Ash is those one of those teenagers that is free spirited. She lets nothing get in her way. She is one of those strong and independent girls, who has a heart that cares for her friends and family. But one summer changes everything. But what?

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2. Zayn

(Just Take note that Zayn, Niall and Louis are the only one in this story and they are not famous. Harry and Liam are not participating in this story. -Nelle :)Xx)

   Zayn's POV

     "Dude, we have to go!" my best mate, Niall chanted at me. I shook my head disagreeing with this.

     "For the eigth time Niall, it's not going to happen. I'm not going with you and Louis," I whined, placing my drawing book under my bed.

     "You're so difficult mate, it's the summer holidays, and Jake is letting us stay at the beach house for free. The summer holidays! Ho-li-days!" He emphasize dramatically. I rolled my eyes and tried to block out my hear from these two animals.

     Niall sighed and Louis huffed, almost giving up. "Come on Zayn, you hardly go out anymore? What happened to living on the edge?" Louis reminded me. My head snapped up at him frowning.

     "Don't remind me," I gritted through my teeth. He was taken back a little and realised why I went a little cold on him.

     "Sorry," He mumbled under his breath. I rolled my eyes and stood up from my bed. I was being stubborn and I honestly don't give a damn. They can't make me go to this stupid beach house whether they like it or not.

     "It's the summer holidays. After that it's the last years of being a senior, you know how hard it's going to be next year. We've seen it, you can at least make the most of it now." Niall stated. I sighed knowing he is right. I have no choice, it's either sticking my butt to the couch watching television for the next six weeks or going to the beach house for free and don't need any reminders for practically anything.

     "Fine," I whispered. They didn't seem to understand my response.

     "What?" Louis asked me. I rolled my eyes and stood up, walking over to my closet grabbing out my suitcase I haven't used for so long.

     "Okay, I'm coming. But just becuase I'm coming doesn't mean I'm going to participate in any party or club venues," I told them in a serious tone. My stare was hard showing them I wasn't kidding.

     They both nodded and carried on. They both stood up and said bye to me before walking out the door and drving off from my driveway. I groaned, shoved the suitcase back into my closet. What did I do to deserve this?

     Don't you dare bring that up. I voice said in my head. Right.

     I laid on my bed for hours, trying my best not to sleep though. But I couldn't help it, it was too late.

          "Hey babe," I called over to my girlfriend. She turned around and smiled sweetly at me, flashing her bright dark brown eyes. I held her hand closer to my chest, "I love you." I whispered into her ear.

          She smiled shyly looking down, fiddling with the tips of her fingers, "I love you too." She replied happily. We both went walked to my car holding each others hands, feeling all giddy inside. I wish this day never ends.

          She went into the passengers seat and I went into the drivers seat. I put the key into the ignition and the sound of my engine roared to lofe. We sped off, to the highway, going fast but not at full speed. I held her hand tightly, smiling but my eyes kept focused on the road.

          "Hey Zayn, slow down a little." She spoke, getting a little uneasy. I nodded and pressed my foot down the brakes a little.

           But it wouldn't budge....


     Hey guys, it's Ash and Nelle here! We're currently at school, making our time so we decided to post a chapter on this. Does anyone know what's going wiith Zayn? Gee I wonder.

      Just to say I am sorry if this chapter is short because we need to introduce Zayn as soon as possible and we couldn't think of anything. But I promise Ash's POV will be longer. Okay guys we will write to you soon :)

-Ash ;) and Nelle :)Xx





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