the empty grave

a boy went to kill someone who is


1. The graveyard






It was a dark gloomey night in deadwood it was 11:00pm when a kid ran down the street towards the graveyard when he got there he saw a crow sitting on the fence watching him, so he scared it away the moon glittered on the graves so he was ready but he didn't have a shovel so he went back home to get one and his mom was sitting on the sofa "and where the hell have you been" now i was dead if it was dad he would of told me to get to bed before mom woke up. In the morning mom grounded me for a mouth from going out and playing my computer, the days went slow as hell but finaly the mouth was over but something far worst SCHOOL like i don't have anough on my mind after school i when out with my friends when i got home i had dinner i waited in my bed for a long time, then it hit 12:00pm i went to the door slowly trying to stay quiet i tried to open the door but it wouldn't so i tried the window but thay was nailed shut...     

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