Love at first sight

Becky was sitting in a cafe when all of a sudden a mysterious man stood in front of me, staring at me as if he was going to kiss me, when i found out it is Zayn Malik from one direction and in the end we have a happy family with bumps alone the way made up of anger, hate, love and forgiveness.





It was a normal day , the sky was blue and i was in a beautiful cafe just around the corner from Dixie Drive. My name is Becky, and i am a non loved and non known school girl. i am in grade eleven and my only friends in the whole world are Jasmine and Michaela. i was in the cafe and waiting for my two friends Jasmine and Miki. when all of a sudden a man, a mysterious man was standing right next to me and i looked at him, "are you okay" i asked in wonder. He just stared as if he was going to kiss me, he then shook him head as if he was getting out of a trans, i asked again if he was alright. "Yes sorry i was walking pass and saw you throw the window and had to say hello" He said with excitement, "my name is Zayn" he told me. Zayn then told me he had to leave and meet the gang he asked for my number and i gave it to him, he then left in a hurry and a few moments later Miki and Jasmine arived so we can have lunch. "Becky" Jazz and miki both said at the same time. i told them all about zayn and how he talk to me, and how he left with my number.



As soon as i left i went to see the boys at harry's house on the way there i decided to call Becky. *ring ring ring ring*, "hello Becky Speaking" She sounded like a goddess. i replied "ummm, hay it's Zayn from the cafe i was wondering if you wont t-to go out for dinner or something tonight" i sounded like a idiot and i was already thinking she would say no!! "i would love to at hales pizza shop in three hours" she said with enthusiasm. i said bye and went home and totaly forgot about the gang and  went home to get changed. i cant belive how beautiful she is, i cant belive she even said yes to me.





When i got there zayn was waiting with a bunch of flowers " wow you look amazing tonight" he said with a surprised look on his face. i said thaks and that he looked so sexy. as we walked in the restraront we sat down and ate dinner after we went for a stroll and zayn asked me is i wonted to see his CD collection so cheesy but i saiid yes anyway. we were at Zayns apartment and all of a sudden i kiss him, i dont know what came over me but i relized he was kissing me back so i started to enjoy it we went in side, "would you like any thing to drink, Becky" he asked with lipstick all over his lips. i said wine. 



After drinking the whole bottle of wine we were both staring at each other "Zayn what should we do now" Becky asked with a look on her face that i cant describe "well we can have some fun" i said with the same unexplained face. so we both went up into the bedroom.



He kissed my neck. “mmmm” I moaned. He found my sweet spot under my ear. He picked me up bridal style and chucked me on the not caring if i fall of. he came closer and started kissing my sweet spot again. I kept moaning. he then took of my shirt and put his hands on my waist and pressed his lips against mine and we were kissing passionintly, i took his shirt of and he unclasped my bra and was rubbing my left breast and kissing me at the same time, i took his jeans of and slid my hand down his chest down to his boner that i noticed. He then slid my skirt down and took of my panties we were both naked and he was kissing me and kept kissing down my breasts and down to my pussy he then fingered my untill i cumed and then he asked if i was ready i knodded my head, he wen in slowly and started to go faster and faste rtill we were both moaning and about to squirt, Zayn layed down next to me and we oth fell asleep in each others arms.

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