the empty grave

a boy went to kill someone who is


3. it's alive




when i got there i started to dig about one in the morning it started to rain"likey i had my coat on" i said i hit somthinck hard this was it i tipped the oil on him them lit the match but it went out i lit another it went out the stabbed the shovel in him then lighting strike the body set on fire  i walked off in the morning i was watching the news "someone has steal a body it was happened last night round about midnight.

"how did someone steal his body"i said quietly.

After school i ran home when i get in the news was just starting

"just in a man was found dead in his home, he was missing his face we ask you if you know anything please come forward in other news a stray dog saved a old lady from a burning house she has adopted him and called it biscuit thank you for watching channel four i'm lu-chang thank you and good night."

Round about 10:00pm it started to rain i saw him then in the tree with the man's face he ripped it off and threw it at the window then thunder struck a bright flash happened he was gone i opened my window there he was running down the street.He looked back! 


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