Better Together

Dakota moves to Holmes Chapel because of her parents' divorce, not knowing what to expect.


4. Big City Dreams

Nicolette's Point of View

"Haz, get uppp! You have like, half a day to pack your bags." I said, poking Harry's sides. Gemma let me up and told me Harry was still hung over from the party we went to last night. It was already 12 noon, and the boys were leaving for their world tour in a day. Harry's been here for three months, and that's exactly how long it took for me to fall in-love with him. Harry Styles, my now boyfriend. It's all so surreal how this happened, but now that I have to let him go on tour, I wish I could just rewind to the first day I met him and re-live everything all over again. 
"No. Come lie with me." He said, hugging my legs. I smiled. "Babe, we've got a lunch reservation over at Swadesh, remember?" I said, stroking his hair. "Five minutes. Lie with me. Please, it's my last day here." He said, pulling me so I sat on the bed. "Oh, alright." I said, laying beside him. He gripped me so tight, it was so hard to breathe. But I didn't mind. It was him I was with, after all. After cuddling for a few minutes, he decided to finally get up. He got dressed and there we were, back on the Cheshire roads. 

Once we got to the restaurant, some people recognized Harry outside, so they asked for pictures with him. By now I was so used to it that I didn't mind even taking the pictures myself. Sometimes, they asked me to join the pictures, too. We settled in the restaurant after a few minutes, ordering some steak. It was a great meal, even better spending it with Harry. 

"Can't believe I won't be seeing you for 3 months! That's so long, babe." I sighed. "I know, I can't stand not seeing you for that long either, and THAT's why, I got you this." He handed me a box. "What is this?" I laughed.

"Well, I know how you get so insecure about me being with other girls, so there's a Harry tracker in there! Haha, makes you know what I'm doing. It also has this message button thing so I let you know what's up. It's like you're with me. There's also a Harry doll in there. I know, I know. It's pretty vain of me but at least you can still hug me whenever you want. And lastly, we're touring the US in a month, and it lasts til the end of the tour, so I figured you'd want to come, and maybe you know, hang out with your friends and all. So that's a ticket to L.A., where our tour starts. I asked permission from your mom, you'll be on Spring Break by then so it's no problem, and our school's been known for giving a shitload of make up work so just take the books, bring them on tour and it's like you were never gone from school!" Harry grinned. I was in shock. 

"Wow, Haz. Didn't know you'd do all this for me! The tracker thing is pretty weird though, I mean, I trust you. But I guess it'll come in handy once the rumors come flooding in." I raised my eyebrow. 

"Got nothing to worry about, love." He winked. I smiled and stuck my tongue out. "Thanks for the ticket, too. Guess I'll be counting down the days til I leave!" 

"You better." He said, kissing my forehead.

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