Ash is those one of those teenagers that is free spirited. She lets nothing get in her way. She is one of those strong and independent girls, who has a heart that cares for her friends and family. But one summer changes everything. But what?

Copyright 2013


1. Ash

Ash's POV

     "Summer holidays, I can't believe the year's already over," I cheered to my best friend Janelle, swung my arm over to her shoulder, smiling brightly. She looked up from her phone and smiled with me.

     "I know, but hey, just you, me, Sammy, Lily and the whole beach house to ourselves. No parents, no rules, no one can tell us what to do, endless parties. Life is good," She chirped, clapping her hands. She is right. Lily, Sammy, Janelle and I are all going to stay at Janelle's Beach House for the next six weeks aka the Summer holidays and I certainly can not wait.

     We both walked down to Janelle's house. My parents is over in America, for some business trip they're doing and won't be back until Autumn which is half a year away. It's sad but at least I can stay over at Sammy's, Janelle's or Lily's house whenever I want to. I love my parents dearly and miss them way too much. I mean come on, six months? Surly you can't say you don't miss them for that long. We hardly spend time together as an actual family. I always try my best to do something together. They refuse because they don't want to or they don't feel like it, it's just that, they have little times on their hands. They're always busy doing work and some stuff that I don't know becuase apparently I'm too 'young' or I don't 'understand'. I know they mean well but maybe for once we could hang out like and actual family. I'm always alone, I also have an older brother James and we do hang out but not all the time. If I didn't have my parents with me right now, James would be the only family I got left.

     "Hey Ash, your stuff is packed right?" Janelle asked, looking concered. I nodded my head smiling at her.

     "Yeah I did. Do you want me to call Lily and see if she's still coming? She wasn't at school today."

     Janelle agreed with me, and I dailed her number. Three rings went through the phone but sadly only her voicemail went on. 'Hey this is Lily, leave a message.' then the beep went off.

     "Hey this is Ash, just wondering if you're still up for the beach house. Um just call back when you have the time." Then I hung up. Looking at my history calls I noticed that Lily did not once call, which she usually does. I started to worry a bit, like maybe if something was wrong. But I shook it off. I'm just being paranoid I guess.

     Janelle and I finally made it to the her house. We entered inside her two storey brick house. The outside was very beautiful... and clean. The garden plants are positioned through the alley of the pathway as it trailed to the front door. The grass is cut clean and all the beautiful ornaments are spread out, but not in a messy way. You could say that Janelle's house is well, perfect. Coming from an eighteen year old school girl but lives by herself because her parents kicked her out a few years back. Now showing off to her parents that she can take care of herself without any help, Janelle has no problem not coming back to live with her parents again.

     We entered the house and walked through the hallway which lead to the first room, the living room. I sat on the couch texting Sammy on my phone.

Ash: Hey exicted for tomorrow?

Sammy: You have no idea! I can't wait to go!! :)

Ash: Same here, I haven't got a text or a call from Lily though. I don't know if she wants to come with us. :(

Sammy: Do you wanna come with me to check her out? Where are you

Ash: I'm at Nelle's house.

     I put my phone down and walked do the bathroom. The door was locked when I attemped to open it. I press down the door knob but it wouldn't budge. "Janelle are you in there?" I spoke loudly. But there was no answer.

     I heard little sobs on the other side of the door. "Nelle? Nelle is everything okay?" I asked worringly. The door swung open in seconds, revealing Janelle bawling out in tears. She cried and cried, she wouldn't stop and it scared me alot.

     "Janelle what's happened? Please tell me." I cried shaking her. Her head shot up, her hair got messed up little, tears stained on her shirt and red puffy eyes. She looks like she was a about to break down completely.

     She stared at me, I could see the worry in her eyes. I knew something wasn't right, but I definetly knew it's not about her parents, she cut contact with them a few months ago. Never heard a single thing from them ever since.

    Janelle slowly looked up at me. "I got a call from the police, they said that Lily was in a car accident... And she died on the way to the hospital." She stammered.

    I could feel my eyes going hot. I was in shock for a little while, but then I realised that i was texting to Sammy just a few minutes ago. He might not have been informed about it yet, so I quickly took my phone out.

Ash: Hey, Janelle just told me that Lily was in a car accident and died on the way to the hospital.

   I got nothing, nothing yet. It was all too quiet, the suspense was eating me alive, I honestly don't know what's going to happen next. Everything in the room was quiet. Janelle's quiet sobs were the only thing I could hear. I held on to my phone for dear life, waiting for a relpy from Sammy. Everything was in slow motion. Second by second. It was too overwheling for me.

Sammy: What? What are you talking about? What's going on?!

    I don't know honestly. I'm too shocked with this infomation. I'm frozen. I can't move a muscle. Every part is telling me to move, but I can't. It's not coming to me.

   I'm scared, I'm shocked and everything is coming down on me. I don't know what to do. I lost her. I lost my best friend.

     I lost Lily.



     Hey guys. My name is Janelle but you can call me Nelle. And my friend who is helping me writing the story is my best girl Aishwarya but call her Ash. Both of us are writing this story together and I think you may all like it. When my other friend read this story in our drafts they say it's very inspiring so we hope you guys like it.

     Please give us feedbacks and like, fan and comment :)

-Nelle :)Xx and Ash ;)









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