The Plane To Forever

I'm at an all time low. My name is Sam Jones and I'm in love with One Direction. One problem though, my life is falling at the seems. I'm losing everything bit by bit and I'm sick of it. If this is what life is like, why live it if it feels worse than death? Story of my life. This all changes when I find myself on the same plane as my favourite boy band One Direcion, who help me get my childhood back.


4. Twilight!!!

Sans POV

The boys lifted me onto the couch of their home. It's so big! I mean, anythings big to me, but still. 'Nice place.' I told them lifting me head. They just pushed it back down and Liam said 'no talking. Your hurt.' And I let them do there little first aid thing on me. They practically wrapped me in toilet paper like a mummy cause thy had no bandages. But they didn't need to cover me head to toe!!! 'Guyz! Will you let me do it correct now?' They all nodded. I went an limped to the bathroom sitting on the toilet seat, it was closed of course. I got some nail polish remover, water and a crushed up sleeping pill and rubbed it on the bleeding parts to make the blood stop. I them got toilet paper and duct tape and made bandaid like things to cover them. The boys looked amazed. 'Thats not the first time that's happened.' I told them. ' I learnt to deal with it with things laying around the house. It works well.' I explained. They all nodded. I looked in the mirror and I had a black eye. I went up to touch it softly to see if it hurted. 'Ouch!' It did. Niall came over and kissed it better. 'Thanks.' I told him. He smiled. 'So what do you do for fun here?' Louis opened his mouth to speak and I interupted him. 'NOT TRUTH OR DARE!' He shut his mouth. The boys just shrugged. 'What movies do you guys have?' 'Ill show you!' Niall said. I followed him to a room full of movies. 'Ok... What movies don't you have?' I asked sarcastically. 'Ieronically the up all night tour DVD by one direction.' Niall said. I just laughed. I walked over to a section on the opposite side to the door. 'HOLD THE PHONE! REWIND! YOU HAVE TWILIGHT?!?!?!' I asked/screamed at the top if my lungs. 'Ummm... Yes.' Niall answered. 'I should have guessed. What 13 year old girl doesn't like twilight?' Niall added. 'BORING ONES!' I added jumping up said down. I pulled the whole twilight saga off of the self and ran back to where the boys where. Well tried... I just stopped and screamed at the pain half way through running from my mother bashing me earlier. Niall just carried my bridal style. I really like Niall. I always have. He was always going to be my future husband. He just didn't know it. But it's way rediculous because he's 6 years older than me. Damn it. He's so sweet though. I think I have a crush. Maybe. But sooner or later, I'm probably gonna find out why they call it a crush. All the boys sighed when they saw the movies in my hands. 'GUYS! DID YOU KNOW YOU HAD TWILIGHT?!?!' 

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