Harry handed me a bag, which appeared to be a blue dress I had back home. "I picked it out for you earlier this afternoon. Hope you don't mind. I'm sure it'd look fantastic on you." Harry grinned. "Thanks. I'll go change." I smiled. He got my hand and led me to the bathroom upstairs. "Use this bathroom in case you need like all those girly make up stuff. This is Gemma's bathroom." I went inside and was in awe at the huge vanity mirror and make up kit looking straight back at me.
"Are you sure?" I asked Harry. He nodded, closing the door. 

I changed to the dress and the heels he picked out. Harry has a pretty good fashion sense. I checked out Gemma's make up, all turning out to be MAC, NARS, and Dior. I put on some perfume and then foundation, bronzer and lipgloss before heading back down. When I got back, Aunt Anne, Gemma, and the three boys were laughing together by the kitchen counter.

"Daaaaamn, girl! You look great!" Gemma smiled, giving me a kiss on the cheek. 
"Thanks, Gemma! You look well yourself!" I said, then greeting Aunt Anne. 
"Come on, let's go. Bye Gemz, bye mum! Love you!" Harry said, taking my hand. Louis and Liam got into their car, a Black BMW 5 series. "What about us?" I asked. "my car! do you want to drive? it'll be fun!" Harry said, handing me the keys. He pointed to the garage. "No. Fucking. Way." I said in shock. 
"What?" He asked. "That's a flipping Audi R8! A.K.A. my dream car!" I said, touching the bumper. 
"We can share." He said, sliding in the passenger seat. Ho. Ly. Shit! 

I drove to the party, which happened to be a few blocks away. 
"What the?" I said, with lights flashing all around us. 
"Paparazzis. Just keep driving, babe." Harry smiled. Babe? 
I drove as fast I can. Still slow though, since Harry had to give me the directions. When we got to the building, there were more paparazzis by the door, and I wasn't used to that, so Harry put his arms around me, and I buried my face on his chest as we walked to the elevator. Once we got in, he didn't let go. 

"Are you alright, love?" He asked me, cupping my face.
"I am, thanks." I smiled. "Come on." He said, taking my hand. The party looked wild! There was a pool, skateboard ramps, and a dance floor. 
"Haaaaaazz my maaaan!" It was Zayn. I seriously can't believe this was all happening. 
"Zayn! What's up man! This is Dakota." Zayn looked at me and lit up. "Harry's girl? Hey! I'm Zayn! Nice meeting you." 
"Not yet." Harry tried to whisper, but I heard it. I looked away, hiding my tomato red face. 

"Hey, Dakkie. I'm just going to go to the bathroom. Stay right here, alright?" Harry smiled, kissing my forehead. 
I was so confused with all these mixed signals. I walked around, deciding it'd be too awkward to just stand where Harry and I were, since we were smack in between the pool and the skateboarding ramp so I decided to try it for myself, since I loved to skateboard. I got one of the skateboards, took of my heels, and went for the ramp. I twisted, and flipped the board,  and everyone just started to crowd around me. "Yeaaaah!!" They'd scream. I stopped, deciding it was best for me to go back in case Harry looked for me. A lot of guys approached me and asked me to dance, but I just smiled and shook my head. Didn't want to get Harry mad! 

"Fancy a drink, me lady?" A guy said, as I stood awkwardly waiting for Harry to return. 
"Woah there, sorry, lad. She's taken." Harry said disapprovingly, putting his arm around my shoulder.
"Seriously, Styles? Why do you get all the pretty girls? I can sing, too! I blame your damn curly hair." The guy said, leaving. 
Harry laughed, "he lied. I don't get all the pretty girls. In fact, I never actually go for them. You're the exception." He winked.

Did Harry just say he was actually going for me? 

Harry and I danced, took some shots, and later on got too tired, we just drove home. 

"Goodnight, beautiful. I'll see you tomorrow." 
"I'm going to see you every day, aren't I?" I crunched my nose.
"Yes, for as long as I'm here, I will make sure you do. I'll take you and Davin to ice cream tomorrow." Harry said, kissing my forehead. 


I changed to my pajamas, and decided to check my laptop. I turned on my Facebook, seeing 75 new friend requests, 50 messages, and 34 notifications. "Whaaat the fuuuck?" I said to myself. 

Out of the 75 friend requests, 15 turned out to be people from the party, including the 1D boys, with their code names.  The rest were random girls, some having One Direction as their profile pictures. The 50 messages came from my best friends back in LA, and some people from the party asking for me to skate with them and hang out. I replied to these, agreeing to skate and to hang out. I could use some friends. The rest though, were from One Direction fans. Some were calling me pretty, but some were calling me nasty things like a boyfriend stealer, and an ugly bitch, and a slut. 'Ummm...I've only kissed 1 person in my entire life and that was my ex-boyfriend and I'm a slut? Please, honey. You don't even know me. :-)'  I replied to that one. My notifications turned out to be tagged photos of me from the party, most of them being with Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall, and a few message posts from new friends and friends back in LA.

"Better make this thing private." 

My twitter though, was something else. Apparently, Zayn tweeted about meeting 'Harry's new babe', and Liam tweeted a photo of him and Louis in their masks saying 'Embarrassing meeting @DakotaMatthews wearing this. Sorry babe! xx', while Harry tweeted about having the best night because of me. My twitter followers rose from 627 to 145, 784 in a day. 

I got a text from Harry at around 4am: Don't mind the nasty comments, alright? Believe the good ones cause those are the true ones. Also, I think it's best you get used to all the paps posting your pictures on gossip websites. Sleep tight. xxx :-) 

I replied: I won't. This one's a fighter. :-) And that part is going to take some getting used to. Good night, Harry. Or maybe it's more appropriate to say good morning. I'll see you later. x


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