Ash is those one of those teenagers that is free spirited. She lets nothing get in her way. She is one of those strong and independent girls, who has a heart that cares for her friends and family. But one summer changes everything. But what?

Copyright 2013


10. Zayn

Zayn's POV

   (Next day)

      "It's Sunday!" Niall exclaimed, throwing his hands up with pure joy.  We were all in the living room three of us, Louis, Janelle and I on the couch. We all walked got up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen.

      "Well since its Sunday and it's lazy day, louis and I agreed to get Maccas for everyone," Janelle smiled. Niall raised his hands up like a little child.

      Janelle walked over to the bottom of the stairs and screamed, " Ash!.. Sammy!.. Come downstairs Louis and I went to Maccas and got some breakfast!! So get your fat asses down here!"

      Then Ash was slowly walking down the stairs with here eyes closed, and in her hoodie and shorts. She walked over to the couch and just lyed there twisting and turning trying to get comfortable.Then Sammy walked down stairs looking really tired, but atleast he had his eyes open, and he walked over to the couch next to Ash and sat down, with his legs crossed.

       Then Ash said, " Can someone feed me hash browns and pancakes?" sounding drowsy.

       I said, " Did you brush your teeth.?"

      " Yes, I did." She replied.

      Janelle asked sammy, " Sammy, did you brush your teeth?"

      " Ugghhh, your killing me woman!" he replied very dramatically, and slowly walked towards the stairs.

      Janelle whispered in my ear, " Can you feed her? I have to get the forks and knives for the pancakes and hash browns, she's in one of those childish moods, so just be careful.

     I grabbed the packed of pancakes, hash browns and grabbed a fork and knife, and started cutting up the pancake in small pieces. I walked over to where she is sleeping and pulled her up in a sitting position, she put her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed.

     She opened her eyes and looked into my eyes, our eyes connected. Her eye were dark brown like mine, there was dead silence between us. Her perfect eyes. her perfect nose and her perfect lips, her lips are so pink. I saw a spark in her eyes, she is just so perfect.

     " Wow" I exclaimed randomly.

     " What?" She replied.

     " Uh- um- here." I said motioning her the box of pancakes, and she tooked the box off me. We still didnt loose contact of our eyes.Then I got up and tried to walk off, to make things less awkward, but she grabbed my hand and pulled me back.

     " Won't you feed me?" She asked.

     I looked at her and stammered, " Ummm- uh- well."

     She smiled at me and motioned me the box of pancakes. I sat back down and started feeding her.  But  this time we were actually talking, about random things.

    Then she said to me " You  can have some as well you know."

    " Nah, Its okay, I'll eat later." I shrugged.

    She took the fork out of my hand and fed me a piece. Wow, that really tastes good.


    Hey guys it me Ash and Janelle, Janelle is next to me doing her assignment and I currently just took a break. Sorry for the late update. Anyway I hope you guys like it. :)

- Ash ;) and Nelle :) Xx





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