the empty grave

a boy went to kill someone who is


2. on the way




As i pulled and pulled on the window it woudn't open so i was thinking about a way to get them off but eventually fell to sleep then i woke up at 6:00am.I tried the door and it opened i looked at the top of the door and there was a lock on it. i asked dad he didn't now about the lock i asked my mom she said she put it on to stop me going out late at night.So at school i made a list first get the nails off the window second get the shovel and the oil can out the shed third get to the grave yard where the man kill your friend 3 years ago so in the morning i went to school when got home i asked my mom if she wanted  to clean the gutters she said dad did it when i was at school so i'll have to get them off so let's think at dinner i told me mom i going outside to eat the the treehouse i got the ladders out out the shed and went to my bedroom window and pulled the nail's off one by one when i was finished i got the down and put the ladder's back mom started to call me in at round about midnight i opened my window and climbed out i went round back and got the shovel and oilcanister and ran to the graveyard.  





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