The Plane To Forever

I'm at an all time low. My name is Sam Jones and I'm in love with One Direction. One problem though, my life is falling at the seems. I'm losing everything bit by bit and I'm sick of it. If this is what life is like, why live it if it feels worse than death? Story of my life. This all changes when I find myself on the same plane as my favourite boy band One Direcion, who help me get my childhood back.


3. Sam's House

Sam's POV Niall and I where now back at our seats and due to land any time now. He kept opening his mouth like he wanted to speak, then closed it again hesitating. 'just spit it out Niall.' I told him. 'please get help.' he begged me. 'help? What for?' I asked. 'you know why. It isn't the norm to go around writing goodbye letters saying you going to kill yourself. Just, just, Don't do it. Please.' I think he really did care. I had to make sure. 'why do you care?' I asked. 'because you font deserve it.' I looked down. 'nail?' I said. He looked up. 'you saved me. Without one direction, I honestly wouldn't be here. Honestly, I was thinking about killing myself a long tone before now. Then I hear your song Moments. And it made me realize, maybe, just maybe, I wasn't put on this earth to die. When it says 'if we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time.' I felt like maybe life was worth living. If I could just listen to someone tell me I'm worth it, even if they don't know that I exist, things could get better. And they did. You saved me Niall. Thankyou.' I told him. 'I always have wanted to thankyou.' he had silent tears running down his face. 'don't kill yourself.' he repeated. 'come live with us, we'll show you, life can be amazing if you live it right!' he persuaded. 'deal.' We are now at the front door waiting for my mum to open it and let us in. She opened it with my little brother in one hand and a bottle of Tequila in the other. 'bitch be back.' se said. 'yes mum.' the boys stepped back unsure. U nodded at them and led them into my room. I was just about in there when mum called me. I asked the boys to just grab whatever clothes wise and carry it into the car since I don't have a bag before running to my mother. She had a lighter in her hand. 'mum, what are you doing?' I asked. 'something I should have done a long time ago.' she threw her bottle of alcohol at me making my wad bleed rapidly an me fall to the ground. 'please dont mum!' I begged. She threw the light lighter at me and it landed on my leg. I screamed in pain and mum threw a knife at me. It jut go me leaving a giant gash in my stomach area. She then kicked me. I eventually gave in and screamed making all of the boys come running down for me. Harry and Zayn pinned my mother and the rest helped me. Through I didn't need help. I tried to stand but they insisted on carrying me. 'i don't need help.' I told them. They didnt care.
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