Ash is those one of those teenagers that is free spirited. She lets nothing get in her way. She is one of those strong and independent girls, who has a heart that cares for her friends and family. But one summer changes everything. But what?

Copyright 2013


4. Zayn

Zayn's POV

     Three days since the little agreement with my torturous friends Niall and Louis to go to the beach house somewhere around... I don't even know. Louis dragged our bags into the boot and Niall was in the back seat eating chips.

     "Zayn come on we're going to be late," Niall called out from the back seat. I groaned and climbed into the front passenger seat, putting my seatbelt on. I can hear Louis closing the back boot filled with our suitcases and luggage's.

     "Mate you okay?" Niall asked. I turned my head around and spot Niall concerning about me. I sighed and nodded.

     "Yeah I'm fine. Just a little tired." I said turning my face front again. Louis finally joined in and start the car up before driving out onto the road.

 (A little while later...)

     "So where is this beach house?" Niall asked.

     "It's somewhere around Bridlington Beach I think. Some guy, his name is Jake. He's letting us stay at the beach house for the summer." Louis answered.

     "Okay, how long is it till now." Niall asked another question.

     "Probably another ten minutes. We're nearly there." Louis replied.

     "Zayn you're really quiet. You haven't said anything." Niall said.

     I shrugged and closed my eyes. "There's no point closing your eyes. We're already here." Louis said, stopping the car and taking out the key. Niall and I got out at the same time and we both went to the boot and took out our luggage.

     My head shot up and looked at looked at the spectacular beach house. It was small but wide. Brown shaggy roof and timber walls. The doors were open and you can see the water at the other end smashing through the rocks.

     Louis, Niall and I admired this beach house in amazement. It took us quite a while until a girl interrupted us.

     "Um, can I help you?"

     All three of us turned around and saw another three people stared at us. A boy, wearing a blue singlet and jeans and two girls, a tall girl with long black hair and another girl also with a tall height and straight black hair.

     But the one with the straight black hair, she seemed different, really pale and almost dead. Inside.


Hi, Janelle here

 Sorry for the late update, a lot of drama been going on lately. Ash is not with me because I'm at my dads and Ash is somewhere else so yer, If anyone is reading the photographer which is my story I might be updating sometime this week.

     And for all of you people wondering were the beach is I have no idea because I'm not from  England I'm actually from Australia.

P.S if you wanna see the beach house, check out on my mumbles

-Nelle :)Xx and Ash ;)


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