The Plane To Forever

I'm at an all time low. My name is Sam Jones and I'm in love with One Direction. One problem though, my life is falling at the seems. I'm losing everything bit by bit and I'm sick of it. If this is what life is like, why live it if it feels worse than death? Story of my life. This all changes when I find myself on the same plane as my favourite boy band One Direcion, who help me get my childhood back.


2. Truth or Dare... Louis's Rules!!!


is it true when they say age is just a number? Because if that's true, I think I'm falling hard. I'm not like Harry, I do care about age, but hey, she's 13, I'm 19..... It's only 6 years. I decided to make this plane ride more interesting. I went up to where the rest of the boys where sitting and whispered to them if they wanted to play truth or dare with Sam. They just wandered who Sam was, so I told them she was my 13 year old friend and Harry said sure, just don't fuck her because its illegal at that age. I just laughed. That's when Louis yelled TRUTH OR DARE!!! And since it was a full plane,everyone just stared. I laughed. Since there was 4 seats in a row of seats in the plane, Louis sat on Harry's lap and Sam sat on mine. 'Zany, truth or dare?' Asked Louis. 'Ummmm.. Dare!' He yelled. 'Swap clothes with Sam.' He stared at him with wide eyes. 'Dude! She's 13! How do i fit in them?' He shrugged his shoulders. 'I don't know Zayn. How do you fit in them?' He said cheekil. I just laughed. They both walked to the ferry small bathroom and came back with each others clothes on. It looked like Zayn was wearing a y front with her short shorts and a tank top with her baggy on her shirt. And she couldn't stop falling over with his more than baggy clothes on. 'I THINK THESE CLOTHES ARE EATING ME!!!' She screamed before falling to the floor. I just laughed. Then they both changed back. Zayny turn. He asked Sam. 'Sam, truth or dare?' Zayn said. 'Truth!' She said without hesitation. 'Are you a virgin?' Liam smacked him in the back of the head. 'Zayn, she's 13!!!!' He face palmed himself. 'Shit! Let me reframe that... Have you ever kissed anyone?'



I looked at everyone who where all staring at me. 'You know what... I don't like this game.' I said while trying to get up before Niall pulled me back down. 'Answer the question sweet heart.' Harry said. I shook my head no. 'Dont make Niall fart, he'll do it!!!" Louis yelled. 'Ok ok ok guys! Ok!' I paused... 'I have never kissed anyone.' They all looked at me in complete awwww. 'AAAAWWWWWWEEEE!! THAT'S SO CUTE!' They all said. 'Well I'm not nine friggen' teen!!! I bet u guys are not even virgins!'everyone looked at Niall and nudged him. He blushed. It was so cute. He was easily my favourite in the band. Niall spoke 'actually, I am a virgin..... I'm waiting for the right girl ok guys!!!' They all just laughed at him and I pushed his head up with my finger placed on his chin making him look in my eyes. 'Well buddy, that makes two of us.' I said with a smile. 'Im hoping to wait until I'm married. Or at least until, you know, I'm not 13..' Everyone just laughed. 'Well that's unlike Harry who can't seem to keep it in his pants!' Niall laughed out.

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