Better Together

Dakota moves to Holmes Chapel because of her parents' divorce, not knowing what to expect.


1. New Home

Dakota's Point of View

"Come on, bring your things inside! Stop looking so gloomy!" My mom said, carrying boxes inside our new house in Holmes Chapel. I grunted, bringing my suitcases inside.
"Seriously, mom. Why the fuck did we move here? It's in the middle of nowhere." I said, pissed off at the fact that I had to leave during my senior year in high school, with all my friends full of plans on what we were going to do.
"Watch your language, Dakota! Besides, this will be good for us! No one knows us here, we're going to start fresh." She smiled.
"More like you're gonna start fresh. I was perfectly fine until the divorce happened." I sighed.
"I'm sorry, hun. It had to happen, you know that. Go take a walk and see the place. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is." 

I grabbed my skateboard and went outside. It was much more chilly than LA, where we used to live. I skated along the streets, getting familiar with everything. The mall was nearby, thank goodness. I also saw my future school, some comprehensive school. It was getting dark, so I made a U-Turn to head back home, until I heard a motorcycle speed up, causing me to panic. I turned my skateboard towards the side, and almost knocked myself over. "Asshole." I muttered, sitting on the curb.

"Oh my goodness, I'm terribly sorry!" The guy turned off his motorcycle. He took off his helmet, his curly hair suddenly appearing. Holy mother of God. It was Harry Styles.
"Are you okay? I said I was sorry. I really am. Are you hurt?" He said, holding my elbows so I could stand up. I was still in shock.

"I'm fine. I-I uhm I live really near anyway so I'm just gonna go put a bandage on this scratch." I smiled, picking up my skateboard.
"No, please, love. Come let me treat that. It's the least I can do for almost knocking you over." Harry said, his arm around me. Apparently I fell right in front of his house, just a house away from mine. "No, really. That's my house right there." I pointed to the next house. "No way! You're my neighbor? That's perfect!" He said, suddenly excited. Harry Styles excited cause of me?

"Come on, let's treat that." He said, walking to his front porch. 
"Mum! Gemma! I'm home and I'm with a friend!" He screamed to no one. No one seemed to be home. He got a first aid kit from under the stairs and looked at my wound. Just an itty bitty scratch! Hope it's not painful. He said putting some ointment, and then placing an Iron Man band aid over it, making me laugh. "Sorry, I love Iron Man so that's the only kind of band aid I have." He grinned. He was so cute. I freaking love One Direction, but I didn't want to seem like such a fan girl, so I just kept quiet. 

"You and your family should eat dinner here! I'm sure you're still settling and all, you won't have time to prepare." He said.
"Oh, no. You've done enough for me already. I'll just go prepare a sandwich for my mom and I later. Thanks though, Harry! I appreciate it." I smiled, pointing to the door. "AHHH!" He suddenly said, slapping his forehead. I jumped out of shock.
"What?" I asked. "I forgot to introduce myself, but apparently you know me. I don't know your name either." He smiled.
"You're a fucking super star, Harry Styles. You're like. everywhere back where I used to be from." I laughed. 
"I know, but I want to introduce myself personally. I'm Harry Styles. What's your name, you beautiful creature?" I bit my lip, trying not to blush, which I'm sure didn't work very well. "I'm Dakota Matthews." 

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