Better Together

Dakota moves to Holmes Chapel because of her parents' divorce, not knowing what to expect.


2. PB&J Day

Harry's Point of View

It's been a week since I met Dakota, and since then, I haven't stopped thinking about her. She's so beautiful, and she obviously doesn't know it. She's not showing any signs of liking me either, which is for me a kind of good thing because I know she won't use me for who I am. Kind of bad, too because I actually do want her to like me. I rang the doorbell in her house, doing the same thing that I've been doing the past week: delivering three sandwiches to Dakota's house, one for her, one for her little brother Davin, and their mom. 

"It's PB&J day!" I lifted up the brown paper bag I was holding when Dakota opened the door. Geez. Was it possible for a girl to bloom every day? She's getting more and more beautiful, even if she was just in a plain black v-neck and blue chevron boxers. 
"Seriously, Harry. You're spoiling us! We've gotten groceries already, and you really don't have to do this!" She laughed. 
"But I want to do it." I shrugged. "Is that Harry, Dakota? Let him in! What are you two doing outside? It's freezing!" Mom yelled from inside. "Mom, he brought us food again. Didn't we tell him to stop?" Dakota said, her hands on her waist. "Oh, Harry darling, you are a sweetie!" Auntie Mary said, hugging me. Yay! Getting close to Dakota's family! The teenage lover boy in me was showing.

"Come, have lunch with us! I cooked a simple baked macaroni." Auntie Mary said, signaling to the table.
"Oh, thanks!" I grinned, taking the seat beside Dakota. This was the best pasta meal I've tasted in my entire life. 
"HAZZAAAAAH! PICK UP THE PHONE YOU LITTLE MUNCHKIN!" Shit. It was my phone. I could see Dakota laughing beside me.
"Sorry, I'll just take this." I smiled, walking towards the window. "Yes, Louis? What is it you want?" I asked. 
"You little bitch, I flooded your twitter, our secret facebook page, skype, and everything else. You haven't replied to me in about a week. A WEEK! What is happening my man?" Louis said, faking his irritation. "I know, I'm at home." I said, not wanting to blurt out all about Dakota in front of her. "Uhm, yeah, sure. You're at home." Louis said in sarcasm. "Yesssss, I'm just here at home. You know, Holmes Chapel. My home." I said, nodding. "You're a little liar! Liam and I are in your house, eating your spaghetti. You. are not. home." Louis said again. "What?! No way! Why? I'm coming, give me about 10 minutes." I said, putting the phone down. I returned to the table, everyone looking at me. "I'm sorry, that was rather rude. It was Louis. Him and Liam crashed my house." I smiled apologetically. "Do you want to meet them?" I asked Dakota. She shook her head, "I'm shy. It's fine!"
"No, I insist! They're pretty great guys." I smiled, holding her hand. I felt her twitch a bit. A good sign! 
"Come on, Dakota. It'll be fun!" Auntie Mary said, signaling for us to head to my house. 
"Oh, alright." She said, wiping her mouth with a napkin. 

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