Ash is those one of those teenagers that is free spirited. She lets nothing get in her way. She is one of those strong and independent girls, who has a heart that cares for her friends and family. But one summer changes everything. But what?

Copyright 2013


6. Zayn

Zayn POV

   It’s been three hours since we encountered the three people from outside whom we don’t know what-so-ever and already, the black haired girl who tried to kill me with a bat is now annoying the shit out of me. Why?

   “I sleep on the bed and you sleep on the floor,” The girl said, with trace of annoyance in her voice. I rolled my eyes.  We we’re both arguing about who’s sleeping on the ‘king sized’ bed.

   “The bed is king sized. King. Sized. Bed.” I gritted through my teeth. She rolled her eyes and stomped her on the floor, crossing her arms like a five year old.

   “There is no way I’m sleeping with you, like what if you rape me in the middle of the night or something.” She said looking disgusted.

   “Are you crazy or something? Besides why should I sleep on the floor? You sleep on the floor!” I exclaimed. She shook her head and waving her hands in front of me.

   “No way am I sleeping on the floor plus I’m a girl you dumbass!” She scowled.

   We were fighting endlessly until a skinny guy with light brown hair came barging. “What the hell is going on?! You guys are too loud!” He shouted, frustratingly.  I ran my fingers through my hair getting frustrated as well.

   “This dumbass is telling me to sleep on the floor.” The girl said, and then adding, “And I’m a girl.”

   “You’re the one who told me to sleep on the floor first.”  I huffed rolling my eyes.

   “You’re a guy, I shouldn’t be the one sleeping on the floor.” The girl said.

   “Stop being a sexist! It’s a proven fact that guys should take more of the team.” She said, glaring at me.

   “We are not living in the twentieth century little girl and bes-"

   "Did you call me a litte girl?" She gritted, her jaw clenching and dangerously glaring at me. Then the tall skinny guy jumped in and broke up the fight.

     "Okay,Okay,Okay. We'r ordering pizza. And the pizza is almost here. Come down stairs." The guy said. Then he turned around to the girl, and whispered to her.

     " I don't think he mean't it that way. And another thing, you have to eat today." he said to the girl and walked away.

     She just stood there with a guilty expression on her face. So I just had to ask, " Are you ok?", with a worried face. She ran her fingers through her hair and walked off taking a glance at me and walking off, as if I didn't say anything.

     As I was walking down the stairs I heard the door bell ring. Then the tall skinny guy with light brown hair opened the door, and saw the pizza guy, paid him the money, took the pizza, closed the door, and walked of to the living room.

     I saw everyone at the couch. Niall, Louis. the tall skinny guy that got the pizza from the pizza guy, the annoying girl and the girl sitting next to her whos name I think is... Janelle? I think. I walked over to Niall and sat next to him.

     " I hate her" I said with a serious expression.

     " OK look, I know she might be a bit annoying but... Come on, I'm getting along with Sammy. So why can't you get along with Ash." Niall said with a bit of annoyed voice.

     I was so confused as to who he was talking about. " Wait.. Who?" I said.

     " Ash is the girl you're sharing a room with and Sammy is the guy with brown hair." Niall looked at me with a frustrated expression.

     Sammy walked over to us and said, "Hey, um just take it easy with Ash a bit.. She's been through alot." with a serious expression.

     " So have I." I said getting a little upset. Niall was looking a bit guilty.

     " I think you guys should get to know each other a little bit more, since you're sharing a room together for the rest of the summer.. so.. yeah." Sammy said to me.

     Niall said " I'll sit next to you and Ash can come and sit next to Zayn."

     " Fine, whatever." I said.

     Sammy walked over to Ash and said, " Hey maybe you should sit next to Zayn, and get to know him. Oh, and be nice."

     She looked a bit annoyed and said " Fine."  Niall got up and so did Ash. They both smiled at each other as they walked past. Oh sure she smiles at him but gives me death stares. Like wtf?

     " Hey." She said with a friendly smile.

     " Hey." I said a bit confused, but managing a smile. She was basically scowling at me a few minutes ago and now she is being nice to me. Maybe, just maybe, this whole dangerous thing is an act?

     Sammy announced satnding in the middle of the room, " GUys we are going to watch a scary movie and eat pizza."

     Then Niall said, " Can we have ice cream after?"

     " Why not?" Ash said with a cheeky smile.

     " Ash, lay off the sugar. But if you're eating.. I'm cool with it." Sammy said, pointing at Ash.

     " Let me guess we're watchingn orphan?" Ash asked Sammy.

     " Yeh how did you know? Its my favourite movie." Sammy said with a confused face.

     Janelle's face was really confused, " Really I never knew it was your favourite movie."

     " Yeah. apparently for Sammy, nothing says love like a child going to a new family and killing them." Ash said with a cheeky smile on her face. I have to say that kind of freaked me out a bit.

     When the movie started Ash and I took a plate and took a couple of slices of pizza on our plate and sat down getting comfortable. But don't get me wrong not getting comfortable with each other, but just, yeah.


     Hey guys its me Ash. I know it's been a bit of a long time, but we were just a bit busy. That's why we made it a bit longer, like really long so yeah. I hope you like it.

- Ash ;) and Nelle :) Xx






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