Love at first sight

Becky was sitting in a cafe when all of a sudden a mysterious man stood in front of me, staring at me as if he was going to kiss me, when i found out it is Zayn Malik from one direction and in the end we have a happy family with bumps alone the way made up of anger, hate, love and forgiveness.


4. Who Is Single???

Zayns POV

we where at the concert singing one way or another and I saw Harry thrust in Jazzy's direction. Pfft. What a retard. It got to the part where we where reading tweets from the fans. 'Kim-styles in row 13f says... Who of you have girlfriends. And if not, who would you date?!?!' Liam said reading the message. 'Well I'm still dating Danielle!' Liam said gladly mouthing the words -love you Danni- into the cameras. 'And I love Elly!!!' Louis screamed at the top of his lungs. Ouch. Deffness! Harry cleared his thought. 'Everyone listen up! I am single!!! Buuutttttt... If I could date anyone... It would be this single Pringle right here!' Harry said before dragging Jazzy on stage. 'So sexy. Care to tell the fans the name of my soon to be wife?' The guys and I laughed at his cheezy ness. 'I am jazzy.' She answered blushing. All the fans cheered like crazy!! 'So jazzy... Harry knelt down on one knee and pulled out a burger ring chip (or crisp, depends where your from) out of his pocket. 'Will you be my girlfriend and put up with my ridiculously cheezy stuff?!?!' He asked her. Jazzy just nodded her head unable to speak and harry lifted her up off the ground and sat her on the stage for the rest of the concert singing each and every single song to her and only her. Cheezy boy. When I ask Becky to be mine forever, it will be way better than that!

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