The Plane To Forever

I'm at an all time low. My name is Sam Jones and I'm in love with One Direction. One problem though, my life is falling at the seems. I'm losing everything bit by bit and I'm sick of it. If this is what life is like, why live it if it feels worse than death? Story of my life. This all changes when I find myself on the same plane as my favourite boy band One Direcion, who help me get my childhood back.


1. The Plane Ride


i can't do it. It hurts so much. The fact that I need to live with myself knowing what I let other people do to me. I am only 13 years old. Most people say that they are like 17 and end up happy living with one direction. Not me. I'm one of those annoying little kids. I'm not gonna pretend I'm happy. Lets just say, im not the most popular in my school. in my town even. im quite the oposite. when people hear my name, they say eewww or who? in HPE we joined two classes once and I when the captains where picking teams, I was last. Out of both classes. And then some smart ass was just like 'you can have her'. It got me thinking the other day, how can someone treat a human being like that? If one of my friends was being treated like this I would hate myself for letting it come to this. I hate when people say 'I know how you feel' because U have no idea what it's like to feel like this at once. Last week, my boyfriend had sex with two girls while he was dating me. That same week, I had lost my friend to death. The same week my foster kids left because my mother kicked them out. they where family to me. I didn't even get to say goodbye. This is why I'm writing this. As a goodbye. This is what I've got so far... 

Hi. I'm the one at the back of the crowd. The one who sits by herself. My family call me Sam. Others call me stupid. Nobody. Accident. And after 13 years of hearing it, I'm starting to believe it. I have one friend, Bella. She is the reason I live. I would have stopped a long time ago if it wasn't for her. I love her more than everything. So now you know about me, maybe you should know about my family... First, my mum. She loves me. She doesn't act like it. In front of everyone else she's perfect. They all say they wish my mum was theirs. They don't though. I never see her. She locks herself in her room 24/7 so I see her for about an hour a day. When she is yelling at me. So when I'm not taking care of our foster kids, Gretta and Danni, I lock myself in my bedroom. Yep. You heard right, foster kids. To make her look even more generous. But since they came is when it all started. The yelling. The chores. The 24 hour Samantha day care centre. If they have a night mare, they come to me. Not mum. I love them, but I keep thinking it was better without them. But so far, if I've learnt one thing, it's about everyone else but me. Life is about making other people happy. I forgot to tell you the reason my mother locks herself in her room. Smoking. But I don't mind that she smokes. I hate that she lies to me about it. I say mum I know you smoke and she says I'm lying. She's the lyre. I've seen her do it. Plus she smells like smoke 24\7. If only my dad where here. He killed himself when I was 5. I remember it. He walked into my room and kissed my head. He said bye. He didn't come back. My brother is amazing. Him I love. He's been my only friend when though he's been at boarding school for half his life. He is 18 now. He has smoked since he was 15. He was kicked out of the house just like the foster kids. Did I mention they where kicked out, well, I didn't even get to say goodbye. I came home, they where gone. My brother, he has a child. I love him unconditionally though. Enough about my family though. I know it sounds selfish, but this letter is about me. Samantha. I am currently in grade 9 and get relatively good grades. But they are going down. It's hard to concentrate at school. Not because of normal things for my age like boys or friends. Bullying. Or as I call it, hell. The hell started back in primary school. People would talk about me or run into me purposely from the side. But I ignored it. My self esteem was too good. I had about 20 friends. Life was amazing. Then high school. As soon as I hit grade 8, my 20 friends left me. The popular people don't get it. They don't know what it's like to be called a bitch. An accident. A slut. Shit. Now I'm in grade 9 and its been going on for way too long. I hate it. If I would rate myself out of 10, I would give me a 2. I'm not beautiful, intelligent, significant, unique or anything. I'm insecure and cruel. Not only to others but to myself. I have cut, starved, and burned myself and many more things that are too painful to write. I cry myself to sleep. People in the middle of class think its funny to crawl up beside me and slap my cheek with a plastic Kent Set ruler. And trip me. And push me down the stairs. As you can probably tell, my life is hilarious to other people. They love my pain. They love my suffering. So because of this, I have a knife in my hand. I am using this letter as a goodbye. To those who love me and those who act like they do. This letter is to stop bullying. This is so I'm the last one who hangs up posters all over their mirrors so they don't have to see the piece of shit staring back at them. My only wish was to make a difference. And I hope I have. Even if its only one person, I'm glad. I'm glad I waited this long to do what I'm about to. I wish you a happy life, even if you didn't wish me one. This knife is my future. Sharp and painful. But a sigh of relief and a tear of happiness. It's over. The hate. The tears. The sharp blades. The starving. The happiness from others and myself. I am over. It's over. Finally. Goodbye.

So this is it. When I get home, I'll just place this note on my bed and do it. How hard can it be? Did I not mention something, I'm on a plane at the moment. Well, we haven't exactly taken off of the ground yet, we are still waiting for 5 passengers who's names are under 'Kevin The Pigeon' which is demented because that's a one direction thing. I of all people should know that. I love one direction. I'm so thankful be ause there is know one in the seat beside me. Usually I would have some creepy old men, but today, I'm alone! Thank god. They would probably be suspicious if thy saw my death note. Only a little. Then I hear the captain speak through the speaker thingy 'All passengers are aboard now. Finally. We will arrive in Australia at 3.50 pm. Thank you for flying QANTAS  Australia.' Then I saw someone coming towards me. Please don't sit here. Please don't sit here. He sat there. Great. He spoke to me in his thick sexy Irish accent. 'Hello, I guess I'm sitting here. I'm Niall. Niall Horan.' I didn't even bother to look at him. 'Hi. I'm Barbie. Would you like to ride on my magical unicorn? Come on dude. Don't bother. Your just a hater like every body else in this damed world.' I said rudely. He paused for a while. 'You like one direction?' I chuckled at his stupidity. 'Na shit Sherlock!' He laughed quite loudly. It reminded me of Nialls laugh and I smiled. 'Well you know I am the reall Niall Horan. How can I prove it to you?' I stared in disbelief. 'If you where the real Niall Horan, you wouldn't care about me. I'm just me. You would have millions of other people to talk to. You don't need me ok.' I looked at his face this time and screamed something I probably shouldn't have 'HOLLY MUTHA FUKA!' He really was Niall. Then I covered my mouth straight away. 'You really are him aren't you? Oh shit I'm sorry!' Ha chuckled after I said that. 'Dont worry about it hey. Hey, what's this?' He said taking my death note from my lap. He read it before I could grab it off of him. Crap. I'm screwed. He started crying. 'Whats wrong?' I asked. 'I can't believe this. Why would people treat someone like this. I'm so sorry. It's not fair on you. Your top good of a person. Please don't kill yourself.' I was so confused. 'No offence Niall, but why do u care?' He paused and thought about it. 'Because you don't deserve this. Know one does. And it's just Inhumane to live through such shit!'

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